Rapid Roller Doors Melbourne

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The customer in Dandenong South, a suburb of Melbourne, is a leading supplier of adhesives to the industrial sector. They needed a high-speed door that could provide pollution control while maintaining airflow levels to the facility.

Rapid Roller Doors Melbourne

Premier Door Systems was able to install a total of five PremSPEED, Rapid Roll Doors featuring full-width ventilation panels on the door curtains as well as secure interactive vision panels. . Using ventilation with view panels has the added benefit of allowing more natural light to enter factories and warehouses.

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Doors installed in a variety of configurations, including integrating with existing roller shutter doors to create automatic high-speed doors that can withstand strong winds and high duty cycles.

We also equip the door’s power supply with an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) unit to provide continuous normal operation in the event of a power outage.

Additional sealing was added to the lower part of the door leaf to better seal the floor over the entire door width.

Australian manufacturer Premier Door Systems specializes in designing and installing doors to exact specifications. From concept design to completion, your experience with us will always live up to your expectations. High-speed roller doors are the ideal solution if your warehouse or industrial facility has high-volume entrances and exits that need to be constantly sealed. High-speed doors (also known as high-speed doors) are available in a variety of speeds and can be customized to meet the specific needs of your facility.

Roller Door Repairs

Speed ​​doors can open and close at speeds of 2 to 2.5 meters per second, but the speed is greatly affected by the size of the opening and the environment in which it is installed (both external and internal).

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For example, small interior doors that only operate at low air pressure have fiberglass (GRP) slats that can be opened quickly. On the other hand, larger exterior doors that are exposed to the wind should be stiffer (with more mass) and therefore act a little slower.

The curtain element of the high-speed door is made of polyester with PVC coating as standard to ensure lightness, flexibility and durability.

Foam backing can be added to provide insulation when used in cold rooms. And for freezers, Express Doors can supply 2 layers of foam with 2 layers of PVC for more insulation.

High Speed Doors

The frame of a high-speed door, including rails and covers, is usually made of anodized aluminum. Alternatively, if you operate your business in a corrosive environment (eg using harsh cleaning chemicals), it may be appropriate to make a stainless steel speed door. In applications where hygiene is a concern (eg bacterial control or hospital environments), stainless steel also provides a non-porous surface that is easy to clean.

When choosing a high-speed door, make sure you have a motor and controller designed for high duty cycles for quality and durability. It’s also a good idea to find a supplier that provides replacement parts along with warranty support to minimize potential downtime.

Detection sensors such as photoelectric (PE) beams or light curtains can be integrated into high-speed doors to ensure safe operation. The sensor automatically detects when a person or forklift approaches and retracts the high-speed door smoothly.

In industrial or warehouse environments, collisions between forklifts or trolleys and doors are a reality. That’s why it’s so important to find a high-speed door designed with impact in mind.

Rapid Roll Doors For Auto Carwashes From Premier Door Systems

High-speed roller doors can be cleverly designed to ‘let go’ rather than withstand impact. This ‘self-healing’ feature means that the door pops out of the frame and then realigns to the rails as it continues to roll up.

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No repairs are required, so there is no downtime in the warehouse and business can continue normally.

For outdoor applications with high wind loads, high-speed doors can be designed and manufactured with integrated wind battens to match the wind pressure of the environment.

However, if very high pressures are likely to occur, folding high-speed doors should be considered as an option. This is because the balance between “crash and self-repair” and wind loads means that the speed door’s ability to self-repair needs to be reduced.

China Exterior Motorized High Speed Pvc Fast Rapid Rolling Shutter Door

A high-speed door is not technically a security door, but that doesn’t mean it can be used outside the facility. Combined with steel roller shutters, they can provide the necessary temperature and/or dust control during the day, while roller shutters provide security after closing hours. Pedestrian access can then be controlled via walkways or fob, or by integrating other systems.

These sensors can be positioned specifically with widely adjustable parameters to suit the environment and fast sensing distance from the door. That way, when the vehicle is 2 to 8 meters away, it can detect it and open automatically. This distance can be adjusted and adapted to individual traffic flow requirements.

Remax Doors is proud to manufacture high quality high speed doors in Australia. This allows us to deliver fast doors with fast turnaround times and gives you full control over the production process to ensure quality.

If you need a custom high-speed door, we have the flexibility to design it to give you exactly what you want. Parts replacement and support are not far from our factory in Australia. In addition to intelligent drive and control technology, we also offer a variety of options in single-sided spiral or single-sided doors and flexible high-speed doors. The commercial and industrial applications of the 4Ddoors high-speed door collection provide doors to meet your business and security needs. Commercial and industrial operations have different requirements that require individual door solutions. With our expertise, we provide customer-specific solutions for special applications such as transportation systems, food industry, clean rooms, cooling zones or machine safety. Download High Speed ​​Doors Brochure (PDF) If you cannot find the finish you are looking for, please visit our showroom or contact our team and we will work with you to achieve the perfect finish.

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Spitfire Garage Doors

The 4Ddoors Collections range of high-speed doors offers doors to meet your business needs and more importantly your security needs. A wide range of options are available with a wide range of single-sided spiral or single-sided doors and flexible high-speed doors along with intelligent drive and control technology.

Optimized operation 4Ddoors products offer long service life and high efficiency as standard. Frequency converter control relieves the entire door mechanism and ensures quiet door operation with little wear. High opening/closing speed optimizes operation and reduces heat loss. It also relieves the entire door mechanism due to the smooth starting and braking action. This greatly extends the life of the door.

Practical Solution No downtime due to crashes thanks to the SoftEdge bottom profile. Innovative SoftEdge door technology prevents door system damage and consequent downtime. Extensive repairs, such as rigid door profiles, are usually not required. SoftEdge ensures trouble-free operation and production processes.

Compact design The elegant, narrow aluminum side panel requires only 145mm of low side space. The door leaf seals particularly well thanks to the very small gap size and lip seal.

Carwash Rapid Roll Doors Noise Waste Reduction │ Premier Door Systems

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