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Sam Smith Tickets Sydney – When you think of Sam Smith, you think of a raw and emotional musician. Since entering the industry in 2013, Smith has made a name for himself in an industry full of auto tuning and gimmicks. On August 25, Sam Smith took the “Thrill of It All Tour” to the Honda Center in Anaheim. The arena was filled with thousands of young adults ready for an evening filled with spirit and passion. The show started at 8pm when Beth Ditto opened the stage for Sam.

After the opening act, fans were waiting to see their favorite British crooner take the stage. As we anxiously waited, messages of self-empowerment and positivity were projected on the side screens. At 9 pm, the field went dark and the screams started. Smith opened the show with his powerful “Burning” on the chair. There was a spotlight on him that started and the stage came alive. The stage itself was shaped like a prism that extended into the audience. While another prismatic triangle covers a bright circle in the foreground. The simplicity of the stage allowed Sam Smith to showcase his powerful and dynamic voice. He is an artist who plays like this on the radio. Pure and strong. His voice is something that defines who he is and the audience absorbed every minute, me included.

Sam Smith Tickets Sydney

Over the course of an hour and twenty-five minutes, Smith sang fan favorites and his latest releases. The singing moments were especially intense during “I’m Not”, “Latch” and “Stay With Me”. As he moved around the stage, he spoke to his bandmates. Not many singers have paid attention to their backing singers, but they certainly did. This was a celebration of music and not just Sam. Sam Smith is usually known for his heartbreaking lyrics, which I thought was going to be a very emotional evening. There were plenty of emotional moments, like when he sang “Lay Me Down” and “Him,” but that wasn’t the overall message of the evening. As Smith insisted, the night was a celebration of life that would make people feel at ease with the world. It was our half hour and we would take advantage of it.

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In total, Smith sang 23 powerful songs. There have been two outstanding performances, including “Writing on the Wall” and “Him”. “Writing on the Wall” appeared in the latest James Bond film and won an Oscar for Sam Smith. For this performance, he stepped on a raised platform and the stage was built behind him. It was dramatic, beautiful and moving. After he finished, he joked, “That was so dramatic, wasn’t it?” The next moment came when he sang his LGBTQ anthem “Hey.” In Black and White, he sang about being a gay man and loving her instead. He wrote the song as a message and it was definitely received. Love is love.

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Sam gave the audience some time to dance as he moved through his upbeat tunes, such as “Nirvana.”

The real surprise came at the end of the evening when he performed his latest song “Promise” live for the first time. As an artist, Sam Smith found himself humbled and passionate. Performing for so many people still excites him and you can tell he loves what he does. This is a rarity in the music industry. It conveys a message of unity and passion, even if it means heartbreak. He ended the show with “Prayer” and reminded everyone that at the end of the day, we all pray.

All in all, Sam Smith: The thrill of it was great. There were no dancers or visual distractions. This was a show about the music and the singer behind it. As an amateur concert, this show was a reminder of simplicity and natural talent. I wasn’t the biggest Sam Smith fan before the show, but I’ve downloaded all the songs now and look forward to his return to the Honda Center.

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Michael Frasesa | BA Writing Contributor | Media Studies | Bowling Green State University MA | Film and television production Chapman University

Michael Fracassa is a Michigan native who recently moved to California to pursue his dream of producing children’s television. He is currently attending Chapman University where he is pursuing a master’s degree in film and television production. He is passionate about everything related to Disney, Marvel and Star Wars. You will find him visiting Disneyland or swimming in the ocean. Instagram @Fracassaaa | Check out my blogs British pop legend Sam Smith took over the Spark Arena last night for his The Thrill of it all tour and let’s just say it was a night to remember.

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Upon entering the arena, thousands of people waited for Smith to take the stage while being entertained by Australian singer-songwriter Gordy. Tonight there was no standing area for general admission, this was a fully seated event which was very refreshing as you could sit and listen to Sam Smith’s beautiful voice if you wanted to. Of course, even sitting didn’t stop the crowd from dancing, as we were standing for most of the evening, which felt like a dance lesson with Smith giving us instructions and of course we obeyed!

The sweet melodies of “One Last Song” filled the arena and were a beautiful reminder of the incredible vocal range that Smith possesses. He paused for a moment

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, expressed how grateful he was to be a part of his 90th show. For someone of such fame, the great thing about Smith is that he remains humble and thanks the audience many times for supporting him and his music.

It’s hard to imagine thousands of people cheering so loudly to songs that talk about heartache and breakups, but his songs are so recognizable and people connect with them. Smith faces the fact that his songs are very sad, he jokes

“I understand how sad my songs are, I don’t want anyone to leave feeling deprived, so I’ll make sure everyone feels great and happy.”

Not only is Smith a master of his craft, but he is a born showman, his calm demeanor rubs off on the crowd as we sit nervously and listen to his stories. Next was “Lay Me Down”, a song that changed Smith’s life completely and was the first song to be included on his debut album.

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The mood changed as people jumped from their seats to play the catchy rhythm of ‘Oman’. Smith proved that he could not only create powerful ballads but fun pop tunes as well. It’s always a joy to see an artist thrive at what he does, and Smith, along with his backing singers, seemed to be having as much fun as the crowd. The stage setup was also simple but amazing, it was almost like a science fiction movie set, projecting different colors and shapes for different tracks. A triangular platform spanned the middle of the crowd, Smith would use it as a gateway to exit and re-enter the stage.

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Smith did a dramatic James Bond entrance for the award-winning track “The Writings on the Wall”. While watching the stripped-down version of “Latch,” the crowd came together and raised their phones in the air to reveal a sea of ​​light. “Like I Can” brought some retro fun to the stage with a keyboard player, while “Restart” saw both the band and the audience moving around his image of Luther Vandross and Janet Jackson: Life is Free.

Smith took a moment to show his appreciation for his band and backing singers, all of whom had the same talent as Smith. Their vocals complimented Smith, while the band added something extra special to the packed show.

He later released “I Love You Like I Do”, which he dedicated to a little boy named Leon, who requested the song on the radio. Smith raised his hands and shouted

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“Love is love – I’m a proud gay man. Put your hands up if you’re proud of who you are.

To which, we did just that and smiles filled the arena as the song ended with a string of rainbow lights.

The latest addition to Smith’s collection of songs was “Promise,” which had the crowd on its feet, dancing from start to finish. Smith was sassy and shared his fashion with us. “Too Good at Arred’s” was the last song before Smith said goodbye, but apparently it wasn’t goodbye, because after a huge cheer from the crowd, he’s back to singing the classic “Stay with Me” — an explosion of confetti. . Full reds in the air as the track closes.

And the crowd cheers! How easily a night of heartache could have turned into an evening of pure bliss! And I think it’s our turn to thank Sam

Sam Smith

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