Top Hat Dry Cleaners

Top Hat Dry Cleaners – Mike Moran was born into the laundry business. His father, Michael Snr, opened the first Top Hat laundries in Hounslow in 1967 and, working with his wife Pat, built a successful chain in West London.

Sadly, Michael Snr passed away in September. So this year, as well as following his festive custom of offering customers mince pies to thank them for their support, Mike will be collecting on behalf of the British Lung Foundation in memory of his father. “My mum actually started the tradition of baking the mince pies and putting them on the counter,” says Mike. “Now Billy, the manager of our Chiswick branch on Devonshire Road, is graciously taking on all the baking duties.”

Top Hat Dry Cleaners

Mike took over the business in 1984 and opened Top Hat in Ravenscourt Park in 2014. “The full service laundry is run by my cousin Steve – he’s been in the business for 35 years – and Anna and John manage the laundry.

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“explains Mike. “After a flood earlier this year, we replaced our machine, but having new equipment means we can process all our laundry at home even more efficiently.”

As befits a company that has previously been awarded laundry of the year at the main industry awards, Mike is always looking for new ways to improve his service. Recently, he has moved away from plastic. “I’ve been recycling the waste from the cleaning process for 25 years – some laundries just bag it and put it in the bin – and now we’re back to the ‘old way’ of wrapping the laundry in brown paper. Also, we put paper on the clothes to remind customers that we recycle hangers, pins and duvet bags – a supplier phoned to ask why we didn’t order as many hangers!

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Whether it’s dry cleaning, specialist ‘water cleaning’, alterations or repairs, the Top Hat team has the experience to handle any problem. “It’s rare to have our level of knowledge,” says Mike. “We can look at something, be sure what the material is, know how to handle it and provide the best possible finish.”

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