Toyota Land Cruiser Timing Belt Replacement Cost

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Toyota Land Cruiser Timing Belt Replacement Cost

For more information on engine timing belt kits, see the original listing for the 1998-2009 Toyota Land Cruiser Tundra Sequo

Toyota Landcruiser 200s 2007 On / 100s 1998 00 4.7l Uzj 2uz Fe Timing Belt & Tensioner Kit Ktba188h

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To confirm that this part is suitable for your vehicle, please select a vehicle from the ‘My Garage’ list or enter your vehicle details below. I just completed my first timing belt replacement job and thought I’d share my experience here. Follow this guide at your own risk (of course). I don’t recommend doing this as the first step in working on your own car, but if you’ve done similar work on that car, it’s a simple timing belt job.

Here is a link to the YouTube video I followed. It’s not a VVT-I engine, but I find the difference between mine and the engine it runs on is small. He gave a lot of valuable tips and tricks as well as a lot of important information about this engine. If you want to use my guide, I recommend you follow it as well.

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The following is a list of the parts I purchased to complete the job. My general rule of thumb is, if I remove it, I replace it. You may not need to replace everything I replaced, or you may want to replace more (I thought I needed to buy a new fan mount, power pump and alternator for various reasons) I’m just listing what I replaced.

Symptoms Of Bad Or Failing Timing Belt: How To Check And Changes?

I will say, I was very impressed with the factory thermostat, and in hindsight I wish I had bought from Toyota. I’m not too worried as it’s easy to replace parts in the future if needed.

I parked the 4runner on the racks, which allowed me to remove the coolant drain pipe and pan underneath, and used a 4′ ladder to work under the engine lift (3) and under the rack. A huge working shop light.

Thanks for the great post. I’ve been working on this problem for a few weeks now and I’m glad that everything is relatively easy if you mix it up. Originally OTRAMM was supposed to install it for me but couldn’t get the travel/time together.

If you have experience working on a car or have made timing belts before, you should do it yourself. As long as you keep an eye on the timing mark before removing the tape, and then don’t move the camera or move the camera, it’s not a big deal. I put the stickers I removed into bags with labels so I can work backwards so I don’t lose a number. Once you do, be sure to post your experience.

Timing Belt / Waterpump Replacement: Toyota & Lexus V6

If you want to make sure that the coolant does not spill everywhere, it should be removed at the radiator and in the block. There are two sides to the rear of the engine, with two sides I’m sure you can remove the 10mm cap screw and drain the block for full coolant in the same service event.

@Jcmeadows82 Great right away. A small bracket on the top of the A/C compressor can be used to hold it in place when removing or installing the compressor. Once all the screws are removed, it hangs in place until the screws are removed. Move it up and down, then tie it out of the way.

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I never did a timing belt, but I did a lot of suspension, brakes, etc. Finally click past TDC vs 50* and feel good about getting on with it.

Haha! I wish I knew when I did. However, the huge bucket I bought did a pretty good job of catching all the spilled liquid. Going completely dry meant I could replace all the coolant forever. Thanks for the suggestion!

Do Toyota Timing Chains Need To Be Replaced?

Write beautifully! Thank you for taking the time and effort to document your procedure. Tagged for later!

On a daily Instagram post, it’s topics like this that keep me coming back to the forum. Props.

Thanks for the detailed write up, between your notes and the OTRAMM videos I was able to do it.

F alternating current screws. He made the mistake of removing the rear screw and spent a lot of time putting it back.

How Long Do 3uz Fe Timing Belts Last? 138,674 Miles.

F is the bracket ac held in the pipe. Continue until it is removed.

The water pump was surprisingly low. I’ve been dealing with the flu for a week now, so the sores have flared up.

Cricket Bolt is no joke. There are two splitters and cheat tubes and recommended tools.

I stayed very organized by having dozens of Ziploc bags for snacks and labeled every screw, nut, and bolt for every item that came out, like the power steering and shifter bolt, in separate bags.

Q&a: Timing Belt Replacement

I just didn’t like using the new time zone symbols to line everything up. I made my own marks on the cam/bucket veins and the old belt and transferred them to the new belt. At first I could see my teeth falling out. The best way that helped me put a new seat belt on was the driver’s cam and handle and then the last passenger. There is not much space between the driver camera and the handlebar.

While you’re there, we recommend replacing the coil belt tensioner. It’s out for work and one of the nice things to take care of that isn’t in the kit.

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The rear camera sensor insert is not removable. There is some mechanism to connect, but it is broken.

The first picture is the logo on my old belt. I marked the timing line and a pair of teeth on each side.

Signs Your Timing Belt Needs To Be Replaced

The second picture is of my raccoon. I put a marker on the crotch (in black) and lined it up with the marker on the new belt.

For me it took about 5 hours to get all the bases down. I took my time very thoroughly. The next day I started at 9 o’clock and was back together by 12 o’clock. I have help with reassembly but not disassembly.

Titanium Metal 2006 Limited 4WD V8 | Doug Thorley “Premium” Long Pipe / Model Ipipe | Magnaflow Dual/Twin Outlet | True Dual Exhaust Fr: 5100/885/SPC R: Iconic 2″/2nd Gen Link | 285/75R17 G003s | Sherpa Princeton | Baja Designs | 5th Gen Brakes

3. 4th 4th shock side slide spring sr5 aftermarket stop system timing cylinder cylinder Toyota trd truck wheel alignment wtToyota has many variations when it comes to timing belts and timing chains, which can be difference between expensive maintenance and care. . Making sure you have the right information about your model can save you from costly repairs or even problems.

Timing Belt Replacement Service In Wichita

Timing chain replacement is one of the most important maintenance steps a Toyota needs, but there is no timing chain replacement date. The timing chain may need to be replaced when the chain loosens, which is probably around 250,000 miles. Timing belts usually require maintenance every 60 km to 100 km, depending on the specific model and year.

Because there is a night and day difference with hybrids and hybrids

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