Toyota Coasters For Sale Australia

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The Toyota Coaster (Japanese: トヨタ・コースター, Hepburn: Toyota Kōsutā) is a single-deck minibus manufactured by Toyota Motor Corporation. It was introduced in 1969, and the second generation was introduced in 1982, then the third generation in 1993 and the fourth generation in late 2016. In Japan, the Coaster is sold exclusively at Toyota Store dealers. Since 1996, the Toyota Coaster has also been sold under the name Hino Liesse II.

Toyota Coasters For Sale Australia

In December 2016, following the launch of the revised Coaster, production was transferred to Toyota Auto Body subsidiary Gifu Auto Body’s Honsha plant.

Compra Usado 2003 Toyota Coaster Hzb40 (ufd00025)

A number of unlicensed third-generation coaster clones were (and still are) produced in China, including Jiangnan Motors’ JNQ5041/JNQ6601,

The Toyota Coaster was introduced in 1969 as a minibus for 17 passengers with the same equipment as the Toyota Dyna of the time. Early models used the 2.0-liter Toyota R engine with a 4-speed manual transmission. With its 98 PS (72 kW) engine, the RU19 Coaster could reach a top speed of 110 km/h (68 mph).

Subsequent models used a variety of four- and six-cylinder diesel and petrol engines, and later an automatic transmission option was introduced. A smaller option was later introduced at Toyopet Store locations, based on the Toyota ToyoAce called the Toyota HiAce which could carry up to 10 passengers but conformed to Japanese government regulations regarding exterior dimensions and engine displacement.

In August 1997, the Toyota “Coaster Hybrid EV” minibus was launched, ahead of the Prius. The Coaster Hybrid, according to Toyota, became its first production hybrid vehicle.

Toyota Coaster Passenger Buses For Sale

Powered by liquefied petroleum gas, the LPG Coaster was developed specifically for the Hong Kong market and its air pollution problems.

Coaster is widely used in Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong and Australia, but also in developing countries for minibus operators in Africa, the Middle East, South Asia, the Caribbean, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, Panama and Peru as public transport. . It is almost the only minibus used in public transport in Jordan and the brand is used to denote that segment by the people and the government.

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These buses are mostly imported from Asia and have the steering wheel offset to the left and the walk-through doors to the other side.

The Coaster was introduced in February 1969 in 22 and 26 seat models with the Dyna’s U platform. It had a 1,994 cc (2.0 L) 5R petrol engine and a 2,481 cc (2.5 L) 2J diesel engine and was sold with model codes RU18 and JU18. All models had a 4-speed manual transmission with column shift. Air conditioning was available as an option on luxury models.

Toyota Coaster City Bus For Sale China Shanghai, Ua29926

In February 1972, the 2J engine was replaced by a 2,997 cc (3.0 L) diesel B engine which was only available with a 5-speed manual gearbox. The updated models were sold with model codes RU19 and BU19.

In August 1977, the Coaster’s platform code was changed to the B Series, although the vehicle itself remained largely unchanged. The RB10 had the same 5R petrol engine as before, but the RB11 introduced a 2,189 cc (2.2 L) 20R petrol engine. The B diesel engine was dropped and the 3,168 cc (3.2 L) 2B diesel engine was introduced on the B10. Along with the earlier models with 22 and 26 seats, there were models with 21 and 25 seats. A model with a high roof has been added.

In November 1979, the column shifter was discontinued. All changers have been switched to the next floor. The 5R petrol engine has also been dropped. The front grill received a slight facelift.

In May 1982, the Coaster received a major body update. It now had a rounded windshield and thicker rear pillars. On high-roof models, the two-piece folding walk-through door has been replaced by a one-piece door. The 20R petrol engine was dropped and the 2B diesel engine was replaced by the 3,431 cc (3.4 L) 3B diesel engine for the BB20. The 22R engine continued on the RB20. It is available in 16, 17, 20, 21, 22 and 26 seat models.

Toyota Coaster Photos & Pictures Singapore

And will be available for purchase in Japan on January 23, 2017. It is available with the same engine choices as the previous model. The Coaster was the first vehicle to undergo a complete redesign under Toyota’s newly formed Commercial Vehicle (CV) business responsible for the design and development of commercial vehicles. The fourth-generation Coaster includes numerous safety features as standard, including driver and passenger airbags, Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), an annular frame body for increased rollover protection, belt pretensioners and force limiters to reduce pressure on the occupants’ chests. in the event of a crash.

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Height increased by 60 mm (2.4 in), width increased by 40 mm (1.6 in), and window height increased by 50 mm (2.0 in) compared to the previous model. Door steps have also been increased by 65 mm (2.6 in) for easier ingress and egress. The body is designed in a square shape for a more spacious seating area. The windshield was widened for better outward visibility. Coaster is available in three configurations; the standard wheelbase configuration seats 25 passengers (19 passengers if used in Hong Kong as public buses), the long wheelbase configuration seats 24 or 29 passengers, while the school bus configuration seats 3 adults and 49 children. The school bus configuration has no front passenger seat.

For Thailand, the Coaster was introduced on 5 June 2019 with the Hino 4.0-litre common-rail diesel engine N04C-VL.

The Toyota Coaster is used for motorhome conversions. Retired coasters were converted for domestic use by removing most of the passenger seats and adding beds, kitchens, TVs, sinks, water tanks, annexes and other features.

Road Tripping Australia In A Bus

The Toyota Coaster was also used as a road-rail vehicle on the Asato line with extensive DMV modifications such as an elongated bonnet that incorporated a mechanism that drives the front steel wheels and lowers the rear steel wheels to allow the vehicle to run on rails. . The original rear axles still drive the vehicle in rail mode. The Toyota Coaster bus range has been updated this week, days after the company updated its HiAce bus range.

Buses aren’t generally our ‘bag’ at CarAdvice, but the changes made to the venerable Coaster make it more car-like than ever.

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All three Coaster variants now have a reversing camera as standard, as well as three-point belts for each of the 21 seats. The camera image is displayed on a 6.1-inch touchscreen, which also has standard satellite navigation and USB/Bluetooth connectivity.

Additionally, an electronic speed limiter – controlled by the engine computer at 100 km/h – has been adopted on all variants to meet the regulations.

Toyota Coaster 30 Passengers Original Japan Interurban Bus For Sale China Shanghai, Minhang District, Ye29824

As before, other standard features include air conditioning, ABS, power steering, tilt and telescopic steering column adjustment, folding seat, vinyl seat covers and center folding doors.

Deluxe variants are upgraded with cloth seat covers, sliding center door, power door locks, upper windows for r’s doors and two cup holders on the dashboard.

All coasters are powered by a Euro 5-compliant 4.0-litre four-cylinder (yes) turbodiesel engine. The common-rail unit generates 397Nm of torque at 1800rpm and 110kW of power at 2700rpm. The towing capacity is two tons and the fuel tank is 95 liters.

The gearbox in Deluxe automatic models is a four-speed unit equipped with a gear lock system and an oil cooler. The standard transmission is a five-speed manual.

Toyota Coaster Bus Brisbane

Coaster, like all new Toyota vehicles, is covered by Toyota Service Advantage. Each of the first six scheduled services is capped at $360.

The coaster has been in Australia through generations for 38 years, with almost 20,000 sold to organizations such as charities, community groups, local authorities, hotels, tour operators and mines.

However, it no longer holds the mantle of Australia’s best-selling bus, and hasn’t for years. In 2014, the Mitsubishi Rosa achieved 357 registrations compared to Toyota’s 227. So far in 2015, the Rosa has more than doubled Coaster sales.

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