St John First Aid Launceston

St John First Aid Launceston – St John’s is an independent charity which aims to help the sick, sick, suffering or at risk.

We support our work wherever possible through emergency training, marketing of emergency equipment and supplies, and emergency patient transport with additional funds donated privately, letters and corporate sponsorships, we always looking to make money.

St John First Aid Launceston

Tasmania’s premier emergency services provider at events, volunteers wearing the familiar white (now hi-vis green) help the sick and injured in various areas of the al community, social and sports. We provide quality first aid. Regional farm shows, rock concerts, football games and more. Saint John’s volunteers are there.

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That’s what we’ve been doing in Tasmania for over 100 years. The volunteers of St. John has extensive training in a variety of areas including first aid, atrial fibrillation, radio communication, asthma management and leadership.

As an emergency response agency, the volunteers of St. John to provide first aid and support during emergencies such as forest fires, floods, and other disasters. In 2010, 201 emergency workers participated in more than 1,150 incidents, managed over and 2,000. who died, spent over 23,000 hours, trained an additional 8,000 hours, and supported the St. John in many ways.

An important but invisible branch of the St. John is the Social Care Service. These uniformed members of the Regional Transportation Service staff transport clients to non-emergency medical appointments such as dialysis, wound care clinics, and various specialist appointments. This is an important service. They also care for the elderly, sick, sick and lonely at home. In 2010, 112 community service volunteers provided 13,962 hours of community service.

The dedication and commitment of the staff of St. The contribution John and his volunteers make to the community is a powerful one, and our performance metrics reflect our success in establishing ourselves as a respected non-profit organization.

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And while volunteers provide services to ensure safer communities, trainers supported by governing bodies provide effective first aid training. Over 18,000 training documents are produced each year. You now have a lot of training to keep your workplace and home safe! Volunteer for a non-profit organization

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Volunteers have been the backbone of Tasmania’s St John Ambulance since 1887. These volunteers contribute more than 32,000 hours of service to their communities each year through one of its many opportunities more, as needed.

St John Tasmania currently has over 400 volunteers from all walks of life. We are always looking for people who are interested and committed to being a part of the history of St. John, saving lives and helping those in need through first aid. We have young people, students and professionals from different industries, including healthcare, working hands-on, learning from each other, developing skills and making friends.

Click the link below for more information. If you have any questions about volunteering, please email us at [email protected].

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St. John Community Care is looking for caring volunteers who are generous with their time, skills and experience. They know that even a little everyday help can make a big difference in someone’s life.

Community Care Volunteers are caring individuals who understand the need to improve the quality of life for others.

Assisting in the Community Care Program of St. John is flexible and can fit into your lifestyle and availability.

Whatever your background, motivations, expectations, or goals, we have your full support and training, support, and assistance to help you succeed in the role.

Event Health Services

St John Community Care works in the Greater Hobart area, channeling resources into services that contribute to:

Our clients may have a mild disability, are elderly, or need special assistance with their daily activities at home.

Volunteers visit private clients’ homes to chat, have coffee or tea, and help those who feel lonely.

Take care of your lawn and sidewalk with gardening tasks like mowing, raking and blowing leaves. and general cleaning. Garbage disposal is not supported.

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Tasmania is home to some of Australia’s best events, activities and festivals and St John Tasmania is at the center of it all.

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Go behind the scenes at our trademark events while building a unique skill set, meeting new people and making a real difference to those in need.

From school festivals, concerts and marathons to multi-day music festivals, motocross, mountain biking and car racing, Saint John offers quality health and wellness services.

For patients experiencing a medical emergency or injury, you make the difference. He differentiates between pain and pleasure, fear and pleasure, anxiety and confidence.

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Select the event you want to attend or apply for. Venues are constantly changing and include venues such as Derwent Entertainment Centre, UTas Stadium, Silverdome, Wrest Point, and many locations around Tasmania. How much time you spend volunteering is up to you. Training nights are held on different weekday evenings depending on your chosen department and usually last around two hours. Volunteering in St.

To give first aid to St. Training will be held during the night of the department training. Saint John is seeking a team player to join the Event Medical Services team dedicated to providing high level, professional first aid services to organized events.

If you are a healthcare professional (registered nurse, doctor, physician) St John will issue a clinical certificate based on your qualifications and the St John Ambulance Australia Clinical Practice Regulations for Paramedics.

In exchange for your time and dedication, while serving as a volunteer, you have the opportunity to receive:

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St John Ambulance has a proud history.

Whatever your background, aspirations, expectations and dreams, we are here to support you. From day one, you will have the opportunity to attend events with professional members and learn not only by observing treatments, but by assisting them throughout patient care.

Non Clinical is the newest volunteering opportunity for St John Ambulance in Tasmania. This is an opportunity for those who want to help and contribute to their community, but do not want to treat patients or may not meet the requirements to enter the Health Service.

Non-hospital members are assigned to the Event Medical Operations departments in Hobart, Launceston and the North West to prepare equipment and stores for operations and major events, ensuring vehicles and equipment are in working order. good at all times. services, such as , filling equipment and vehicles, and other administrative or material duties as required.

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These members are not required to hold a first aid certificate, but must hold a current national police identification card and contact with vulnerable people. It also meets the annual requirement for 60 hours of service.

St. John Party Safe provides preventative care through effective harm reduction/health education programs that help create a safe environment at your event.

Safe Party was developed in 2016 after realizing the need for programs with well-organized preventive health care and clinical management systems. Since its inception, Safe Party has been instrumental in supporting health and medical services at events such as the Falls Music and Arts Festival and parties in the paddock. Party Trust takes place every Saturday night on Hobart Beach. As part of the Safe Nights Project, a regular event provides healthcare professionals with quality work and resources to promote the importance of safe nights, harm reduction and customer care. and non-judgmental methods.

St John Tasmania offers national qualifications and certificates. Our regular training and annual recertification process ensures you have the skills you need.

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Party Safe staff are highly skilled volunteers with the ability to handle a variety of situations.

Event Health Services members organize and support Safe Party. These are highly trained medical responders who can handle both life-threatening and non-life-threatening emergencies.

If you are interested in any of the opportunities above, please click the button below to start your application. If you have any questions along the way, please email us at [email protected].

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