San Diego To Las Vegas Flights

San Diego To Las Vegas Flights – I don’t know many frequent flyers who would voluntarily choose Spirit over Delta or Southwest, but that was the decision I made when trying to figure out how to get to Las Vegas to start this trip. Call me stupid (or even crazy), but I like a little variety in my travels, and choosing Delta would have just been more of the same “ol same” ol.

The Southwest is always a good option for short flights like this, and in fact, it’s the one I’d be flying on the way back to San Diego exactly a week later. So how painful can a short SAN-LAS segment on Spirit Airlines really be? I’m always up for grabbing one for the team to add variety to my travel reports!

San Diego To Las Vegas Flights

Edit: This is an old travel report, so be sure to read my recent Spirit Airlines review to get a better idea of ​​what this airline looks like today. Spoiler alert: not much has changed.

San Diego International Airport: New Spirit Airlines Route To Oakland Begins In May

NK110 San Diego, CA (SAN) – Las Vegas, NV (LAS) Sunday, March 26, 2017 Aircraft: A320 Registration: N601NK Duration: 50 minutes Seat: 2A (main cabin)

I must stress that this was not my first experience with Spirit. I was lucky enough to fly with them to Houston and back a few years ago (in the main cabin and a large front seat), and overall found the service to be ok. They got me to my destination on time and without a scratch, and that’s all I can ask for. So at least I took this flight knowing what to expect.

The skies over San Diego were dull and gray when I got off at the airport that morning, but at least it wasn’t a crazy early morning flight that knocked me out of bed at 3:30 a.m. The scheduled departure time was 10:22, so I was lucky enough to get some sleep and take my time getting to the airport.

The first stop of the morning was Camden Food Co., a very nice little takeaway cafe located in the heart of Terminal 2 West. Their made-to-order sandwiches are pretty good, and I decided to opt for something they call a “heathwhich” – which consists of egg whites and chunks of vegetables sandwiched between wheat bread entire. The turkey sausage I added to it pretty much negated all the health benefits of this thing, I’m sure. It was good though!

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Trip Report: Southwest Airlines San Diego To Las Vegas

There she is, N601NK just arrived from LAS. According to FlightAware, this aircraft started the day at DTW, flew to LAS, then SAN, LAS, PHL, then returned to LAS at 11:19 p.m. PDT. They work hard on these planes, that’s for sure.

The morning had gone pretty well so far: I didn’t have to get up early, I didn’t feel rushed, and the breakfast was really good. But it wasn’t until after the boarding process began and I found myself sitting in my seat that I realized I had somehow messed things up.

Yellow. Everywhere. This is one of the things I love about Spirit – they are proud of their brand yellow color and they use it wherever they can.

I thought for sure I had booked a large front seat (the first class Spirit version with larger front seats in a 2-2 layout), but 2A was nothing more than a standard economy seat with abyssal legroom. What the hell? I had a zone 1 boarding pass and was sure to pay extra for a better seat. What the hell happened?

New Phoenix San Diego Flights On Jsx Start In August

I retrieved the confirmation email on my phone and that’s when I realized what the error was. I actually paid more for a better seat (at the front of the plane), but didn’t book a big front seat. Attans! I must have been in a hurry when I made the reservation as I was fully prepared to pay for the upgrade. Yes yes. It’s still only a 45 minute flight so I think I’ll survive. I hope.

Front cover of the Spirit Airlines A320 safety card. I’m really shocked they didn’t have fun with it.

The skies were still dull and gray when we got out on the trail, and it was nice to blow through the low cloud layer and into sunny blue skies. Ahhh, it was like someone had just pressed the “sun” button, and now the day was moving in the right direction again. I may not have been sitting in a big front seat, but the scenery outside was amazing as always!

Gate 33 here at SAN is stuck in a pretty tight corner, so it takes some work to back out.

How To Get To Ips And Where To Stay

I felt pretty disappointed to screw up my big front seat reservation, but I’ll admit it was a pretty good view from seat 2A!

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There must have been a big cloud hanging over San Diego that morning, as that was the sight just 3 minutes after takeoff.

Nothing is free on Spirrt Airlines, so I gave up the drink and snack service altogether. The scheduled flight time was only 45 minutes, so I took a chance and hoped I could survive it all without a refresh. Spoiler alert: I survived!

Back cover of Spirit Airlines in flight menu. I really like how relaxed and fun they are!

The Netflix Of The Airlines Has Been Launched

Of all the approaches to any city in the continental United States, Las Vegas is one of my favorites. The landscape is downright rugged and the experience is pretty much what I imagine landing on Mars would be. The rock and rock formations that surround the Las Vegas area are unlike any other in the country and it’s hard to keep my face from being pressed against the window the entire way down.

The east rim of Red Rock Canyon. The pictures don’t do this justice – it really is amazing in real life.

It’s only at the last minute or two that the landscape changes from desert to urban sprawl, which is a pretty stark reminder of just how isolated the city of Las Vegas truly is. Once outside the city limits, there is absolutely nothing for hundreds of miles in any direction.

The Las Vegas Strip is literally connected to the airport. Plenty of opportunities to see airplanes from any of these hotels!

Cheap Flights To San Diego From $35 In 2022

The interior of LAS is not that special, but the sound of the slot machines makes it unique.

I came! Now is the time to switch to “family mode” and enjoy a whole week of rest without work…

Fortunately, the weather was as good upon arrival as it was during the entire flight, and I’m happy to report that I survived another Spirit Airlines flight without physical or mental injury.(opens popup) (opens in new window ) Opens a new window. External website which may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. External website which may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. (opens a pop-up window). There is information in the previous section. There is information in the previous section. (close popup) External website which may or may not meet accessibility guidelines.

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