The Great Ocean Road Tour

The Great Ocean Road Tour – Traveling the Great Ocean Road is one of Australia’s top tourist attractions and, arguably, one of the most incredible road trips on the planet. But it’s not one where you can just hop in your car and drive (especially in midsummer, when coastal towns and campsites are likely to be full and major tourist attractions like the Twelve Apostles are overrun with happy visitors!) which is great that you found this page.

Our comprehensive guide to Touring the Great Ocean Road Australia will help you every step of planning your trip. From route planning to the example of self-drive itineraries; the best times to visit the best places to see. Plus, some very important driving tips to help you prepare for driving this winding coastal road, including a map to help you determine the perfect route to reach the Great Ocean Road. And in case you have any burning questions about the Great Ocean Road, we’ve answered loads of frequently asked questions at the bottom of this post to give you some quick wins to help you plan your tour from Melbourne.

The Great Ocean Road Tour

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Great Ocean Road Day Tour From Melbourne, Australia

This will entirely depend on the time you have and your interests, but ultimately an ideal Great Ocean Road route will include Torquay, Bells Beach, Memorial Arch, Lorne, Teddy’s Lookout, Erskine Falls, seeing wild koalas on Gray Road at Kennett River , Apollo Bay, Maits Rest Rainforest Walk, Gibson Steps, the Twelve Apostles and Loch Ard Gorge.

Of course, there are plenty of other attractions and things to do on the Great Ocean Road (such as Otway Fly, Rainforest Tours, and other outdoor activities); and many beach towns to stop and explore, but each itinerary should include the above highlights as essential stops. View our Great Ocean Road self-drive tours and itineraries below.

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If you’re planning a road trip, knowing where gas stations are is essential for a smooth, stress-free journey. Click on our full road map of the Great Ocean Road to access the full interactive map which not only features gas station locations along both the Great Ocean Road and the often-traveled inland route for the return journey, but also campsites, points scenic spots, spas, attractions, beaches and more. (There are over 150 sites marked on the map, making it a great resource for your Great Ocean Road adventure. Click the link and check it out!)

Great Ocean Road Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Where does the Great Ocean Road begin and where does the Great Ocean Road end?

The Perfect 3 Day Great Ocean Road Itinerary (self Drive)

The Great Ocean Road officially begins in Torquay and travels west to end in Allansford (although some claim it extends to the South Australian border).

Most organized tours travel from West Torquay to Port Campbell (or slightly farther to show guests The Grotto and London Arch, formerly London Bridge until it collapsed in 1990) and back inland from Melbourne via Colac; reverse tours take the inland route to Port Campbell and generally start at the 12 Apostles.

The Great Ocean Road is 148 miles (243 km) long. It winds along the coast for most of the distance, passing through the canopy of the Otway Rainforest and Great Otway National Park between Apollo Bay and Princetown.

The ride from Melbourne CBD to the start of the road to Torquay is 104.5 km (65 miles), taking approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes (depending on traffic).

Things To Do On The Great Ocean Road

If you started in Torquay and drove to Allensford in one go without interruption, it would have taken around 4-4.5 hours.

But please don’t! There are so many beautiful places to see and fun things to do that you would completely miss out if all you would do was drive down the Great Ocean Road as fast as possible!

Technically yes, and most day trips and bus tours make it a round trip from Melbourne, but if you drive on your own, it’s a great day in the car that leaves little time to experience practically any of attractions on the Great Ocean Road. . If you are determined to take a day tour by car, we recommend that you spend as much time as possible in Port Campbell National Park.

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Plus, if you plan to travel to and from Melbourne, you’ll have an extra couple of hours of travel each way to add to the day. Make sure you leave as soon as possible to avoid downtown traffic as much as possible, grab a snack and be prepared to be late.

Day Great Ocean Road Itinerary

We also recommend that you consider turning your sightseeing tour into a Great Ocean Road in reverse (traveling the inland route and starting in Port Campbell); this way you will see all the amazing rock formations of Port Campbell National Park (12 Apostles, Loch Ard Gorge, The Grotto, The Arch (formerly London Bridge) etc.) and the Bay of Islands in daylight and without having to worry about sunset .

Being the main tourist route in the south of the country, it takes most people 2-4 days to complete the coastal tour. In doing so, they enjoy many iconic Great Ocean Road experiences, such as chasing waterfalls, spotting koalas and wild kangaroos, lounging on the beaches, and dining in pretty resort towns (to name a few!).

High season: December – February Summer is the high season with high traffic volumes and large crowds, but there is a reason: firstly, it is the Australian school holidays, but on top of that, the views are wonderful, the weather is generally fine and relaxed. Beach vibes and rainforest hiking opportunities are all summer should be.

The crowds are smaller, the weather is good, and there’s a greater chance of spotting wildlife with less foot traffic.

Great Ocean Road Day Tour By Mini Coach In Melbourne From Usd 86.32

Visiting between September and November is also the best time to experience the falls in Otway National Park, as they are usually in full flow and experience runoff after the winter months.

During the winter, the weather can change (just like Melbourne, which is known for exhibiting 4 seasons a day regardless of the time of year!), Traffic is less chaotic, and everything is less expensive.

This is also the only time of year when you have the opportunity to observe Southern Right Whales as they migrate.

Great Ocean Road Victoria was built between 1919 and 1932 by returning soldiers to commemorate those who gave their lives fighting for freedom in World War I.

Great Ocean Road

Eventually, when you drive along the Great Ocean Road, you are driving into the largest war memorial in the world.

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The Great Ocean Road was first planned during the end of World War I when the President of the Rural Roads Board, William Calder, wanted to create jobs for returning soldiers. The takeover of the Southern Ocean Highway (tentatively named South Coast Road) began in 1918 and construction began in 1919.

Hand-built by more than 3,000 soldiers as a memorial to fellow soldiers and soldiers who died in the war, the road took more than 10 years to complete and, due to the dangerous nature of the work, which involved working with explosives, several workers are died during its construction and the highway went down in history as one of the most dangerous projects of the 20th century.

And this is a wrap! We hope you will find our navigation guide along the Great Ocean Road, complete with driving tips, self-driving itineraries and frequently asked questions, useful as you plan your trip.

Great Ocean Road, Australia: Trip Of A Lifetime


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Great Ocean Road Drive Itinerary: 12 Amazing Attractions (2022)

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