St John Ambulance Refresher First Aid Course

St John Ambulance Refresher First Aid Course – St John’s Chief Executive Michelle Fyfe said St John’s strength was its ability to strengthen a mix of career staff and volunteers, ensuring West Australians had access to key services of ambulance and first aid in metropolitan Perth and across regional WA.

“Our local volunteers are an important part of the state’s Country Ambulance Service, helping St John treat 653,776 patients in Western Australia last year,” Ms Fyfe said.

St John Ambulance Refresher First Aid Course

“Most days people don’t need us, but when something goes wrong, St. John’s volunteers, along with career paramedics in large areas, provide life-saving services and support to the community .

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“They give us their passion, drive and enthusiasm. We could not do what we do in this great state without them. “

St John’s volunteers are based in 160 local and remote centers across WA, from the Great Southern to the Kimberley. Some centers are staffed by a team of volunteers and career paramedics, while others are run entirely by volunteers with support from St John’s.

“We now have more volunteer roles in St John’s than ever before, including event health officers, community transport volunteers, first aid assistants, awareness officers, early education volunteers -children and various roles within the regional ambulance service,” said Ms Fyfe.

The diversity in age and gender reflects the fact that volunteering is something that appeals to a wide range of people, she said.

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“It also reflects the fact that volunteering is not something that is left to just a few people. We have volunteers from high school age, to those in their 80s, all making invaluable contributions to their communities,” said Ms Fyfe.

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“National Volunteer Week is an opportunity to recognize and celebrate not only our incredible St John’s volunteers, but all the people who volunteer their time in the WA community.” Welcome to St John’s as the largest provider of first aid training in Western Australia. Education Minister Sue Ellery announced today that first aid training will be increased in schools.

Last year more than 80,000 WA school children received classroom training through the St John First Aid Focus program.

A perfect refresher for teachers preparing to complete their training under this new announcement to ensure they retain the skills learned through St John’s formal training programmes.

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St John’s aims to ensure that every school-aged child receives age-appropriate first aid training each year to ensure they have the time, equipment and knowledge to act in health emergency.

St John’s Head of Brand and Reputation Aaron Crowther said first aid skills are critical to building resilient communities and it’s never too young to start.

“One child a month calls triple zero (000) when a parent or guardian experiences a health emergency, so education like this can save a life.

“This is a positive step forward and should be celebrated. St. John has been recommending greater recognition of the importance of first aid.

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“More teachers and students trained in these important life skills will make our society stronger. As leaders in first aid, we encourage schools and other organizations to contact St John’s as they have brought these programs to WA for 130 years.

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