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Star Wars Aftermath Audiobook Free

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • Set between Return of the Jedi and the events of The Force Awakens, the unprecedented story that began with Star Wars: Aftermath continues in this thrilling novel, the second book in Chuck Wendig’s best-selling trilogy.

As You Like It By William Shakespeare

The king is dead, and the remnants of his old kingdom are retreating. As the New Republic fights to restore eternal peace to the galaxy, some are determined to imagine new beginnings and new adventures. For Han Solo, it means paying off his last remaining debt while helping Chewbacca free the Wookiee home city of Kashyyyk.

Meanwhile, Nora Wexley and her team of Imperial hunters search for High Admiral Raythlon and the rest of the Imperial leadership across the galaxy. Despite the growing number of officers on trial, Sloane continues to evade the New Republic, and Nora fears that Sloane may be looking for a way to save her crumbling empire from oblivion. However, when Nora receives an urgent request from Princess Leia Organa, Sloane’s search is halted. Attempts to liberate Kashyyyk took Han Solo, Chewbacca, and a group of pirates into an ambush, resulting in Chewie being captured and Han missing.

Abandoning official duties and racing towards the last known location of the Millennium Falcon, Norra and her team prepare for any challenge between them and their missing comrades. But they cannot foresee the true depth of the danger that awaits them, or the brutality of the enemy that will draw them into the crossroad.

“Star Wars: Aftermath: The Lifetime Debt sits atop a new canon work. Simply put, Star Wars is great.”— Star Wars Post

Lords Of The Sith: Star Wars Audiobook By Paul S. Kemp

“[Chuck] Wendig is golden again, providing a comprehensive narrative that provides a thorough understanding of the situation of the entire constellation and both new and existing actors are needed.”—Alternative Nation.

“With a strong plot, political intrigue, and great characters, Wendig’s Aftermath: Life Debt is a great read.” – Flickering Myth

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“Star Wars: Aftermath shows what happened after Return of the Jedi in 1983. It showed that there are more problems than the empire that the good guys have to deal with.”—The Hollywood Reporter

“The Star Wars universe is fresh and new, and as always, rich and mysterious.” – Den of the Geek

Star Wars: Thrawn Ascendancy (book I: Chaos Rising)

Chuck Wendig is a journalist, screenwriter, and game producer. He is the author of many novels, including the Blackbirds, Atlanta Burns, Zer0es and the YA Heartland series. He is the co-writer of the short film Pandemic and the Emmy-nominated digital documentary Collapsus. He currently lives in the woods of Pennsyl Turkey with his wife, son and red dog.

“The Star Wars universe is fresh and new as always.” -Den of Geek Expand The review trilogy ends with furry Ewoks celebrating a group of ghostly Jedi hugging and laughing through space as a rebel alliance. He defeated an evil kingdom.

(Theatre December 18) Introducing new characters and new conflicts in a galaxy far, far away, 30 years after the events.

(Del Rey, sold Sept. 4) Beginning immediately after the destruction of the second Death Star, the citizens of the entire world begin to fill the place where the King and his right hand, the rebels of Darth praised as they destroyed the rebels. Vader.

Books Like Star Wars To Read As You Wait For The Mandalorian Season 3

Rebel leaders in the film play key roles, including Admiral Ackbar and X-wing fighter rider Wedge Antilles. In this novel, they are captured by Imperial Army uniforms and captured by the Imperial Army on their way to Akiba. After the war, the survivors of the Empire sortie. Endor. But there are also new players. Among them is the rebellious soldier Norra Wexley. He returns to Akiva to join his estranged son.

Check out exclusive excerpts from the novel below. Introducing a former Imperial officer who is important to the plot of this story.

Q. As Aftermath begins, what are your thoughts on the future of the rebels and the empire?

A. There is a speech by Ackbar at the beginning of the story, which I think sums it up very well. We are witnessing a major shift in the galaxy at a time when conflict was once a small struggle. The grain in the Empire’s eyes meant this revolution. But that changed with the death of Palpatine and Vader. The revolution is now a new country. The rebellion is over.

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Petition · Release Star Wars: Sword Of The Jedi Trilogy! ·

Q. You revisit many iconic moments in the history of the Star Wars films. By the way, which one did you like best?

A. Let us look at some of these events: — The battle of Endor was great for me. I grew up at the right age.

All those things were good for me. And I still love Ewoks. No one can take it from me. I don’t have “CHIEF CHIRPA 4EVA” tattooed on my arm. But the surprising and rebellious Ewoks clear the earth from the imperial attack. Super awesome.

Q. There are many familiar faces in Aftermass. Whose journey have you had the most fun going on?

Star Wars: Shadow Of The Sith: Christopher, Adam: 9781529150056: Books

A. Hands down, Ackbar. Listen, one of the great things about the universe is that we all have characters that have little screen time, but have a huge impact on us. For example, Boba Fett is a cultural icon. To me, Ackbar has always been this amazing and amazing warrior. And sitting with him and his voice over a new book made me giddy.

Q. Introducing an interesting rookie player. Do you think fans of the original film trilogy will quickly embrace it?

A. Well, I know that I get a lot of joy whenever Mr. Bones, a mad battle droid, is in action. But in fact, I think Jas and Sinjir’s reunion will please people. A laser-focused bounty hunter and loyal former Imperial officer who wants to get drunk on a distant land? Lots of fun there.

Q. When you were watching Jedi as a kid, did you ever think what would happen after the E-Wok Festival? Or are you satisfied with just seeing the winning party?

Lost Stars By Claudia Gray

A. I have always thought. I think the best stories never stop. As listeners, we are led to ask what to do next, what to do next, and what to ask now. Then I can be sure that I have my head of thought in my mind as a writer. And now, oddly enough, some of these headlines have entered the category of content-approved content. It’s like a dream. In fact, it is a dream come true.

Q. In the books and comics, this new “Journey to the Force Awakens” project is intended to serve as a bridge between the original trilogy and the new film. Are moviegoers planning Aftermath for the movies they’ll see in December?

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A. This book is the first step on that bridge. However, we will see some things related to the story to come. There are a few names here and there. one or two places. And it’s a sign that everything starts to shake.

Q. The continuation of wars after wars are over and their effects on real people is a point of analysis. Is there something sometimes missing from Star Wars mythology between the fun speedometer motorcycle chases and the slow AT-ATs we all know and love?

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A. Of course I think so. I don’t think it’s the movie’s fault, but I think the advantage of the novel form is that it can have more depth to the character. We can see that all these fights and action sequences are true to them. You were physically injured in the movie, for example losing an arm, but you were also emotionally and psychologically injured. The written form is a good place to introduce it a little bit. but finally this

A novel, and still a fun chase and blaster fight, and an epic galactic revolution written by a few aliens and geek heroes!

He had always been with the Imperial. Don’t just take it. Like most of the countries on the Outer Rim – which orbit the edge of known space – the Imperials have used planets, but have never been able to use them.

Never make any legal claims. This exoplanet was too wild, too big a monster to bear the yoke of the Galactic Empire. When the Imperial Army came here, it was usually for personal reasons: drinks, perfumes, smoke, gambling, and black market goods. Or maybe just seeing wild faces and unseen aliens crossing the street at this advertiser’s location and outdoor location.

Thrawn: Alliances (star Wars) Audiobook By Timothy Zahn

The Galactic tide swept him here

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