Tomaga River Caravan Park

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Tomaga River Caravan Park

All of our campsites are located on or near the banks of the river. You can camp in the immediate vicinity of the river, or you can camp 50 meters away. It is your choice as long as your camp is within the assigned areas.

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The river in this area has everything from sand, grass, shallow bottom, to deep areas, the river has tides up to 1 meter variation.

The river in this area has everything from sand, grass, shallow bottom, to deep areas, the river has tides up to a variation of 1 meter.

Fishing is very good, other types of water activities. swimming, boating, SUP, rowing with smaller boats that access the ocean depending on the tide.

Make sure of the fire. Always check state and local fire regulations before lighting a fire and know how to properly extinguish the fire.

M&m Smith: January 2019

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There is no firewood around so you will need to buy some in advance. Please order as many as you consider necessary for your stay.

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay and Lisa’s communication was excellent. The location is great and easy to get to. The river is full of tide, so you will only see it flow at high tide. Depending on where you are, there isn’t much privacy from other campers, so be sure to bring a cabinet for your bathroom/shower.

We had a great long weekend at Tomakin River Camp, beautiful views, peace and relaxation, short trip to Mogo which was great to visit for breakfast.

Tomakin: Barlings Beach / Tomaga River |

There is a reason we keep coming back here – quiet, peaceful and beautiful surroundings. It’s great to wake up to the roaring lions at Mogo Zoo and just a short drive to Tomakin Beach.

We enjoyed our stay at Tomakin River, Lisa met us and then dropped us off. We stayed in campsite 2, which is absolutely facing the sea. We kayak offshore to Mossy Point (about 10 miles round trip) and then around the zoo (about 5 miles round trip). The campsites are large, well maintained and shaded and all have access to water.

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The location and the host were perfect. They left us absolute privacy and the setting was simply perfect. I will, however, echo other campers’ comments on the price. We paid almost $50 a night with no amenities – WC BYO! By comparison, the site equipped with toilets and hot showers at the end of the street was $40 a night. I don’t regret paying a bit more for privacy and a fire pit, but something to keep in mind.

We started our east coast trip from Vic and this was our first stop, we ended up taking a place by the river and it was great! I woke up with the sun on the horizon and mist over the river, a true delight. A clean, clear river with options for short paddles or a 22km round trip from Mossy Point to the end of Mogo Creek. Take the east tributary at the intersection of Jeremadra and Mogo Creeks…

Tomakin River Camping, Tomakin River Camping, Nsw: 189 Hipcamper Reviews And 111 Photos

A clean, clear river with options for short paddles or a 14 mile round trip from Mossy Point to the end of Mogo Creek. Take the eastern tributary at the junction of Jeremadra and Mogo Creeks for this route. The intersection is seven kilometers from Mossy Point.

Parts of the river are shallow above the oyster locations and there is a strong tide near the mouth, so stay in shallow water when paddling against the current.

Jump into the shallows near the back of the boat on Annetts Parade, but be aware that it’s directly in the tidal current of the river. Beginners can use the boat ramp at Kingston Place, Tomakin to avoid high tides near the mouth of the river.

Pure joy waking up at dawn. Amazement upon reaching the snowy peak. A sense of adventure as you cross the red plains. The rejuvenating relief of wading through an alpine stream. Get connected as you sample the fragrant, indigenous leaves. A sense of belonging when you return to your favorite vacation home. Freedom as you rush into the waves. Discover the endless sensations that a visit to NSW can inspire.

Site 37/55 Sunpatch Parade, Tomakin Nsw 2537

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The destiny of NSW recognizes and respects Aboriginal people as the First Peoples and Nations of the state and recognizes Aboriginal people as the traditional owners and occupants of the land and water of New South Wales.

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The Tomakin area contains several places important to Aboriginal people; Barlings Beach, Barlings Island, Burri [Bevian] Marsh, Tomaga River and surrounding bush provide a protected and resourceful environment used by generations of Aboriginal families. The area continues to be used for family celebrations and as a base for fishing trips. As with other high points along the coast, Barlings Beach has a “lookout” used to spot fish entering the bay.

Pajero Sport Adventures To The Nsw South Coast

Throughout the 1960s, Symalene Nye and her children lived at “The Corner”, Barlings Beach, Tomakin. Symalene Nye’s husband built a hump under the hill in the corner for his family in the sand dunes, using an old army tent, corrugated iron and blankets. Many families came “to the corner” for Christmas, including the Campbell family who stayed over the holidays and when passing through.

An unnamed freshwater stream empties here at Barlings Beach. Symalene sat on the bank of the stream washing clothes before boiling them in the rinse. Passers-by admired her clean clothes hanging from 8-gauge wire. A peach and apple tree still grow where the family lived. A tin shack was built on the side of the store. Inside the tent was a stone and cast iron fireplace for cooking and a sand floor. Cooked Apple and Rabbit Symalene Pies: Stewed, Stewed, Stuffed and Baked. She salted smaller fish like mullet and Taylor. Symalene was pregnant with her daughters Judy [dec] and Gloria, now 44, while they lived there.

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The site provided good access to the beach, especially for the 2-ton fishing truck owned by Symalene’s husband. Her family was made up of fishermen from Mossy Point. As a child, Leonard Nye remembers chewing casuarina seeds to quench his thirst and cherries from him. When Symalene moved to Mogo, the Russell family of Bodalla moved into the camp and continued to use the area in the same way as the Nye family [Symalene Nye 11/15/2005].

As a child, Lillian Nye traveled with her mother, Symalene, and her father between Barlings Beach and Meroo up north after fishing season. Spring and summer were spent at Barlings Beach, while fall and winter the family lived in Meroo [Lillian Nye 2.6.2006].

Faqs At Our Broulee Holiday Park

There were always people camping in “Sunpatch” [name initially given to the Tomakin residential area]. Carol remembers collecting “brats” from Barlings Beach. Passing people used the area. They walked around the rocks at low tide and gathered food for the day [Carol Larritt 23.1.2006].

‘…… We lived in a tin shack on the corner, sheltered north end of Barlings Beach. I was 4 years old. Later when we moved to Mogo we continued to visit and camp there. When we lived here, there was no need to go too far, we had everything we needed right there…’ [Keith Nye 1.3.2006].

“….Andrew Nye Senior, his son Andrew Nye Junior, William Thomas Nye and Ronald Benjamine Nye and their families traveled from Meroo to Barlings Beach in their two-ton truck and 16-year-old fiberglass sailboat, refitted as a fishing boat The Nye family, the fishing nets and all their gear have fallen. In 1961, Symalene and Uncle Andrew “Andy” Nye moved to Mogo. Uncle Andy owned the house next to the garage and the empty building next door.

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