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Smithfield Sand And Soil – A favorite with local builders and landscapers, operates one of the largest quarries in the great Tablelands region. We provide quality building materials and landscaping supplies at very competitive rates. All products follow strict specification guidelines and departmental rules and regulations.

Please call our experienced team to inquire about availability and pricing. Deliveries are also available throughout Atherton, Kuranda, Smithfield, Cairns and Mareeba.

Smithfield Sand And Soil

Is your best choice in Mareeba for registered building materials for large scale civil projects as well as domestic and commercial applications. We manufacture construction materials for use in ready-mixed concrete, including aggregate and coarse and fine washed sand.

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All these high-quality materials are tested by a NATA-certified laboratory. If you have unique requirements, we can meet most specifications by mixing custom aggregates. We guarantee a quick turnaround on all orders so you can get on with your project sooner.

From topsoil and sod dressing to different grades and types of sand, our team supplies a wide selection of bulk materials suitable for home gardeners and professional landscapers. Our range also includes:

Each shipment is measured by a calibrated weighbridge to ensure you get exactly what you paid for. Please see our Delivery page for more information on how you can get your quarry materials. Operating since 1994, is North Queensland’s most renowned wholesale supply business. We are a Main Roads registered quarry, serving Smithfield civil construction companies, landscapers, concrete plans, raw material yards and councils. You can be sure that you will find the best quality supplies at the best prices.

Our products are suitable for home and commercial applications that include a range of building materials, quarry rock, sand and landscape supplies. Our dedicated team is committed to providing an extremely high level of tailored customer service, delivering your materials for your convenience.

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If you would like to place an order or would like to know more about our product range, call us on (07) 4092 2453.

Based in Mareeba, we have been supplying our quality building materials to customers across the Tablelands region for over two decades. All of our products are tested by a NATA-certified laboratory, and we are able to mix and match formulations to meet your unique specifications. Available for bulk order or home use, our product range includes:

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With a quick turnaround on all orders, we will ensure that you can proceed with your project without any problems. Each shipment is also measured by a calibrated weighbridge to ensure you get your money’s worth.

Whether you’re redecorating your garden for your home in Smithfield, or need to bulk order supplies for your next council project – we’ve got you covered.

Porous Paving Can Help Prevent Soil Erosion

If you need registered building materials for large civil projects in Smithfield, contact . We can also fulfill unique specifications as we can mix and match custom to suit your needs!

Whether you are a home gardener or a professional landscaper, we can supply you with decorative landscape aggregates, granite, basalt rock and much more. Order with us today by phone!

Save yourself time and money by having your next order delivered to Smithfield. If you have your own transport, we can use our on-site machinery to load your materials.

Our quarry is based in Mareeba, but we offer deliveries to most locations throughout Far North Queensland. This includes Smithfield, Cairns and the greater Tablelands region. We work with domestic and commercial customers, serving orders of all sizes.

Lot 5 (306) Blackstone Street, Blackstone, Ma 01504

Ex-container or ex-quarry, simply means that the materials were taken directly from the quarry. So, if you have your own transport and can come to our quarry to pick up your order, you pick up your ex-bin materials. Your total price will also not include the delivery fee.

We provide a wide range of large civil or domestic projects throughout Smithfield. Our range of products includes NATA-certified ready-mixed concrete, decorative landscape aggregates, granite, Deco-Granite and much more. We do our best to accommodate any unique requirements, and ensure quick returns for your benefit.HAMPTON, Va. — More than 18,000 cubic yards of sand are being delivered to Buckroe Beach as part of a beach nourishment project at the federal hurricane and storm damage reduction project located here.

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The sand, transported from Smithfield, Va., will maintain a 50-foot-wide berm design on the beach at 6.5 feet above sea level and protect homes and public infrastructure from receiving significant flooding damage during coastal storms.

“The project is to be a storm damage reduction project, and as such, is an important part of flood management for the Buckroe Beach area,” said Gayle Hicks, senior civil engineer with the Town of Hampton.

Mulch, Gravel, Sand, And Landscaping Supplies For Sale

Tom Lochen, the Norfolk District project manager, said this nourishment also marked the last time the Corps would be financially involved in a beach nourishment project for Buckroe as part of the project.

“There is a federal spending cap of $3 million that can be reached at this stage,” Lochen said. “After that, the Town of Hampton will have sole responsibility for handling the costs and maintenance of the project going forward.”

The federal cap includes the initial study, design, construction and maintenance of beach revitalization, which was first completed in 2005.

The project was backfilled last year with 15,000 cubic yards of sand during an emergency fill after a powerful Nor’easter blew through the area, tearing up the shoreline. Emergency feeding received 100 percent federal funding through Public Law 84-99, Rehabilitation Assistance for Hurricane/Coastal Protection Projects and does not count against the $3 million cap set by congress.

U.s. Agriculture Archives

“The city funded and built three nearshore breakwaters to stabilize the beach,” Hicks said. “Monitoring will continue annually, and the Corps will continue to receive that data.”

Breakwaters help slow down wave action and allow sand to settle with the goal of adding to the amount of beach sand that helps reverse beach erosion.

The construction contract cost for the current food court is $920,000, split 50-50 between the City of Hampton and the federal government.

While trucks operate in the area from 8 a.m. — 6 p.m. and using the route determined by the City of Hampton. A multi-million dollar development project known as Smithfield Gateway will be a mixed-use development near East Stroudsburg.

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Smithfield Rolling Out An Outdoor Ice Skating Rink For Residents Only

EAST STROUDSBURG, Pa. — From Skycam 16, you can see heavy machinery and lots of construction going on from Route 209 near East Stroudsburg. It’s all part of a major development project called Smithfield Gateway.

“We’re very, very excited. We’ve been here for 20 years, and we’ve been waiting for this type of project to come to town,” Schuchman said.

The project began in 2019. That was also when several buildings were demolished to make way for new structures.

Apartments, retail and office space, a grocery store and a medical building are some of those planned for that area.

Is It Sustainable?

“We have a 40,000-square-foot office building leased. Of course, we also have a Dunkin’ Donuts that’s going to take over, so they’re going to have a better facility once we do that, a lot of retail, a lot of apartments. . It’s going to be a total mixed-use project with townhouses and apartments . So we’ll also have a mix of one-of-a-kind residential units,” said Doug Olmstead, Smithfield Gateway development manager.

While people are excited to see the engines moving, they are really excited to see the Route 209 improvement project.

Route 209 will be converted from two lanes to five. A loop road will be built that will pass through the former site of the Mosier Dairy Farm to Route 447.

“That will be very important for the area to continue to grow. Usually, the roads are the last thing they do. They put a lot of places and forget about the road, and then the congestion is unbelievable,” said Al Schmid. Tannersville.

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Developers say the project is being built in phases, with the first building scheduled to open to the public in 2023.

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