Vacation Packages To Sri Lanka

Vacation Packages To Sri Lanka – It’s easy to get lost in the translation details when you’re booking your adventure abroad. Don’t let your perfect vacation itinerary slip away while you deal with logistics! When you book a flight and hotel package in Sri Lanka, you can focus on the people, places and spontaneous little moments that happen along the way.

From dense tropical forests to open beaches, Sri Lanka remains largely undiscovered as a world-class tourist destination. Enjoy its friendly locals, rich cultural heritage and delicious cuisine for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure in famous cities like Colombo, Kandy and Jaffna.

Vacation Packages To Sri Lanka

The best time to visit Sri Lanka is between December and March after the rainy season when the weather is mild and the tourist season is just around the corner. It is important to note that Sri Lanka is still developing as a country in terms of political stability, infrastructure and tourism services.

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The Galle Face Hotel is a historic 5-star beachfront hotel in Colombo with a full golf course, an on-site restaurant and a luxury spa. Consider renting a car if you’re traveling from Bandaranaike International Airport to make your Sri Lanka itinerary even easier.

Kingsbury Colombo is the perfect combination of business and leisure. Galle Face Green, World Trade Center and Dutch Hospital Precinct are nearby. You can easily book your airport transfer in advance by booking your Sri Lanka holiday package online.

Jetwing Lagoon in Negombo is the perfect place for your kids to explore this tropical paradise in a safe and enclosed natural landscape area. Car rental is the easiest way to transport your family from Bandaranaike International Airport.

Just 18 km from Colombo Airport, Ranweli Holiday Village is an eco-friendly resort with mangrove forests, meandering rivers and serene views of the Indian Ocean. Airport transfers and taxi services are available for a smooth transition from air to land at Ranweli Holiday Village.

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Located on the waterfront of Lake Beira, Colombo’s Cinnamon Lakeside is the ultimate urban retreat with manicured gardens, floating restaurant, waterfront lounge and more. The hotel is accessible by shuttle service from various airports in Colombo.

The modern design of Club Hotel Dolphin in Kammala perfectly complements the neighboring white sand beach and calm blue waters. Located in the northwest of Sri Lanka, Kiwitaxi takes you between the airport and Club Hotel Dolphin with fixed prices and friendly service.

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Mount Lavinia Hotel is one of the oldest hotels in the country, sporting colonial architecture, outdoor pool and beachfront restaurant in a peaceful private resort in Dehiwala. Bandaranaike International Airport is the nearest international airport, 42 km to the north, and transportation options are limited to taxis or rental cars.

Taj Samudra pays tribute to the country’s stunning natural landscape, with local motifs seamlessly blending with elegance and modern comfort. It’s easy to pre-arrange your airport transfer to stay at this 5-star hotel in Colombo.

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Located in the heart of downtown Colombo, the Grand Oriental Hotel offers air-conditioned rooms in a historic location overlooking the bustling harbor below. It is easy to hire a taxi from Bandaranaike International Airport.

The Golden Star Beach Hotel in Negombo offers pristine beaches, luxurious spa services and a fine on-site restaurant at a fraction of other nearby hotels. This hotel is an easy 15 minute drive from Colombo and its airport, where there are many cheap car rental options. I spent five weeks traveling in Sri Lanka before the main tourist season started, while still enjoying the off-season deals and seeing the prices. it goes up for a long time – however, it mainly applies to accommodation. I have broken down all my expenses in Sri Lanka to give you an idea of ​​what you can expect to budget for a trip to Sri Lanka.

Overall, Sri Lanka is one of the cheapest countries I’ve been to, and you can travel to Sri Lanka for $20-$30 per person per day (in a string) or around $50 per person per day for nicer place to stay. Read the full breakdown of food, transportation, sightseeing, accommodation and other expenses in Sri Lanka.

A visa is required to enter Sri Lanka. Fortunately, you can easily apply for a Sri Lanka visa online. The cost of a visa for Europeans, North Americans and Australians is USD 35.

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If you do not apply for a visa online, you can get a visa on arrival at the Sri Lankan port of entry for US$40.

Accommodation is the biggest expense in your daily travel budget in Sri Lanka, but the value for money is generally very good.

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The cheapest private double room is LKR 1,500 ($10.40) and in some coastal towns I pay about LKR 3,000-3,500 ($21-25) for a double room (split by two). people). Remember this is the off season.

Elsewhere (not along the beach) LKR 1,500 seems to be the price for an average double room, usually with breakfast and usually free wifi.

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As for higher end accommodation, I found some nice hotels with swimming pool and breakfast for LKR 5,000-6,000 ($35-41) and very nice hotels like Cinnamon Hotels in Sri Lanka usually offers discounted prices from: LKR 7,000 (USD 49) in high season (double in high season).

I didn’t sleep in a dorm, but a dorm bed is usually around 800 LKR ($5.50 USD). It definitely pays to check accommodation booking sites like to find special offers on the places you’ll be visiting. Through I found a nice boutique hotel in Colombo for $50 a night (for two) and a great deal on a beautiful hotel in Polonnaruwa for $29 one night with breakfast.

Food can be dirt cheap, but also expensive, depending on whether you’re willing to explore local cuisine or stick to Western options. A Sri Lankan kotthu, a local favorite, costs about LKR 165-200 (US$1.15-1.40), while chicken curry in a coastal town can cost up to LKR 900 (US$6.25). On average, you will pay between LKR 200-300 (US$1.40-2.10) for a local meal and LKR 600-900 (US$4.15-6.25) for a meal at a tourist restaurant. Breakfast usually costs 500-700 LKR ($3.45-4.85 USD) including tea or coffee.

Speaking of coffee, if you’re looking for good coffee, you should pay for it. My most expensive coffee is from Kandy

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, where they pay LKR 560 (US$3.90) for a cappuccino – more than they usually pay for a full meal! There are a few cafes in Colombo and a few around the country that have proper espresso machines, but they are few and far between.

You will usually pay LKR 270 (US$1.88) for an espresso, and LKR 350-400 (US$2.40-2.80) for a cafe latte or cappuccino. Sure, there are cheap coffee vendors on the side of the road, or the guys walking on the trains with a big thermos and selling a brown liquid for 10 rupees ($0.07 USD), but I don’t like that it’s called coffee πŸ˜‰

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If you want to stick to western food (why would you, because Sri Lankan food is seriously addictive!), there are some western chains like Pizza Hut and KFC, and you can also find sandwiches , burgers and pizza in coastal towns. Western meals are between 600 and 1000 LKR (4.16 to 7.00 USD). There are places where you can enjoy good food – usually the nicer hotels have on-site restaurants and you can pay up to LKR 1,000 ($7.00) for a meal. Snacks are very cheap – local chocolate LKR 50-100 (US$0.35-0.70), a bag of cashews LKR 120 (US$0.85), peanuts LKR 50 (US$0.35), small fried lentil balls or donuts 10 rupees ($0.07 USD) . A vegetarian

(a triangle of dough filled with vegetables – basically like a samosa but not fried) for 40 rupees (less than $0.30 USD) and big enough to serve as a full meal – the cheapest lunch ever! A bottle of water (1.5 liters) is LKR 60-70 (USD 0.40-0.50) and since table water in Sri Lanka is not potable, you must rely on at least one bottle a day.

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Alcohol is generally cheap in Sri Lanka. A 625ml bottle of local Lion beer can be as low as LKR 250 (US$1.75), but can go up to LKR 600 (US$4.15) in fancier establishments. I always pay 300 LKR ($2.10 USD). Cocktails are more expensive – around LKR 400-500 (US$2.80-3.50) on the beaches and LKR 800-1000 (US$5.50-7.00) in Colombo’s fancier bars.

Transportation in Sri Lanka is one of the cheapest I’ve ever used in the world – I still can’t believe a 7 hour train ride is 230 LKR ($1.60 USD) in 2nd class! Although I wouldn’t choose the 3rd class (they are the cheapest tickets, but the carriages are always crowded), I think the 2nd class is very good and you don’t have to pay for the 1st class, which is about 1000 rupees per trip and are essentially “touring cars”.

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