William Creek Caravan Park

William Creek Caravan Park – Close to Katy Tanda-Lake Eyre, this remote outpost is the epitome of South Australia’s outback.

Once you arrive at William Creek, you can drive for hours, if not days. But suddenly, in the middle of nowhere, the repetition of the desert gives way to an explosion of color and community. And in the middle of this is the William Creek Hotel.

William Creek Caravan Park

The hotel provides an essential rest and fuel station for tourists, event visitors and employees on the Oodnadatta track. Access 24-hour fuel, dine or enjoy a comfortable air-conditioned motel room before boarding an early spectacular WrightsAir flight.

About William Creek

If the hotel is the heart of William Creek, the voice is Trevor Wright; Publican, the owner of the right-of-way and one-third of the permanent population of the city. Despite its small size, the town has a big personality, and this is largely due to Trevor, who has been developing the town for the past 10 years.

The hotel is located in the Anna Creek Cattle Station, the largest working cattle station in the world, the size of Israel. Interesting items can be seen in the pub and throughout the town, and visitors can discover fascinating stories of magic and magic in the region over the years. From Aircraft Henge to Old Gan, and a decoy missile from Womera Missile Station.

It’s the closest town to Katy’s famous Tanda-Lake Eyre and just a stone’s throw from Anna Creek Painted Hills and Dalhousie Springs. Book with WrightsAir for amazing scenic flights and visits to the natural wonders of the outdoors.

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The hotel is the backdrop for many cult favorite suburban events, including 500 Miles of Music, the William Creek Fly-In and the Lake Gairdner Speed ​​Weekend. As the gateway to the Simpson Desert, it attracts a large number of happy spectators as they travel to the Big Red Bash, the Birdsville Race, and the Finke Desert Race.

Mount William National Park

Everyone is welcome, the food is fantastic, and the cheeky, relaxed atmosphere of the suburban pub is unforgettable.

William Creek Hotel is accessible by unsealed road from Coober Pedy, Roxby Downs, Marree, Oodnadatta and Birdsville. Check the road condition on DPTI website.

Note: Google Maps is unreliable in remote locations and estimated driving times are highly inaccurate. Chat with the locals on the way and call the hotel if in doubt.

A unique and wonderful experience! The William Creek Hotel is owned by Trevor Wright, who owns Wrightsair. He and his staff are 100% committed to providing you with an amazing and unique experience. The hotel was crowded with workers and travelers. Excellent food and accommodation in Dongas with bathroom. The 2 bedroom house is amazing. Modern and well presented. Flights are available over Lake Eyre and the Painted Hills. The Painted Hills has an aerial route and offers guided walks through the stunning hills. The rock rainbow literally looks like someone painted the hills. World class experience. Finally, Writeser is more careful about nervous flyers. The staff is highly trained and their attention to detail is second to none.

William Creek Hotel, South Australia

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