Telstra Samsung S6 Edge Plans

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Telstra has sweetened the offer for new mobile customers, offering free data bonuses on their Mobile Boost Plans as well as 6-month bonus subscriptions to the Presto streaming service.

Telstra Samsung S6 Edge Plans

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Telstra has increased data allowances on its plans and included a free Presto stream for new customers in a bid to win over consumers “ahead of one of the hottest smartphone launches of the year”.

According to Telstra, the move is “unprecedented” and will be available to new customers signing up to the new plan from April 9. Bonus data is only available for use in Australia, but will be added each month during their contract.

Customers who sign up for Telstra’s AU$95 Mobile Acceleration Plan will receive 3.5GB of data per month, bringing their total to 6GB, while those who sign up for the AU$130 per month Mobile Acceleration Plan will receive a bonus 7GB . They will get the data. increasing the monthly fee to 10 GB.

Customers who come onto the Mobile Accelerate BYO plan will also be entitled to monthly data bonuses ranging from 1.5GB for the AU$45 plan and up to 7GB for the AU$95 plan, while Mobile Accelerate daily plans will receive a bonus of up to 1.5 GB. up to 7GB depending on the value of the monthly plan. There is also data on bonuses during the life of the plan for small business users.

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As an extra sweetener, Telstra is adding a 6-month presto subscription to every new Mobile Accelerate Plan and Business Easy Share Plan starting April 9. offer the service as an added value to own plans and products.

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It’s been a busy couple of weeks in the smartphone world, as Telstra announced its new plans on the same day Samsung announced prices for its new flagship smartphones, the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge.

Rivals Telstra have also been busy preparing for the ever-increasing battle for the customer dollar, with Virgin Mobile announcing rollover data on its plans earlier in the month, allowing you to carry unused data with you from one month to the next.

Full details of data contributions at different price points on Telstra’s plans are available on the Telstra website. Live: Pixel Event Pixel Fire TV and Frame TV Hellraiser Review Audible Deal Prime Day Pizza Deals Best Sheets

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Both the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are heading to Australia, with pre-orders starting on March 30 ahead of an April 10 on-sale date.

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After announcing the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge in early March, Samsung is working on the global launch of both phones. This will see the new flagship and Edge variant in Australia – and most of the world – starting on April 10.

With the controversial removal of expandable storage from the S6 and Edge – no more installing Micro SD cards – Samsung is offering three different levels of storage on both phones: 32GB, 64GB and 128GB. Consumers will also get 100GB of Microsoft OneDrive storage when they buy the S6 or S6 Edge.

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The price of the 32GB version of the Galaxy S6 is AU$999, AU$1149 for the 64GB and AU$1299 for the 128GB.

Locally, the S6 and Edge can be pre-ordered online from 5pm on 30 March and in stores from 31 March. Only the black and white versions will arrive in Australia, while the platinum gold, blue and green offerings remain overseas. the moment.

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The two phones share many of the same specs, both featuring a 5.1-inch AMOLED Quad HD display with a Samsung Octacore processor and 3GB of RAM. Both phones will ship with Android 5.0. The Galaxy S6 Edge is slightly thinner and lighter than its sibling (132g vs 138g), but it actually has a slightly bigger battery: 2550mAh vs 2600mAh.

You can read more in our comprehensive hands-on thoughts on the Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge.

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Both phones are Category 6 LTE devices, and Samsung has confirmed that they will support all 4G Carrier Aggregation offers currently available in Australia, including Telstra’s 4GX and Optus’ 4G Plus.

Both phones will support Tap and Pay for Westpac and Commonwealth Bank customers from launch. Prasad Gokhale, vice president of IT and mobile at Samsung Australia, said the company was in talks with other banking providers in Australia working on a “broader community-based strategy” to expand NFC payment options.

Optus: The Galaxy S6 will be available in different plans from Optus. The 32GB S6 model will be on the AU$80 non-cashback 6GB data plan. This is a minimum cost of AU$1920 for 24 months. Other models with variable memory will cost more, depending on the plan.

The S6 Edge will still cost an additional AU$5 cashback for the phone on the AU80 plan with 6GB data. The total cost of the 24-month contract is AU$2040. Again, different models will have different levels of phone allowance.

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Optus is also taking advantage of its partnership with Netflix, offering a six-month Netflix subscription to anyone who pre-orders a Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge on a monthly plan of A$60 or more.

Virgin: Virgin is also offering a 32GB GS6 for AU$0 with AU$80 back, but with 4GB of data. The total cost is apparently still AU$1920 on a 24 month contract. The 32GB GS6 Edge will cost AU$5 per month on the same plan and AU$2,040 for two years. Other models will attract other handset charges depending on the plan.

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Telstra: Telstra has certified the Galaxy S6 as Blue Tick compatible, which means it’s recommended for regional and rural areas.

As announced today, Telstra has increased the data allowance on its Accelerate plans. That means a 32GB Galaxy S6 on a monthly subscription of AU$95 will get 6GB of data on contract – at no extra cost to the handset. This is a total minimum cost of AU$2280 for 24 months.

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The 32GB S6 Edge costs AU$4 per month on the same plan, meaning your 24 months of 6GB data costs at least AU$2,376.

Vodafone: For the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, Vodafone has put together one of the most confusing pricing and bonus data structures we’ve ever seen. The 32GB GS6 will cost AU$3 per month in handset payments on an AU$80 plan. This is a minimum cost of AU$1,992 over a 24-month contract. You normally get 4GB of data, but Vodafone is offering a bonus 2GB of data to those who sign up for the service before May 5. According to Vodafone, this is an offer for people signing up from the store.

However, there is also a 1GB bonus offer for people who signed up online before April 9. This is somehow combined with the in-store offer for a total of 7GB. We asked Vodafone for clarification on this and were told: “If you buy the AU$80 plan online, you’ll get 7GB of data. If you buy in store, you’ll get 6GB”.

You’ll get the same deal on the 32GB Edge, but the handset cashback goes up to AU$8, with a total minimum spend of AU$2,112 over 24 months.

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