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The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Watch Online – In the final episode of The Vampire Diaries premiering tonight. As we reflect on eight years of the cultural and musical phenomenon, music director Chris Mollere (@cmollere) shares his favorite songs from all 8 seasons of the show. including all the highlights of the series This post is the 2nd installment in a series covering all 8 seasons of The Vampire Diaries. See Part 1.

AMANDA BYERS OF : Hello Chris, so in Chapter 1 of our interview. You guided us about being part of The Vampire Diaries and let us know your favorite musical moments from the first three seasons. Now I want to dig a little deeper into how you think about music.

The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Watch Online

Chris Moller: Great! My favorite part! You know, I think I’m very lucky to have this wonderful opportunity to work on this project. Some TV shows and movies have background music, plot lines, bad scenes, lack of emotion, etc. That’s not the case with TVD because we’re always lucky to have mom.

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Zing writer, talented director, great producer, great actor and talented actors who do their best to work every day to help tell our story. It’s been such an honor to have worked with all of these unique and wonderful people for the past eight years! I am very proud to be a part of that meeting.

CM: Mike is a genius. Having worked with him on various shows for over a decade (on shows like The Originals, Pretty Little Liars, Containment…), I’ve always been amazed by the music he writes, which beautifully guides us through stories and episodes. The themes he created for each of the characters, the relationships, fear, fear, joy and every emotion expressed throughout the series were powerful.

AB: And the fans feel that way too. We can see their frustration when they don’t get Mike’s good score. Are there plans to release another album?

CM: That’s right! The soundtrack will be out soon and we see what we can do for other soundtracks as well. More news about all of this coming soon!

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AB: It’s great! You will make your fans A lot of people are satisfied with that opinion! In the meantime, we must be satisfied with the content that has been released so far. and Mike’s selection, which he posted on Soundcloud.

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In the last interview You talked a little bit about how music plays a role. Can you tell us a little bit?

CM: Of course, you know, from the very beginning. Every network creator is determined to play a strong role in music. It wasn’t just playing in the background or making the transition smoother, TVD’s music was used as the background music to help tell the story in each episode. You can see this with the theme of the character and Mike’s relationship. which truly brings out the emotions and personalities they represent. but also other artists All with background music on the list. We have plenty of examples where music plays another character that adds depth and brings everything together so fans can fully enjoy the journey we are taking. you have a sign

AB: Let’s go back to some examples. As we continue with your favorite songs from Season 4 and everyone can listen to the Best of The Vampire Diaries playlist on Spotify again.

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CM: Ed Sheeran has a great way of making music that beautifully plays the right scene. There is power in them and especially this one which is beautiful. But there is pride in this work, which begins innocently and turns into a joyful, accurate and poignant. I know a lot of the show’s fans are fans of Ed and yes. We are very grateful that we were able to produce so many songs on the big shows. Over the years!

AB: Ed Sheeran’s song always seems to be a fan favourite, and this is Season 4’s 2nd favorite song.

CM: This is a holiday. And it made me wonder if we’d all be hit by lightning on the mixed stage. There’s nothing quite like the classic Christmas song “O Night Night” played in the background while Klaus is involved in a hybrid murder. Cary Brothers’ playful performance of this holiday scene played really well for this sequence. and takes our holiday scene to the next level. I’ve been watching a lot of holiday shows and movies. But this is definitely the other way around and has been the start of many years of TVD TV shows and The Originals. Whiskey Pictures in Cary for this great holiday party!

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CM: Klaus was choked by Mayor Lockwood and was playing the most famous Christmas carol ever! This is what it feels like we’re missing something after putting it together. Digital Daggers has created a beautiful and creepy version of the Christmas theme. And we bring it to a place that isn’t very Christmas. To create something very special with a twist. Watch this episode again if you want to remember how terrifying and haunting it was to close now. Christmas in Mystic Falls will never be the same after this period.

Vampire Diaries, The

CM: This is a different musical alignment. Because it’s not an ordinary song to play in this genre. But it works great with minimal instruments and Noah’s amazing vocals. It gives you that feeling of contemplation and getting stuck in your head, which is great because I think everyone in the area is wondering what to do next. After Elena set fire to her and Elena’s house. Damon and Stefan walked out the door. The device was made to make us feel more powerful. but not too much Because you’re flying with what’s happening on the screen. It was the end of an era for Elena as she tried to move on from the past. And this song plays very well.

CM: Bonnie meets Jeremy again. Matt talking to Rebecca. Then Stepan, who did not like to dance, danced with Elena. The simplicity and grace of this song played the scene well because there was a passion between the two. But there are still uncertainties about each other because of everything that happened in the past. The lyrics reach everything that isn’t spoken between Stefan and Elena as he tries to make her react while they’re dancing. During that time between them at the end You have the feeling that Stefan is making progress as the music is flapping beautifully in the background. But then Elena tells Stefan, “What’s in your heart,” indicating that he is close to returning home .

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CM: For this scene between Elena and Stefan, there’s something special about the song playing in the background when Damon says why he doesn’t want to be human. And he did it without being arrogant. And then we have Elena saying that even in death Damon was the one who made her feel the most alive. The song builds up to the point where he says he loves her. And then we meet another important kiss moment. This is one of those cases where music, acting and action work together to take the story to an exciting new level. Then we see Stefan lost in his head and the song goes on until the end. which works fine for this scene. And there are quite a few songs of this shape that will continue to play after ‘a to have a kiss.

AB: Yeah – it’s great. Silence builds up to this wonderful moment of emotions and kisses. and then continued to return to the silent wrath. This is the No. 1 fan of the season.

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CM: Elena left home for college. And when she walked out the door She went in and kissed Damon again. This song is light but there is still a little expectation. which is how you feel when you are about to start something new The big beat and overall sound of the song adds to the excitement for our girls going to college trying to do normal things in life. end speech “Stay with good feelings” where Elena is happy and dancing a little. It’s a good hit song.

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