Stella Anderson Nursing Home Bendigo

Stella Anderson Nursing Home Bendigo – “I am a very spiritual person and I have known this place for many years. As soon as we got to the top, I knew this was the place for me,” he said.

Earlier this year, Sarah suffered a stroke. She stayed in the hospital for two weeks and had a short period of private care before moving to Stella Anderson.

Stella Anderson Nursing Home Bendigo

“My husband died seven years ago. Only Rambo was a dog, but my daughter took him,” he said.

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Sarah says some people struggle with transitioning to elderly care, but she makes it easy.

“I’m very happy here and that’s the most important thing, satisfaction. Some people get depressed and sad and depressed. I call her (Stella Anderson) my extended family.”

Sarah decorated her room and facilities with flowers and plants to make her feel at home. Her bathroom was particularly popular in the Gibson Street complex.

She weaves rugs for her large family – 2-3 a week on average – reading and socializing.

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Dick’s wife Norma was a long-time resident of Joan Pinder, so the family and Dick made a tentative decision to go to a nursing home.

“I was very capable at home and came to see Norma a lot anyway, so we called,” she said.

At first, Dick struggled with the transition to elderly care, thinking he might not need to be there, but he soon realized that the support available was helpful.

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“You get used to it, it’s a different lifestyle. It’s part of life, you’re getting older and it’s important to have support around you,” she said.

“Socially it’s great, there’s always a little party with some beers and cookies, but if you want some quiet in your room alone,” he said.

After some crashes and heartbreak, Dulcie Gibson returned to Bendigo from the Sunshine Coast.

He has been to two Bendigo health facilities – Carshalton House and now Stella Anderson – and has been impressed by the caring nature of the staff.

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“They are very kind. I feel at home and comfortable. The nurses genuinely care about you, they care about you and your problems, and they care about you,” she said.

Now 85 years old, Stella Anderson’s “Head Gardener” works in the vegetable garden and flower beds throughout the facility.

“I’m a gardener and I like to go to the garden and water it every other day to make sure it stays well. “Gardening keeps me active and interesting,” she said.

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