Where To Get Married In Melbourne

Where To Get Married In Melbourne – We offer beautiful, intimate weddings in our function rooms at no extra cost. Our chapel comfortably accommodates 20 guests, 12 seated and the rest mingling. If you need more guests, we can come to your home or place.

Wedding fees start at $295 for a discreet wedding in our chapel Monday through Thursday with your two witnesses. It’s very easy, 2 witnesses and you’re married. Want a wedding at your home…just $150 more and we’ll come to you.

Where To Get Married In Melbourne

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Melbourne Wedding Venues With A View: Best Places To Get Married In Victoria

You can call us anytime on 1300 MARRY YOU or 0473 026 924 Lovely words from one of our happy couples…..

I wasn’t expecting much from a formal ceremony, but I was absolutely blown away by the beauty of the setting and how handsome David was at our ceremony. It was very intimate and special, many thanks to David for taking all the stress off of us and making everything special, thank you very much! I highly recommend this service to everyone, I’ve even told my friends/family couples to have a small ceremony with Registry Style Weddings because it’s honestly so beautiful and most importantly stress free. Thanks

If you are having trouble getting a booking with the Government of Victoria Marriage Registry anytime soon, please let us know. We are a private alternative for them. We can help you transfer the marriage notification form to us and we can get you married within the next few weeks.

By law, you must give one month’s notice to marry using the Marriage Notice form. (Click here)

Rachel And Nigel’s Inner City Melbourne Elopement

You can get married with just 2 witnesses or up to 20 guests. You don’t have to have a “ceremony” if you don’t want to.

If you want to get married in less than a month, click HERE to see the requirements.

We can marry you 7 days a week from $295 〰️ We can marry you 7 days a week from $295 〰️

If you choose Intimate Ceremony or Record, we can add a selection of songs and personal vows and stories about how you met, proposed, etc. We can add some personal touches.

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Affordable Wedding Expo

For many couples, they don’t need or want a full, traditional wedding. Instead, you may be holding your destination ceremony abroad and just want the official paperwork done here. You may run away and just want your closest family and/or friends to be there. We can help.

1. Complete the Notification of Intent of Marriage (NOIM) form. We can see you signing this on Zoom or Facetime.

3. Smile on the day and we’ll marry you… and don’t worry, we’ve got the scarves for you.

Use this calendar to mark your wedding date or to sign the NOIM form with us, or come visit the chapel. St Paul’s is a great location for your wedding, located in the heart of Melbourne. We are delighted you are considering getting married here and encourage you to contact our team to plan your wedding in St Paul’s.

Eliza & Ahmet Wedding Reception Melbourne

St Paul’s is the home church of Anglicans in Melbourne and Victoria. Although you don’t have to be an Anglican to get married here, weddings celebrated in St Paul’s follow the liturgy of the Anglican Church of Australia, which offers wedding services in both traditional and modern languages.

Our team will be able to advise you on how to get married at St Paul’s, providing all the details about the wedding arrangements and the ceremony itself. They will discuss costs with you, as well as choir and organ music options during the service, ringing the bells before and after the ceremony, or wedding bouquets.

Yes, couples are expected to attend a marriage preparation course along with other meetings with the Celebrant Clergy. We can recommend a range of courses to suit your needs. There are often costs associated with courses that partners must pay in addition to fees.

The use of recorded music is permitted with the permission of the celebrant or music director, but it may be a copyright violation to broadcast professionally recorded music in any public arena without a license covering all Christian wedding services.

Melbourne Elopement At The Registry Office — Melbourne Wedding Photographer

The musical recording with the sung text must relate to God, regardless of whether it is during the service, before or after it. Instrumental versions of secular songs are often available that exclude the text being sung. Sometimes these songs are better suited for a reception than a service.

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It is a legal requirement that all wedding services be performed by a licensed Anglican Pastor, usually one of the Pastors, and use the services specified in the Anglican Prayer Book.

This is Melbourne’s busiest sacred attraction, which is why we welcome so many visitors when our doors open. Our offerings and services are always open for the public to come and pray or sit quietly and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

We have a staff member at our front door at all times and visitors will not be able to walk around during the ceremony. Often, some customers like to come in and sit quietly in the back and observe the service, but our staff are on site to ensure there is no disturbance.

Sienna & Luke’s Art Deco Wedding

Seats can accommodate up to 900 people. Most weddings average around 150 guests, but all sizes up to 900 can be accommodated.

All vows must adhere to guidelines set by the government – ​​namely, that the couple make a lifetime commitment. Vows specified in the Anglican service are used in our service.

They don’t mind professional photographers taking service or ceremony photos shot by videographers arranged by the couple getting married. It is important that the photographer and/or videographer present themselves to the priest before the service begins and pay attention to all the instructions given by the celebrant.

Please note that flash photography is not permitted during service as it can be distracting. Drones are not allowed in the area due to ATSB regulations.

Einnie & Tom’s Melbourne Wedding

One of the staff must be the celebrant, but other clergy are welcome to participate in other aspects of the service, such as Bible readings or prayers. We also encourage family and friends to attend services by bringing literature, leading prayers, and acting as hosts.

Other Anglican clergy are permitted to preach at services, provided they have permission from the Archbishop. Normally, pastors of other denominations cannot preach. What makes a Melbourne wedding venue truly Instagram-worthy? To start with, the atmosphere. Is it romantic and airy with beautiful natural light? Clear. Does it have just the right amount of sand and substance to keep it cool? Yes. Does it offer a variety of fully customizable spaces? You bet.

Mark my words when I say that most couples aren’t looking for Instagram-worthy wedding venues. BUT, every couple will want to get married in a place that feels like their own, even if it’s just for the day. You want your wedding to look like it could be featured in a magazine or on a blog because the vibe is so good. Add the right music and really good food and wine, and you have a dream event.

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Whether you’re looking for a modern venue with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the city skyline or a waterfront wedding venue easily accessible from the city, we’ve got you covered. These Instagram-worthy Melbourne wedding venues always fill my social feeds, and there’s good reason for that – they’re stunning. Also, these are all indoor wedding venues, so you can easily hold your wedding at any time of the year that suits your plans. For availability, let us know and we’ll talk to you about options.

Melbourne Wedding Elopement, Registry Wedding Photography, Melbourne Elopement Wedding Photography

1. George Ballroom View this post on Instagram A post shared by Melbourne Wedding Venue (@thegeorgeballroom)

The George Ballroom ticks all the boxes as the perfect indoor wedding venue, with its beauty and available amenities. From its vintage to romantic themed interior, complementary lighting and distressed walls, this venue has enough substance and natural light to provide an Instagram-worthy backdrop.

Add to that a decadent multi-course menu, knowledgeable staff and exceptional hospitality, and you have the wedding of your dreams!

2. Q Events Check out this post on Instagram A post shared by Jess Strazds Hair & Makeup (@jess.strazds)

S’porean Couple In Melbourne Gets Married In 4 Hours, Right After City Declared Full Lockdown

The modern interior of the Q Events venue makes it one of the most instagrammable venues in the city, deserving its place among Melbourne’s best wedding venues. With Art Deco-inspired interiors, along with beautiful stone carvings and draperies on large arched windows that give you a glimpse of the beauty of the city, you won’t find a shortage of places to take pictures.

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