Toyota Mr2 For Sale Australia

Toyota Mr2 For Sale Australia – Powered by a two-litre four-cylinder engine, new 89Kw and 176Nm of power and torque are produced when sent to the rear wheels via a five-speed manual gearbox. Acceleration from 0-100 km/h is 6.5 seconds, and the maximum speed is close to 200 km/h.

“Introduced to Australia in 1990, the SW20 Toyota MR2 has been meticulously maintained as a Sunday vehicle for the past five and a half years. Over the past five and a half years, the average annual mileage has been just 800km.

Toyota Mr2 For Sale Australia

This vehicle is in original condition with original late edition 15″ factory Toyota MR2 mag wheels and later non-original items with engine bay “X” brackets and tinted windows.

Toyota Mr2 Turbo Goes On Auction, Could Be More Expensive Than A New Gt86

All original panels and paint except for minor repairs and repainting of the driver’s rear panel.

The current owner saw this product launched at the 1990 Adelaide Motor Show and asked the seller “how much?” and he replied $42,500.00. Now the owners said they will have a brochure. After a few years, he was able to consolidate. In this great example, it’s worth noting that only 226 SW20s were sold in Australia in 1990, and only 819 total of this variant were sold between 1990 and 1994.

This car is very clean inside and out, the spare wheel has never been fitted to the car, the original rear sunroof (when the glass roof insert is removed and placed behind the seat) no lighters, also the original book and tool kit. there. No maintenance documentation has been done in subsequent years, but in 2018 I had the car completely overhauled with new brake pads, spark plugs + wires and a regular change of all oils and filters with a new clutch.

This car was sitting next to the car in this video and was sold in Melbourne the same day.

For Sale: Toyota Mr2

MR2 Lockup is a photo of this MR2 at the Calder Thunderdome along with 14 other Toyota MR2s in 1990.

The current owner is probably the third owner or the fourth owner of the new owner. The original owner sold it to the new owner in Sydney and the current owner bought it with an ACT registration (perhaps the Sydney owner moved to the ACT?)

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An original Toyota MR2 SW20 is rarely supplied in this condition from Australia and this car is ideal for the keen enthusiast or collector.”

Being a 1990 model, it is now officially 30 years old and eligible for history or club registration in most jurisdictions. This means that travel costs are minimal. My initial motivation for purchasing the Toyota MR2 was to experience the mid-range driving feel. A sports car with an engine in a cheap package (unless you consider the Honda Beat a sports car). This was my first time driving a manual on a regular basis, so I needed a vehicle that could handle clutch driving and sync screeching while navigating to hone my heel and toe skills. In the process of elimination, the remaining MR alternatives (Lotuses or Porsches) remained. It was too expensive to practice, so the SW20 model was chosen.

Toyota Mr2 And Mr2 Spyder

My 1992 MR2 is an Australian supplied model and comes with a 2.0 liter naturally aspirated engine. Although no longer considered a fast car by today’s standards (equivalent to a standard VW Golf in terms of linear acceleration), the MR2 shows its true character through sharp handling and is unique on some nice B-road bends. The engine has decent low-end torque, suitable for extra-urban driving without the need to keep the needle in the high rev range (each to their own VTEC). However, import turbo versions are also available if you feel you need more power. A popular alternative is to perform a Camry V6 engine swap.

Premium equipment such as power windows/mirrors, air conditioning, cruise control and ABS were standard on cars in the early 1990s. The removable glass panels on the Targa roof give your car an open-air feel.

Part of the appeal of this Japanese car from the 1990s, thanks to the PlayStation and Grand Turismo generation, is the aftermarket restoration scene. MR2 has created an extensive aftermarket offering of performance parts to choose from, whether it’s a custom bodykit, sports exhaust or coilover upgrade. There are many ways to customize your trip. Do you want to build your own “need for speed” race car or do you want to keep the original stylish look with cool JDM wheels? The choice is yours.

Now, for cars over 25 years old, prevention is important. Oil leaks are common around rocker covers and seals start to wear and leak, so start budgeting for your next big service. Since the engine is more difficult to access, you need a reliable mechanic. Expert Guide Used Toyota MR2 Review: 1987-2006 By E. wan Kennedy – June 10, 2015 3.0 Professional Guide Used Toyota MR2 Review: 1990-1999 By E. wan Kennedy – June 3, 2013 Professional manual Toyota MR2 Used Review: 1990-1999 By G. raham Smith – 2009 Jul 7

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For Sale: 1996 Toyota Mr2 Turbo Gt S Rev 3 — Jdmbuysell

Here you will find the real situation with the Toyota MR2, in particular the opinion of our experts.

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The price range of the Toyota MR2 depends on the selected equipment level. Starting at $6,100 and starting at $9,460 for the final model year. The model range is available in the following body styles, starting with the engine/transmission specifications shown below:

The Toyota MR2 has a variety of wheel and tire options. As for tires, wheel sizes range from 2006 convertible 185×55 R15 to 15×6 inches.

Toyota Mr2 Sw20 Targa Roof Coupe

The Toyota MR2 is available in a variety of variants and body types powered by ULP fuel types. For convertibles/ULPs from the latest model year, the expected fuel consumption starts at 7.3 l/100 km.

Watch out, 2024 Mazda MX-5! The reborn Toyota MR2 Spyder and the MG Cyberster electric car are set to spark a roadster revival. yron Mathioudakis – June 16, 2022 Toyota’s revived MR2: What we know about the new all-electric rival to Porsche, Lotus, Maserati and Alpine By S tephen Ottley – February 27, 2022 Toyota just unveiled the new MR2 Have you checked? A performance icon reborn that starts ‘around the corner’ with all-electric drive From A . Andrew Chesterton – December 14, 2021 Toyota’s new MR2 mid-engine sports car could be a joint venture with Suzuki. ung Nguyen – December 14, 2021 Toyota’s Secret Plan for High Performance Cars! Lotus Company as Production Partner for Reborn MR2 – Report by A. ndrew Chesterton – November 28, 2021 What the hell is going on with Toyota? How did the world’s largest carmaker go from a boring company to a mess, and what are its future plans for profits? Andrew Chesterton – November 7, 2021 Toyota Blitz On the New MR2 and the Future of Sports Cars!: Podcast #206 by C. arsGuide Team – October 29, 2021 Toyota’s Performance Hero Reborn! New 300kW MR2 – By A completes ‘three brothers’ sports car strategy with Supra and 86. Andrew Chesterton – October 24, 2021 Should Toyota’s next sports car be the Celica or the MR2? by S. tephen Ottley – March 1, 2020 You are not entitled to a statutory warranty or cooling off period when you buy a vehicle through an auction.

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Sales are based on where they are as is. No statutory warranty/cooling off period applies. Vehicle inspection is based on chain and start only and is the opinion of the booking agent. The trade description is for informational purposes only as the vehicle may have visible damage/issues. A full scan is recommended.

Used Toyota Mr2 Spyder For Sale Right Now

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Knowledge is key. Do your homework on values ​​and models before bidding on the vehicle you want. Set boundaries. Please read the lot description in full as every vehicle is different and the description will give you an idea of ​​the specifications/details of your vehicle. Ask questions and inspect your vehicle. The car team can be contacted on 1300 064 978 or by email. We sell cars “as is” and “as is” with no warranty or cooling off period. Please review the following questions to help maximize the value of your online auction purchases.

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