Villeroy And Boch Bathrooms

Villeroy And Boch Bathrooms – The new Villeroy & Boch collections offer more planning freedom to transform functional bathrooms into futuristic wellness spaces.

Arts from Villeroy & Boch now brings more color to the bathroom. The bicolor handwash series perfectly complements collections such as art and legato.

Villeroy And Boch Bathrooms

Even the early rulers of the Mari state of Mesopotamia, one of mankind’s oldest settlements, understood that a bathhouse was more than a place to bathe. Their private bathrooms were installed in 2000 BC for hot baths and peaceful relaxation. If this advanced culture had prevailed, the places we live in today would look very different.

Villeroy & Boch Finion

In ancient times, the bathroom became a public space, but in the 19th century, it gradually moved into the home as plumbing became more common. Since its inception, the German brand Villeroy & Boch has chosen to equip bathrooms well, from the creation of the first sanitary ceramics to today’s modern designs with comfort features.

Subway 3.0 catches the eye thanks to its modern design language of straight, angular lines. Functionally, the collection scores points for its wide lateral storage surfaces and deep basins, among other things.

For Innovation Days 2021, the international lifestyle brand presents a trend-setting collection aimed at putting the bathroom ahead of other living spaces in terms of creating an environment of comfort and well-being. With its timeless design and durable materials, Subway 3.0 continues Villeroy & Boch’s tradition of individual, innovative and harmonious bathroom design, while moving the concept into the future with new technologies and possibilities.

The innovative TwistFlush WC not only sets new standards in terms of hygiene. With average usage, a family of four can save 19,700 liters of water per year thanks to an efficient whirlpool.

Bathroom Trends 2021

The controlled vortex is very quiet, prevents rinse water from escaping the pool and minimizes aerosol formation. Sanitation is enhanced with an improved ceramic plus surface and advanced anti-bake surface technology that reduces bacterial growth by 99.9%. Excessive use of harsh, environmentally harmful cleaning products. There will be less and more in the future.

For example, the TwistFlush WC takes the company’s resource-saving claim to a new level: the revolutionary WC uses the physical force of water flow to clean everything and guarantee cleanliness everywhere. Only 4.5 liters are required, while the conical WC. The contoured, rimless container adds to the hygienic concept.

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Thanks to two zone sensors and time recording, the new motor plate automatically determines the amount of water required. ProActive+ is available in glass, white and brushed stainless steel options.

Nine color options, four looks: Made of high-quality Titan ceramic, the inner surfaces of the Arts wash basin always shine in Alpine white, while the outer surfaces show off their colours. The sink is also available in two classic colors, white.

Brand New Villeroy & Boch Oberon Bathtub 1700 X 750mm White Ubq170obe2v, Furniture & Home Living, Bathroom & Kitchen Fixtures On Carousell

Artsy wash basins are also visionary, dispelling the old idea that bathrooms must be white for hygiene.

The hygiene concept can also be enhanced with Villeroy & Boch’s next-generation drive plates. ProActive+, controlled by a sensor or manually activated by movement, prevents the formation of germs through a time-controlled hygienic wash and even a time recording function. Can adjust the amount of wash through to the level of use. For cost-effective regulation of water consumption, ProActive+ can also be evaluated and configured individually by analyzing consumption data – a huge advantage in public sanitary areas.

“For me, color is the soul of a product,” says Hansen, adding that classic white or dark charcoal can also create individual mood characteristics. From now on, the Arts design will be offered in a total of nine colors and two whites – the interior of the bowls will remain bright white in all versions.

Artis countertop washbasins are also visionary, dispelling the old idea that bathrooms must be white for hygiene. Villeroy & Boch teamed up with German-Danish designer Giza Hansen to further develop their exclusive color concept for the BiColour series, which calls for boldness in the use of color. With Indian summer, sage green, rust and bordeaux, it complements the color palette for bathrooms with more individuality.

Villeroy & Boch Express

Washbasins from the Loop and Friends series give bathrooms a unique look, with strong matte colors, varied shapes and filigree lightness. In Deep Black, each element of the series becomes a statement.

The result is a 3 x 3 x 3 concept with three shapes – oval, round and rectangular, three types of installation – tabletop, niche and substructure and three colors – beige shade almond, deep dark ebony and gray graphite. This formula gives planners and interior designers many opportunities to create an individual style in the bathroom and find the right solution for every room situation.

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The Lup&Friends series bathtubs adopt the oval and rectangular design language of the wash basin and are functionally impressive with their flush push valve and long overflow.

Villeroy & Boch’s large selection always aims to offer more than the sum of the selected individual products. The new products give planners and architects more design freedom to transform functional bathrooms into futuristic wellness spaces. The most important thing is that people feel at home. Today and tomorrow.

Villeroy And Boch Artis Round Washbowl

The best-selling Loop & Friends bathroom is also set for a 2021 reboot, but still sticks to its look. It has retained the geometric diversity of shapes, but thanks to the special TitanCeram material, some elements now look more subtle and light. The sinks look filigree and can be had in three bright colors.

The oval and rectangular design language of the sink is also adopted in the existing Loop and Friends bathrooms. Bathtubs with narrow edges provide more interior space and also save water due to their shallow interior depth. Since 1748, Villeroy & Boch has been creating impressive bathroom products to the highest standards, which is why Concept uses quality manufacturers like them, who keep sustainability in mind and improve quality of life. are making With an environmental conscience. Villeroy & Boch uses smart solutions that are intelligently integrated into their product range – for example, ceramic plus in their sanitary ware and in combination with antibacterial glass for direct flush toilets. , which increases the cleaning level with highly effective, thorough and faster flushing. Microbial repellent surface provides high level of hygiene with low water consumption.

Their range doesn’t sacrifice style for functionality, but opens up possibilities by embracing color concepts, while offering next-level ease and comfort for your dream bathroom. Decadence has never been more evident than at Villeroy & Boch’s passion for combining quality materials with timeless style. For example, their patented Titan Ceram material allows them to create innovative thin-walled wash basins – strong, robust and durable in a contemporary way.

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The Concepts Home Design team often begins creative work on advanced renovations or new construction at an early stage before work begins, giving us ideas about optimal room sizes, door and wall placement, and drainage. Advice is given, including soil conditions. , which means the space can be fully optimized for the client’s brief. For example, if a key feature is a comfortable bathing area, we can make sure the room works perfectly around that area. A freestanding bathtub, such as the bathtub made from the exceptionally strong Quaryl material, which allows for 10cm slim rims from Villeroy & Boch’s beautiful range, is attractive, comfortable and elegant after a long day in both bathrooms. Processed in a luxury bath to enhance style and health.

Bath To The Future: Villeroy & Boch

Described as an ‘oasis of well-being designed for life’, the Villeroy & Boch range enhances the space’s ability to nurture body and mind, whilst at home without compromising functionality or ambience. Brings a luxurious aesthetic.

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