Stage Lighting Hire Sydney

Stage Lighting Hire Sydney – Imagine that you go to any event with great enthusiasm and know that you are not getting good photos because of banal lighting. Listening to music is easy and eventful. Good people are greeted nicely, but bad people are not appreciated. Functional lighting is essential to the success of any project. It sets the tone for the event and instantly brightens the atmosphere of the gathering. From theaters to musicals, every event needs lighting the way it needs to be. Different times need different lights to set the tone for people to prepare for what’s to be served that night. There are some practical and beautiful uses for light.

The audience should focus from the podium and the performer should be clearly visible from the audience seats. To focus on certain things or people, we need light. At the request of the person who sometimes does things, many lights need to focus on many things, so event lights play a big role here. Lighting is important during any DJ party. A DJ request to change the lighting in relation to the music and the changed lighting will instantly improve the mood of the audience. Lighting plays a big role in any wedding. The first impression of any wedding is made only by its lighting. It creates a good atmosphere, the influence of God in the surrounding environment makes the event successful only because of the good light, which is no different. Now they are the implementation of event lighting.

Stage Lighting Hire Sydney

Event lighting can also be a target in our eyes for a quiet experience, lighting that pollutes our hearts and immediately grabs our attention. These types of lights are usually found in museums or art galleries. When you need to notice one thing, the lighting program helps you achieve it with its beautiful combination, gradients and various elements that make the place perfect. All it takes is a good lighting design and make your event attractive and appealing.

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Audio Visual & Lighting Hire Sydney

We at CR Lighting and Audio offer the best event lighting services in Sydney. From party lighting services in Sydney to stage lighting services in Sydney, we are a one-stop solution provider. The success of the event is our main goal and to achieve this we provide excellent event lighting.

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Sales and service of lighting, audio equipment, studio products, lighting control solutions, sensors and all related accessories. Truss installation, truss design and truss installation in Sydney and beyond. We design, supply and build truss structures for everything from Nina Warrior courses to exhibition stands, lighting fixtures, archways and more! Our Sydney North Shore warehouse stocks a large range of quality truss sections and components, offering complete solutions for dry, temporary or permanent installations. Our design team can also work with you using their cutting-edge design skills to create the solution and vision of your dreams. Our in-house team of licensed installers are experts and experienced in all types of construction and will be there until the job is done.

Lights To Party

We have a team of technical designers who work with leading CAD packages to create truss designs that meet your needs. The design process is collaborative and we can also provide complete 2D and 3D files for your consultant’s approval if this process is required for your project.

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Our design process can also create a new interpretation of your dream concept, we can make it a reality for you.

We have worked on many projects and can provide the full documentation that many councils/companies require for installation, especially if the structure is placed in a high traffic area. Our team is professional, efficient and knowledgeable. We will guide you through the end-to-end process and strive to make your dreams come true.

Our truss installations are designed for glass ball structures, flyers for festivals, lighting or LED screens for your events, construction of ground support levels and many other areas.

Lighting Hire For Events & Parties

For larger buildings we can also have trussing professionals on hand and we currently have a licensed dog handler (HRW DG) and a rigger (HRW RB) on our team with an EWPA ticket who can help out somewhere in the big house. A crane, suspension or permanent installation may be required, and the use of scissor lifts or hoists may be required.

Many of our members now also use white cards, which allow us to install busbars on site.

We have furniture available for short and long term hire from our Sydney warehouse with products including:

Busbars can provide excellent lighting, sound, speakers, banners, screens or product mounting options such as:

Advanced Stage Lighting

The most important thing is that your plan has limited or limited truss construction. However, as the structure matures, load considerations will be incorporated into the design, and this is where the use of a graded truss will be important to understand the load and deflection to ensure safety.

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Our range includes a variety of 290mm truss boxes (AKA ‘trees’), corners, headers and top plates that can be combined into almost endless designs.

The fire can be “warmed up” to add more pizzazz to the recipe. We can also supply a variety of suitable lighting including high power LED balloons, LED strips and moving heads. Click here to explore our lighting options.

We are conveniently located in Hornsby on the Far North Shore and serve the Sydney metro area and Central Coast and further afield on bus fares.

Fairy Lights Hire

We offer collection and delivery options (at an additional cost) for your truss needs. We can also provide assembly for a small additional fee.

Contact us to discuss your requirements in detail or see below for prices on our most popular items. More details can be provided for a larger arrangement.

8 meters long, 6 meters wide stable acrobat/circus frame with Global Truss F44 400mm section. Similar buildings can be designed to your specifications and partially built on site to save valuable time on the day of the event.

Please complete all fields and scroll to the bottom of this form to submit. Please check if you see a success message after submission, otherwise check that all fields are filled in correctly. We will contact you within 48 hours of receiving your request (or 72 hours for weekend bookings)

Wedding Fairy Lights For Hire In Sydney

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