Stop And Go Sign

Stop And Go Sign – Our Economy Stop & Go Lollipop Sign is provided with Engineer Grade Reflective Sheeting. The sign body is made from 100% recycled polyethylene with an ergonomically designed handle for comfort and grip. This combination provides exceptional stiffness without adding unnecessary weight.

The best alternative is the traditional wood and metal type. An argument rots, it doesn’t break rust proof.

Stop And Go Sign

This option symbol comes with ‘GO’ on one side and ‘STOP’ on the other side. This sign is quite large – please read description for exact dimensions

Stop & Go Sign With Pole/ Stop And Go Traffic Signage With Pole

This is our entry-level lollipop sign, a clear plastic design with a Class 1 reflective sign face. Force and all judgments occur.

Features a large rigid aluminum thick colored metal pole and a fixed aluminum head with a class 2 reflective face.

Our lollipop symbols are collapsing to a single point 2-pole collapse with a shock-like elastic cord at its center. The sign comes with a padded bag and also includes rubber feet and an ergonomic handle.

We can offer our ribbon, aluminum and collapsible lollipop signs with customized sign faces for sales, promotions or other reminder applications. Each part can be printed with a graphic or logo of your choice. There is a minimum order quantity of 4 for this service. We can apply blank lollipop symbols to their designs. Please call us for more details and information.

Brady 55775 Aluminum

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