White House Christmas Party 2016

White House Christmas Party 2016 – As I mentioned, Alex and I were lucky enough to attend the holiday party at the White House, and it was magical…

Friday morning we drove to DC, where we stayed at The Avery Georgetown. Side note: the four and a half hour drive is total fun if you don’t have kids with you – we talked, listened to lots of music and played instead.

White House Christmas Party 2016

The party started at 18:30, so we got dressed earlier. Alex was wearing a suit and tie, an off-the-shoulder dress, and about $6 worth of lipstick. We then pulled out an Uber and wrote down our destination, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!

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The guests had to go through several security checks and metal detectors outside, and Alex and I were separated in the chaos. As I waited for him at the White House gate, I stopped by a friendly but concerned young staff member. “I’m trying to remember a woman’s face,” she said, looking at her phone. – I have to greet her personally. She showed me her google image search and there it was: Ina Garten! I wish I could help you with this. Lo and behold, 10 seconds later, the barefoot Contessa walks in with Jeffrey, and the staff gracefully walks up to greet him.

Alex and I went in as soon as we were reunited. We made our way around huge nut trees and Christmas trees. The Navy Band played holiday music, and portraits of former presidents and first ladies filled the walls. The official tree of the White House was decorated with sweet greetings written for male and female officials.

Maybe we were expecting a cheese board, but the spread was very good. Guests mingled around a carving station and a long buffet filled with shrimp, crab claws, lamb, lettuce and the most amazing cauliflower mac cheese. Along the side of the room are long tables stacked with dozens of wine and champagne glasses, so you can walk up and drink at any time. Alex was nominated for the White House Egg Nog, which was spicy and strong. (Here is the recipe). The head pastry chef created a perfect replica of the White House, made of gingerbread and covered in white chocolate.

The highlight of the evening, needless to say, was President Obama’s speech. He and Michelle came down the stairs from their apartment (which was right across the street from where we were, almost to death). They looked beautiful and radiant as he thanked the team, joked about the egg leg and talked about his future. Every two seconds the crowd chanted, “Four more years!” He shouted. or “We love you!!!!!” Afterwards, the Obamas went back upstairs (watch a movie and hang out?), but it was intoxicating, and we pinched ourselves to be there for such an amazing night.

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President Obama Last White House Tree Lighting Photos 2016

Thank you so much for reading! Have you ever been to the White House? We never did before. Are you interested in anything else? xoxoxo In the eighth and final holiday season under the Obama administration, we’re offering a ‘holiday gift’.

This auspicious season is always filled with opportunities to perform acts of kindness and goodwill. By expressing gratitude to a service member, giving a token of appreciation to a teacher, or sharing moments of love and laughter with our neighbors, we can all extend a hand of friendship and reflect on what it means to be a part of our Americanness. Family. As we look to a new year full of new hopes and opportunities, let’s take time to share the holiday spirit of generosity and compassion with our loved ones.

Every year, guests from our country and the world go to the capital of our country to enjoy their vacation. From floor to ceiling, the rooms are decorated to resemble the bountiful gifts that Americans love.

This year’s White House decorations honor the gifts and sacrifices of our nation’s service members and veterans.

Major Key: The White House Holiday Party With The Obamas! — Catchgifucan

A portion of the East Garden displays an American flag composed of portraits of brave military members and their families, and Gold Star decorations adorn the greenery in honor of the men and women who have given their lives for our country.

Send a digital message of thanks to service men and women The USO will share your message with our heroes through centers around the world where our men and women in uniform are deployed. Send a message now: www.uso.org/holiday-form

For more information on supporting our service members, veterans and their families, visit www.JoiningForces.gov. Use #JoiningForces to participate online.

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The White House Library is a special reminder of the important gift of education. A pleasant room filled with precious books, the library is decorated with educational materials for children. Yellow crayons, colored pencils and paper note cards create unique topiaries with chalkboard stands. In colorful decorations, the word “girls” is written in many languages ​​to identify the millions of teenage girls around the world who are out of school.

Christmas Party Wallpaper Hd

Visit www.ReachHigher.gov to learn more about the First Lady’s initiative to get young people involved in higher education and www.LetGirlsLearn.gov about this administration’s efforts to improve girls’ education around the world.

Although winters are cold outside the walls of the White House, the Green Room infuses warmth in summer with its lemon-colored garden. The decorations in the green room are bursting with bright fruits and vegetables, celebrating the gift of good health and nutrition, just like in the White House kitchen. Glittering golden bees abound in garlands that decorate the room. Learn more about the White House Kitchen Garden and the First Lady’s initiative to encourage a healthier generation at www.LetsMove.gov.

Each year, the nearly 17-foot, 6-inch, farm-grown pine tree stands at the center of the Blue Room — one of the White House’s most recognizable vacation pictures. First, families decorate the tree with their own designs, and sometimes this requires a little ingenuity. In 1964, President Lyndon B. Johnson’s family covered the base of their tree with gingerbread cookies after visiting children tried to eat their ceramic ornaments.

This year’s tree will celebrate “We the People” as it is topped with a ribbon wreath depicting the preamble to the United States Constitution. The sparkling tree ornaments, images of American families, farmers and soldiers, represent our nation united by diversity and strengthened by a shared vision of hope and optimism.

See What The Last Obama White House Holiday Decorations Look Like

The State Dining Room welcomes guests home for the holidays and celebrates the gift of family as we gather together this season. Sweets and gummy candies are cut into garlands and decorated with cones, topiaries are frozen in snow-white sweets. In the center of the room are two 14-foot-tall pine trees adorned with colorful ornaments. Around the trees on stacked shelves are 56 gingerbread houses, one for each US state and territory.

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A holiday favorite, the White House Gingerbread House is located at the north end of the State Dining Room. Assistant Executive Chef Hans Raffert built the first White House Gingerbread House in 1969, and the baked architectural project has since become a holiday tradition. Created by a talented team led by White House Pastry Chef Susie Morrison, this season’s house is made from 150 pounds of gingerbread, 100 pounds of bread dough, 20 pounds of gum paste, 20 pounds of icing and 20 pounds of shaped sugar cubes.

Over the past eight years, the Obama family has hosted more than four million guests at The People’s House. Families, neighbors and loved ones come from near and far to celebrate the holidays. During the upcoming holiday season, the Obamas send warm wishes for continued happiness and hope for the New Year.

Can’t make it to the White House for the holidays? Be sure to check out all of our official accounts as we post behind-the-scenes looks at the White House this holiday season. First Lady Michelle Obama greets military families with the First Family’s dogs Sunny and Bo. Holiday art and events during the unveiling of the 2016 themed holiday decorations in the State Dining Room of the White House in Washington, DC on November 29, 2016. Olivier Dollery / Abaca America

White House Christmas 2015: A Holiday Spectacular

Christmas carols wafted from the piano as the White House unveiled the final display of the first family’s Christmas decorations.

It’s a lush and beautiful place with decorations, trees, lights, ribbons, and First Lady Michelle Obama said, “They’re proud to open it up to as many people as possible.” She was emotional while saying thank you. She sympathized with the military families in attendance and those who worked behind the scenes to make the event so memorable.

First Lady Michelle Obama greets children of military families with the First Family’s dogs Sunny and Bo

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