Salary Continuance Insurance Colonial First State

Salary Continuance Insurance Colonial First State – 1 FIRSTCHOICE EMPLOYER SUPER INSURANCE No. 2015/1, dated 18 May 2015 Investment in FirstChoice Employer Super is offered by Colonial First State FirstChoice Superannuation Trust ABN by Colonial First State Investments Limited ABN AFS License MySuper ISuper

2 Introduction to FirstChoice Employer Super insurance 1 Life insurance: the basics 5 Salary continuity insurance: the basics 11 How much does it cost? 15 Your FirstChoice Employer Super insurance 18 Transferring cover from another super fund 21 Making a claim 24 Other important information 25 Definitions 26 Premium rate tables 28 FirstChoice Employer Super Transfer of Insurance Form 33 FirstChoice Employer Super Insurance Application Form 37 Contact details FirstChoice State Limited 11 Harbor Street Sydney NSW 2000 Telephone Facsimile (02) Throughout this manual, important insurance terms are strongly recommended on each page or section. See the definitions on pages 26 to 27, where these terms are explained in detail. About this document The information in this document is part of the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for FirstChoice Employer Super, dated 18 May. This document contains statements and information that are incorporated by reference and should be read in conjunction with the FirstChoice Employer Super PDS. . References to PDS References to the PDS, Investment Options Menu and information incorporated by reference are as described in the FirstChoice Employer Super PDS. Important information about investing in FirstChoice Employer Super is provided by Colonial First State FirstChoice Superannuation Trust ABN (FirstChoice or Fund) by Colonial First State Investments Limited License ABN AFS (Trustee). The Trustee or its authorized licensed entity to which it has delegated investment management or administrative functions relating to this product is referred to in this PDS as First Colonial State, us, our or us. FirstChoice is a resident superannuation fund, regulated within the meaning of the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993 (Cth) and is not subject to non-contributory directions. Interest in FirstChoice Employer Super cannot be issued to you unless you use the attached paper application form or an electronic copy of the FirstChoice Employer Super PDS. PDS offers are only available to PDS recipients in Australia. If you are printing an electronic copy of the PDS, you must print all pages including the application form. If you make the PDS available to others, you must give away all electronic documents, including the application form. Copies of the PDS (and additional documents) can also be obtained free of charge on request by calling employer services or contacting your financial advisor. You can inspect a copy of the Life Insurance and Group Annuity policy at our head office, or we will give it to you free of charge. The trustee may change any of the terms and conditions contained in the PDS, subject to compliance with the trust agreement and the law and, where the change is material, the trustee will notify you in writing within the period required by the law . If any part of the PDS (such as the terms or conditions) is invalid or unenforceable under the law, it is waived so as not to have the validity or applicability of the remaining parts. The insurance provider is the AFS License ABN of Colonial Mutual Life Assurance Society Limited (CommInsure or the insurer). Insurance cover is provided in policies issued to trustees by CommInsure. You can apply for insurance simply by completing the insurance application form attached to this document. The underwriter and underwriter is a subsidiary of the last holding, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Stali ABN AFS License (bank). The Bank or its subsidiaries do not guarantee the performance of FirstChoice Employer Super, the repayment of principal from FirstChoice Employer Super or the insurance policy of CommInsure. Investments in FirstChoice Employer Super or CommInsure insurance policies are not deposits or other liabilities of the bank or its subsidiaries. Investing in FirstChoice Employer Super is subject to investment risks, including loss of income and capital invested. However, the trustee benefits from a guarantee (in an approved form) limited to 5 million dollars from the bank in the performance of duties to be a registered superannuation license. The guarantee is available for inspection by contacting the company secretary. The information contained in the PDS is general information only and does not take into account your personal goals, financial situation or needs. You should read the PDS carefully and assess whether the information is right for you and consider talking to a financial advisor before making an investment decision. All amounts quoted in the PDS are, unless specifically stated otherwise, references to Australian dollars. FirstChoice and FirstNet are trademarks of Colonial First State Investments Limited.

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Salary Continuance Insurance Colonial First State

3 Introducing FirstChoice Employer Super Insurance FirstChoice Employer Super insurance provides a convenient way to help protect the financial security of you and your loved ones, no matter what happens next. As a member of FirstChoice Employer Super, you have access to valuable insurance that can help provide financial protection if you die, become ill, become disabled or unable to work due to illness or injury. FirstChoice Employer Super is available in three groups of members: employee members who are employees of participating employers (for example, employers who have defined plans for their employees in FirstChoice Employer Super) retain the benefits of members who they are members of the employees but not. Continued employment by spouses of participating employers who are spouses of employee members. If you are an employee member, the FirstChoice Employer Super plan provides you with a specific level of coverage, based on the insurance policy established by your employer. You may be able to apply for special insurance if you need it, to help ensure you have the protection you need. Your insurance cover When you join FirstChoice Employer Super, you will receive an investor certificate, which will show any insurance you have. Your insurance amount is calculated monthly and may change due to factors such as membership type, age, your occupation, account balance and designated salary. Your employer must notify us of any changes to your employment details for these changes to take effect. You can cancel or reduce your coverage at any time. Types of cover There are three types of cover available under FirstChoice Employer Super: death only covers death and total disability (TPD) covers salary continuation insurance (SCI). The following key features are a summary of the insurance available through FirstChoice Employer Super: Total Disability and Permanent Disability (TPD) Death cover covers you if you die or are diagnosed with a terminal illness and have less than 12 months to live , total. and permanent. Continuing Disability Income Insurance (SCI) covers you for a long period of time out of work because you are totally or partially disabled by illness or injury with payments up to $5 million $3 million $25,000 per month 1 Payable to your benefit or estate. (or you, for terminal illness) you (and your special fund for your generous contribution) to help with things like your funeral, outstanding debts, your family’s living expenses, your life, additional medical expenses, care expenses, rent or mortgage. . , bills, utilities, rehabilitation expenses 1 Your maximum monthly salary coverage limit is the lesser of $25,000 or 75% of your monthly income and up to 10% for your super contribution. Super insurance Here are some of the benefits of having insurance through your FirstChoice Employer Super plan: Auto coverage. Staff members are automatically covered up to a certain level without having to ask or provide proof of your health. The price is not expensive. Your premiums are deducted from your premium balance, so you can get the coverage you need without affecting your daily budget. Potential tax benefits. Since the premiums are paid from the employer’s mandatory contributions and not from the take-home pay, you can pay less for your cover than if you took out a super policy. Flexible. If your personal needs change, you can apply to increase or decrease your coverage. Your spouse can apply to your FirstChoice Employer Super plan. Convenience. You don’t have to deal with a separate insurer, which means you can save time and avoid additional paperwork. Insurance Manual 1

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4 Who is the insurer? Insurance through FirstChoice Employer Super is provided under an insurance policy issued by The Colonial Mutual Life Assurance Society Limited (CommInsure) to policyholders. Any benefits paid under the policy will be paid to the trustee. The officer will pay benefits in accordance with the pension and trust law only

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