Visit The Great Ocean Road

Visit The Great Ocean Road – One of the world’s most exhilarating road trips, Australia’s Great Ocean Road crosses pristine beaches. lush rainforest and a beautiful viewpoint is almost impossible. Discover the best things to see, eat and do along the Great Ocean Road, including where to stay and how to get there, in this guide.

We know we’re biased being Victorians and all, but the Great Ocean Road is one of the most exciting roads and regions in the world.

Visit The Great Ocean Road

What makes it even more special is the variety. Old temperate rainforests kiss the shores where world-class waves crash. The awe-inspiring limestone cliffs glow orange in the sunlight. While the Southern Ocean rages and the quiet seaside towns are welcoming and friendly.

The 10 Great Ocean Road Attractions You Can’t Miss

There are so many amazing things to do on the Great Ocean Road, whether it’s adventure and nature, great food or the days off you’re looking for.

Melbourne all the way We’ve managed to cover most of the highlights of the Great Ocean Road over the years – so we’ve put together this guide that brings together the best things to see, do and eat in one place. of our favorite places in Victoria

Although this list of 22 tasks may seem a bit tedious, (You should look at what we have to cut.

List!), many things are within a short distance of each other. And all of this is passable if you have a car and spend a few days exploring the coast.

Visit: The Great Ocean Road

One of the most spectacular coastal roads in the world, the Great Ocean Road stretches more than 240km from the Victorian coastal town of Torquay, just 1.5 hours from Melbourne to Alansford before the rural center of Warrnambool.

What many people don’t know is that the Great Ocean Road is also the longest war memorial in the world. It was built by soldiers from the First World War who returned to honor the memory of all those who lost their lives in the war.

It is now one of the biggest tourist attractions in Australia. and is very popular with both locals and tourists.

Things to See and Do on the Great Ocean Road #1 Travel the Great Ocean Road

The Best Great Ocean Road Waterfalls To Visit –

Traveling the Great Ocean Road without talking Full of twists and turns and amazing views. In fact, the drive is perhaps the biggest attraction of all the Great Ocean Roads.

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The 243km road between Torquay and Alansford is beautiful and varied. From rugged coasts to heavily wooded roads But our personal favorite is the stretch between Lorne and Apollo Bay. where the scenery is amazing along the way Use the viewpoints to your advantage. and check that your camera battery is fully charged. You’ll want to capture every amazing curve!

Keep an eye out for both the Great Ocean Road route and tips for what to know before you drive the Great Ocean Road – both set to go soon!

Or if the weather is not on your side or car hire is not your thing There are also many guided day trips to the Great Ocean Road from Melbourne.

Great Ocean Road Main Attractions (2 Day Itinerary)

We recommend this day trip from Melbourne that turns all the highlights upside down. (perfect for avoiding crowds at major attractions!) or this full-day sunset trip to the Twelve Apostles.

I mean… Have you ever been on the Great Ocean Road if you haven’t taken a picture of the Great Ocean Road sign! I didn’t think so!

Built in honor of the 3,000 returning World War I soldiers who built the road by hand between 1919 and 1932, the gazebo marks the road’s entry point and is probably the most famous and iconic part of the Great Ocean Road. all roads

To the left of the arch there is a parking lot where you can park your car safely. And by the side of the road there is a place for photos.

Visit Great Ocean Road

The indented coastline of the Southern Ocean that separates mainland Australia from the island nation of Tasmania. (Last stop before Antarctica!) is rugged and breathtaking. and is also known for its treacherous seas.

In fact, infamously, the 130km stretch of the Great Ocean Road from Cape Otway to Port Fairy is known as the Shipwreck Coast, where nearly 700 ships and crews met in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. 20 years only 200 have been revived. By far the most famous lake is Loch Ard (see below!).

For early European settlers Many people who wanted to amass wealth in the gold fields or grasslands of colonial Australia. This coast was the first and last they saw on the Australian continent. Raw and dramatic on a sunny day as turquoise waves crash against sheer sand cliffs. It is not difficult to see how a ship would be devastated and wrecked by the harsh and unstoppable weather conditions.

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Today, various types of explorers Shipwreck Coast can be explored on land (a much safer point of view!) and admire the mighty coastline. Visit places like the infamous Loch Ard Gorge or take a shipwreck ride at Wreck Beach, Apollo Bay and more.

Best Stops On The Great Ocean Road Drive, Australia (+map & Tips)

Among the best things to do on the Great Ocean Road, the number one and most popular is the 12 Apostles (read our guide here).

Although useless when there were no more than twelve, four had eroded and crashed into the ocean below. The remaining eight piles of limestone still presented a spectacular sight. These piles formed 20 million years ago and were part of the continent. As the wind and water gradually blew across the shore These heaps were left on the receding earth.

There is a boardwalk that takes you along the best vantage points of the Apostles and the dramatic coastline beyond. with great photo opportunities

Both sunrise and sunset are magical here. And if you are a keen photographer or just want to enjoy a less crowded place. (Especially in the summer) we recommend coming here very early. Now you will be able to listen to the sweet singing of birds and the views of the ocean much more calmly!

The Best Detours On Australia’s Great Ocean Road


Just a few minutes’ drive from the 12 Apostles is the gorge of Loch Ard, one of the popular stops on the Great Ocean Road, beckoning visitors with spectacular views of crumbling cliffs that almost never lie. Surrounded by the beautiful beach below

But even the views are worth the visit alone. The long history of survival on display here also adds to the awe and mystery of the place.On June 1, 1878, a thick fog left the crew of Loch Ard confused and lost. And the iron-clad ship sank at the base of nearby Muttonbird Island.

There are only two survivors: wealthy 17-year-old Eva Carmichael, who sets sail with her family for a new life in the colony, and teenage Tom Pearce, the ship’s apprentice.

Family Activities, Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia

After safely landing in the overturned lifeboat, Tom heard a cry from the water and saw Eva floating in the mouth of the canyon, barely noticing him. on swimming back He bravely tried for an hour to get her ashore. when you get there They took refuge in a cave before Tom climbed a sand cliff to seek help from nearby Glenample Station.

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Currently standing in the valley especially at the level of the beach It is difficult to imagine the upcoming scene. or the courage of teenage Tom Climb a crumbling and unstable 11m brightly colored cliff. making it an even more interesting place to explore.

Walk down to the beach to feel the power of the ocean and see the caves it hides. Admire the views from the main viewpoint. Visit Loch Ard Cemetery or turn left to Tom and Eva Viewpoint to see the area from a whole new angle.

In a region where natural beauty is everywhere Where the Sherbrooke River meanders to meet the Southern Ocean is where all its mighty and ferocious glory is felt.

Places To Visit In The Great Ocean Road

It’s hard to describe the ferocity of the 12-foot waves crashing into the rocks on one side of the bay and crashing like thunder into the sandy beach on the other. Except to say it’s a stopover to add to the Great Ocean Road itinerary.

It is possible to go out along the limestone cliffs. But a special warning is necessary: ​​strange waves and huge drops of water appear randomly and are extremely powerful. It is recommended to stay safely away from the edge!

The Sherbrooke River is not far from Thunder Cave. and can be accessed from the same car park. The way down is quite easy and well maintained.

Sherbrooke River Safety Notes | Unsupervised beach And there is still a permanent crack here. This makes the beach extremely dangerous for swimming In 2019, two Port Campbell lifeguards were killed during

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