Stump Grinder Hire Cost

Stump Grinder Hire Cost – We’ve put together a detailed guide on stump grinder hire costs and where to get the best deals on stump grinder hire.

If you are landscaping your garden or removing a soil in a field, you almost always have to deal with trees and their roots. After cutting down a tree or shrub you will be left with a ball of roots firmly fixed under the ground. Part of the job of the root ball is to keep the tree firmly in the ground when the wind blows so that the roots will spread and make it almost impossible to remove the stump unless you resort to mechanical methods.

Stump Grinder Hire Cost

While your reasons for tree removal may not be purely cosmetic, trees can endanger power lines if they become unstable, and tree roots can penetrate building foundations and land drains. The tree must be cut and the roots removed otherwise the building can be significantly damaged.

Ways To Remove A Tree Stump

This article is not about the methods available to remove trees, it is about how to remove stumps with specific reference to stump grinders and how much it costs to rent one.

Before we start talking about the methods available for stump removal, let’s talk about the reasons why you might need it.

First the tree is cut and removed, presumably to be cut for wood. This allows the roots left in the ground to be attached to the short length of the tree trunk that the tree has been felled. This combination of roots and trunk is called a stump.

Stumps can be quite harmless and can almost be used as a decorative feature if they are in your garden, but there are many good reasons why stumps should be removed.

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Grass and trees eventually grow around the stump and hide it. This can be a trip hazard for people and a mechanical hazard for lawnmowers and other garden equipment.

Along with the trees, new roots can grow from the stump. This will initially run along the surface and eventually settle. Roots will always seek water sources, such as ground drains and sewers, and cause thousands of dollars in damage to your plumbing system and building foundations.

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The machine has a set of handles like the handlebars of a bicycle. The handles can be adjusted to the right height to suit your individual build. There are brakes to slow down and stop the blade in case of injury. Mounted on the body is a small internal combustion engine that powers the blade. Underneath the machine, you’ll find a set of wheels and blades that are powered by a motor. These blades remove wood chips, wood chips and sawdust. The waste material can be added to your compost pile, added to the garden as mulch or disposed of in a garden waste area.

The standard method involves cutting up to ten centimeters of the stump under the ground so that you can replace the stump with soil and grass or turf.

The Pros And Cons Of Stump Grinding

A more advanced method is to remove about twenty centimeters of the stump under the ground to be able to replace the stump with a new sapling.

There are certain specifications that come with the machine that you need to understand before using it. If you do not understand the specifications, it would be better to use a contractor to do the work.

The main specification that is very important is the cutting capacity of the blade. If you have one with too little capacity, you may end up with a broken blade because it is so weak. Other specifications you need to note are:

There are a few different ways to remove stumps and roots when you cut down a tree. Obviously, this article is about using a stump grinder, so I’ll put that method first. Often due to the location of the stump, you may have to try more than one method to remove it. We can list here how to use a stump grinder to let you know the different options open to you.

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Get yourself a grinder. You can borrow one from a friend (probably not), find one for sale, second hand (also hard to find), or hire one from your local tool rental shop (probably). Stump grinders can be rented for half a day, day or weekend, if it is more convenient. Stump grinders can be very difficult to control so if you feel you can’t manage it yourself, you can hire someone with their own grinder to come and do a full job, even remove the stumps removed.

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Wear protective clothing. If you decide to grind the stump yourself, you’ll need some protective clothing to make sure you stay safe. The tool rental shops have all the protective gear and grinders.

You will need sturdy protective gloves to dampen the vibrations and prevent them from damaging your hands.

Some safeguards to prevent flying wood chips from damaging your eyes. Glasses with lenses are not always the best as they can easily blur. Use mesh lenses instead of clear lenses; It has a very fine mesh that works to block flying chips. Another option is to use a full face visor. This prevents the chips from hitting your face or getting into your mouth.

Heavy Duty Stump Grinder Petrol

Ear protectors are very important. A stump grinder uses a small internal combustion engine to provide power, something like a chainsaw. Like chainsaws, they are very noisy and you have to protect your ears.

Read the instructions. Although there really isn’t much mechanics to a stump grinder and almost every brand of grinder works the same way, you should always read the manufacturer’s instructions to understand how the machine works, how to start it, and more important. Just do it. If there is an emergency stop control, also learn how to use it.

Start grinding. Place the stump grinder on the stump and turn it on as per the instructions. The blade will gradually move away from the surface of the stump. You will need to reposition the stump grinder as needed until the entire stump is removed. Then start at the root and do the same with it.

Remove the wood chips. The best place for woodchips is in a compost pile. If you don’t have one of those, remove it another way. Maybe you can sprinkle it around other shrubs in your garden as a mulch.

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Fill the hole. Fill the rest of the hole with compost or soil. Allow the soil to slope slightly above ground level, as it settles over time. Compact the mound of soil as much as possible using a lawn roller or tamp it down with the back of a shovel. Over the next few weeks, the soil with the establishment and you have to keep adding until the establishment is complete.

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Excavate Dig up the soil near the stump with a garden shovel. Work your way around the stump and remove the roots as you go. Remove as much soil as possible and continue digging until the larger roots are exposed. If the roots are too deep and too big, you may have problems pulling them out properly. In this case, you can decide to use another method to remove the stump.

Cut the roots. Depending on the size of the root, once you have exposed it as much as possible, you can use an ax, a pair of loppers, or a root saw to try to cut and free the stump. Cut the roots in long ways and pull them out of the ground. Be careful when using an ax, because the blade can hit the rock and crush it or the blade can jump uncontrollably from the flexible root. Sometimes the blade can get stuck between the roots if you don’t expose it completely.

Pull them out. Using a grub hoe, pull the remaining roots out of the soil to expose their tips. You can cut the roots as you go, because this will make it easier to pull them out of the ground. Remove the main root first and then what remains.

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Dig up the stump. After removing most or all of the roots, you can remove the stump. Dig under the stump and cut a few more roots to get it further away, but eventually, the stump will move.

Get rid of the roots. The roots are usually too moist to burn easily, unless you can stack them somewhere dry for a few months.

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