Shanghai To Beijing Flight Cost

Shanghai To Beijing Flight Cost – At least Air China is a very consistent airline. It offers an unpretentious service with little fuss between cities.

This post is a chapter of Around the World on Star Alliance First Class via China, Thailand and Spain. This trip was booked using Air Canada Aeroplan miles. For more information on how this trip was booked, see our trip presentation here. For other parts of the trip, see this table of contents.

Shanghai To Beijing Flight Cost

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Days Shanghai Beijing High Speed Train Tour, Shanghai Beijing Train Tour

At boarding pass time, I went down to gate C33. Efficiency or not, the flights were again almost fully booked by the time indicated on the boarding pass.

Air China PEK-PVG (Beijing Capital International Airport – Shanghai Pudong Airport) CA 1883 – Economy Class (Y) 08:00 – 10:46 12 May 2012 Booked: Boeing 777-200/300 Aircraft: Boeing 737-800

The air was filled with Beijing smog as we set off. Just a short distance from the Beijing Capital International Airport terminal and it was already full of pollution.

I was airborne again in a quick hop back to PuDong. The chair was the same so I’m giving you a recycled photo.

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As we left early in the morning, a Western or Asian breakfast was served. Western starters consisted of scrambled eggs, chicken sausage, a stalk of broccoli and two small potatoes – the soft microwave variety. I was so excited to see this as I was craving food from home. I have a hard time with Asian breakfasts. I slid down the seats to check out the Asian breakfast and found it to be a plain looking congee and a brown egg. I’m a fan of trying new foods, but even that would have been hard to bear in the morning.

The in-flight beverage service was very easy. Orange juice, tea and water were the only notable things offered. Our flight and hotel services were similar to other communist countries, basic. Sometimes you get a hotel or hospitality worker from somewhere else, but usually the service was mostly transactional, without any flair or spirit. This would be something I would consider if I were booking a First or Business Class award with Air China, I probably wouldn’t expect the service levels of countries like Thailand or Japan, which have been serving people for many years. and they have developed quite a few skills to do so.

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When the plane landed in Shanghai, I looked out the rainy window. As we were on final approach, we saw an unusual sight. I looked down and saw a train moving faster than the plane. I had to look twice to make sure my eyes were seeing right. There is something in your head and brain that tells you what is normal and it was NOT normal to look out the window and see objects moving faster, on the ground, than when you were traveling, in an airplane!! After a split second, I registered in my memory circuits that it was the Shanghai Maglev, also near the airport station. This happened wherever we went.

Well, I won’t sugarcoat it. Our Air China flights were less exciting. It offered simple transportation from “A” to “B”. Being at the airport was probably better than the train as we were connecting to another international flight later that day. The train would have been much more interesting to go between Beijing and Shanghai, but it seems to be much more complicated. However, I wouldn’t expect much from Air China flights in the future, as it was a pretty sterile experience.

Review: Air China Domestic Business Lounge, Beijing, China

Category: Air China, Airlines, Boeing 737, World Tour #1 from China, Thailand and Spain in Asia, Thai and Lufthansa First Class, Trip Report Tags: Air China Lounge, CA 1883, PEK, PVGL Located about 1,200 miles away, traveling cosmopolitan Shanghai and historic Beijing is the most popular route. For travelers who can’t decide which of these two major cities to visit, now it’s easier than ever to fit both into your itinerary!

The two most common means of travel between the two cities are by train or plane. Less popular are buses and private charters, which can take between 14 and 17 hours. Self-driving is also out of the question, as foreigners are not allowed to drive in China.

For China’s high-speed rail, passengers will travel from Beijing South Station and Shanghai Hongqiao Station.

When it comes to flights, there are several routes to choose from, the most popular being Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport to Beijing Capital International Airport and Shanghai Pudong International Airport to Beijing Capital International Airport.

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Shanghai Maglev Train

For a quick summary of the differences between taking the train and flying to Shanghai and Beijing, see the table below:

Restrictions apply with strict guidelines for prohibited items. The weight, size and number of baggage are determined.

The bullet train from Shanghai to Beijing and back takes less than 4.5 hours to travel between the two cities. Please note that you must arrive at least an hour and a half before the train’s departure time and go through multiple checkpoints as you would at an airport.

Flight time between Shanghai and Beijing is 2 to 2.5 hours. Passengers should arrive at the airport 1 to 2 hours before departure. According to the BBC, the on-time rating for Shanghai and Beijing airports is only 50-60%.

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Travel time from arrival at the airport to arrival at the destination can take at least 3.5 hours and more. With frequent delays, travel times can be even longer than with high-speed rail.

The price of the bullet train from Shanghai to Beijing is fixed at 553 CNY (= 81 USD) throughout the year. The same goes for the price of the bullet train from Beijing to Shanghai, which is significantly cheaper than flying.

The price of a one-way economy class ticket is approximately 1,240 CNY (=180 USD). Flight prices tend to rise significantly depending on demand and travel season. From time to time, flight prices may also be reduced during the low season.

When evaluating comfort, you need to consider several factors, such as commuting to the train station or airport, ease of ticketing, onboard amenities, reliability, and more.

Airlines Bide Their Time On Capacity After Rapid China Reopening

1. Commuting – Train stations are usually closer to the city, so there is less travel time and lower transport costs.

2. Buying tickets – With the ease of online booking of trains between Beijing and Shanghai and Shanghai to Beijing, you can avoid the hassle of buying a physical ticket. With multilingual support and clear information, getting your high-speed train ticket is easy.

3. Reliability – High speed trains run on time and deal with less influencing external factors like weather, traffic and more.

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4. Conveniences – You can stay connected on board and use your device freely during the train journey. Some of the newer trains offer free WiFi to passengers. There are power sockets under the seats so you can charge your devices during the train journey. There are also toilets on the train, as well as food to buy if you get hungry.

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5. Comfort – The train seats are comfortable with enough leg room to move around. If you are tired of sitting, you can sit and walk around the cart.

6. Baggage – Passengers are entitled to one piece of hand luggage free of charge. There is a carry-on policy with specifications regarding bag size, weight and bag quantity. Make sure you are not carrying any prohibited items (weapons, knives, live animals, explosives, flammables, dangerous goods) and that you can handle your luggage and store it in the appropriate places on board.

1. Commuting – Airports tend to be further away from the city, which requires longer travel time and higher transportation costs.

2. Buying tickets – There are several online travel agencies where you can get Shanghai – Beijing flight tickets.

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3. Reliability – Chinese flights are notorious for having a high percentage of delays. Therefore, if you have limited time or a tight schedule, it is not recommended to rely on the comfort of the flight.

4. Amenities – Domestic flights tend to use smaller planes and will have the usual amenities on board. On longer flights a meal or snack is served, but shorter flights do not come with refreshments.

5. Comfort – Depending on the airline purchased and the class of the ticket, the level of comfort may be different. Flying Business Class will give you more room and legroom, while Economy Class tends to be tighter and more cramped.

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