Shower Screen Magnetic Strips

Shower Screen Magnetic Strips – It is sold individually so if you want a complete door solution you will need to order two of these seals to create the perfect bathroom door seal.

Can be used with any bathroom brand (including those below), but please check your measurements before purchasing.

Shower Screen Magnetic Strips

Magnetic shower door seals ensure that shower enclosures are waterproof. This prevents not only water, but also steam from escaping your shower. Made of durable vinyl and magnetic panels, this shower screen can be used on any type of frameless shower door, including sliding glass doors. The best magnetic seal is determined by the thickness of your shower door.

Waterproof/profiles Shower Cubicles/45 Angle Magnetic Sealing Strip Transparent Left

When the seals on your bathroom screen are worn out and impossible to replace. Here’s a simple guide on how to replace a shower screen piece.

You can pull out the old label. Clean the side of the door where the seal used to be with a tweezer. Spray with glass cleaner and wipe with a clean rag.

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