The Grail Of Lisa Shiraz

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The Definitive Guide to Wine Since 19788 Over 10,000 Tastings Australia and New Zealand Wine Buying Guide Australia and New Zealand M A N F R E G T The World’s Greatest Syrah and Shiraz Tasting 500 Birds and Birds from Penfolds Grange Paul Jaboulet Henske E Laistate JGLYS WINE CULTURE PINOT CENTRAL Otago’s claim to fame SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2015 WINESTATE VOL 38 ISSUE 5 THE WORLD GREATEST SHIRAZ CHALLENGE X seMilloN riVer regioNs 2015/Yarle201/01/2015 GB.7$095 US China RMB100 Spirit World HKD $120 CHF 15.00 Cognac Plus Brandy, Evolution of Cognac and Armagnac Plandy, Cognac and Armagnac Revrector and BNTPO Southregonter Vallen and BNTPO 100003663 certified

The Grail Of Lisa Shiraz

For Hyatt Regency Perth, excellence in food and beverage combined with excellent service is key to providing guests with an unforgettable experience. As a three-time winner of the AHA (WA) hospitality industry, each dish is the same quality that the guest will receive for the Best Hall and Service Center in the Western Restaurant – it is offer fresh food, the things that taste good in Australia, and The hotel has now been accepted into the Hall of Fame and the innovation and presentation is not good,” Wining and Dining at the Hyatt Regency Perth says, but also received the reputation of the executive director of Perth, Mark Sainsbury. Venues and events. With many leaders from around the world, the Hyatt has a total of 16 event spaces including three ballrooms and the Regency Perth is always creating new dishes and a variety of conference and boardrooms, Hyatt takes some updates to the dinner menu and new changes. The food is the same as the Hyatt dinner. , focuses on inviting guests to unique events with Asian flavors created in Perth’s best event facilities. a variety, the need for food, and the new, modern production and improvement. The hotel also has an open kitchen where guests can hold a large party of 10 or 1000, Hyatt has the right to make a theme. It’s not unusual for a group of chefs to create new ways for guests. A passionate supporter of Western Australian chefs at work. And every choice of time. With the help of the latest modern technology, the system is also creative in preparation types such as wine, wine of the welcome month and fried, Regency Perth soup to create independently made for Hyatt customers or wedding guests . at the Hyatt Regency Perth. And the ability to combine menus for their activities. From the menu to the music to the lighting, the event space of the restaurant and the ability to cater for all sizes, not only the great selection of WA wines, which are drunk and steamed to suit any theme, encouraged and steamed. A customized beverage menu for events and conferences. The decoration of the dish will be cooked with interest. Certain times mean that customers can have the confidence to get to know the hotel every week, but the house also has a personal host in the hotel’s main room. The Hyatt Regency Perth’s dedication to quality means that their events will be successful, be it weddings, large functions, and the five restaurants of the hotel and the Conservatory, where guests can enjoy, and La Strada on the ground floor which also stands out. and food and drink. Give. Conference or small group meeting. and alcohol. Cocktails while taking in the environment. Coffee shop philosophy and access to Adelaide Food: carefully sourced, well and for those who stay in the winning restaurant of the hotel, cafe, and weekend, the store also offers terrace, fresh pastries, serving, doing its daily work. strong and there is a fitness center with heated outdoor pool, tennis court serving guests social meals and specialty afternoon tea, popular sandwiches, cakes, tea and coffee; Permits to use new, timely, regional and commercial facilities. When eating on business trips they should not have experience where to choose for birthday celebrations, bridal and PSB (Plain Street Bar), the real possibility that in seeing the details can be a problem, drawing food and drinks to watch people Cook and work. the kitchen. way Water and milk, entertainment or dinner for 500 guests is the same as a table for two. With evening drinks and canapés guests can enjoy champagne, tea, delicious food for an annual fee for staying guests. We see the Regency Club level, including great events in the exquisitely designed city “Grand Ballroom. Join the Hyatt Club featuring coffee and a selection of delicious and international beers, from Australians to fantastic value and delicious treats. Wine and champagne cocktails, group or dining. in the hotel’s dining room for 50 percent, guests can enjoy dining For event inquiries: Phone: 08 9225 1234 – Email: [email protected] – www .perth.regency More Guests at Cafe or Joe’s Oriental More dining options.At Joe’s Oriental the atmosphere is relaxed.

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Kitchn Essentials, Bar Edition: The Ultimate Guide For Drinking At Home In 2020

NO.271 September/October 2015 Editor and Publisher Peter Simic E-mail: [email protected] Editor Lara Simic E-mail: [email protected] NZ Editor Michael Cooper E-mail: [email protected] Sub- Editor Michael Bates Add . Vicki Bozsoki E-mail: [email protected] Graphic Designer Lisa McPike E-mail: [email protected] Marketing Manager Peter Jackson E-mail: [email protected] Test Coordinator Madeleine Willoughby E-mail: [email protected] Post Winconest DAI Ru Web Site E-mail: [email protected] WINESTATE New Zealand management James Estate Presented by Kay Morganty Phone: (09) 479 1253 E-mail: [email protected] this special guest at ContrIbuTorS is unforgettable experience New South Wales Winsor Dobbin, Ellie. , Clive Hartley South Australia Skye Murtagh, Joy Walterfang, Valmai Hankel, Nigel Hopkins, Dan Traucki Visiting Victoria Jenny Port, Hilary McNevin Hunter. Western Australia Mike Zekulich Queensland Peter Scudamore-Smith MW, Andrew Corrigan MW, Lizzie Loell New Zealand Michael Cooper, Jane Skilton MW Winery – Cellar Door National Travel Winsor Dobbin Europe Andre Pretorius, Giorgio Fragiacomo, WASBUAS – WASBUSEST Marketing Australia and International Mountain Road Bikes Peter Jackson, Winstate Publications Phone: (08) 8357 9277 E-mail: [email protected] Mike O’Reilly, Public Relations – [email protected] New South Wales Pearman Media: 02 9929 3966 Queensland Jay Cole Phone: ( 07) 3839 4100 E-mail: [Email Protected] New Zealand Debbie Bowman – McKay & Bowman Phone: +64 9 419 0561 Email: [Email Protected Eastern James & Europe Now Potestà – Mediapoint & Communications Srl Phone: +39 010 5704948 E-mail Looking for distribution France Cecile Nogier – Buenos Aires – France Phone: +33 4 8638 8019 E-mail: [email protected.buenos] Partner in Australia. DISTrIbuTorS Australia Gordon & Gotch Australia P/L International Winery, Vineyard & Cellar Door DAI Rubicon 951 Bylong Valley Way WINESTATE is published seven times a year by WINESTATE PUBLISHING PTY LTD, Baerami NSW 2333 81 King William Road, Unley 0615SA. WINESTATE PTY LTD. This document may not be reproduced, in whole or in part by Seller’s Gate, copied, transcribed, translated or reduced in any electronic form or machine readable version without permission of the publisher. 1210 Hermitage Rd Pokolbin NSW 2320 Every care has been taken in compiling the content of this publication, but the publisher assumes no responsibility for its results. ABN 56 088 226 411 E-mail: [email protected] Winestate Phone (08) 8357 9277 Facsimile (08) 8357 9212 Ph: 02 6547 5168 E-mail [email protected. AU9T

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Wine 42 on the floor of 52 hours Number 3 September/October 2015 Japan continued to travel as the rising sun slowed down the journey. Forty years ago, an unlikely Western Australian couple with a wine tradition, the company F E A TURES S faced a growing challenge and began their wine journey and can compete now that they have entered the ‘Market 34 PINOT CENTRAL THIRD. Dan added to this year’s challenge, where Otago could be the new trackie. Mike Zekulich reports. The third largest region of Zeeland, the smallest in terms of wine production 54 The price is right, M A I N F R E I G H T if ever there was one.

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