Pure Indulgence Massage Northcote

Pure Indulgence Massage Northcote – The friendly and welcoming team at Pure Indulgence Massage offer relaxation massages in Northcote to help you unwind after a long week. They offer a wide range of services from Thai to deep tissue to relaxation and massage. Book a session today.

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Pure Indulgence Massage Northcote

You will be put in many positions like yoga where a lot of pressure and stretching of the whole body takes place. A Thai massage also includes intense massage of the muscles.

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Starting gently, the massage then becomes harder as the muscles relax. Very little oil is used so that the pressure is focused on your problem area. Stress reaches deep parts of the soft tissue and can focus on a particular joint group, muscles or tendons.

Using both moisturizing cream and oil, the body and muscles are massaged firmly. Soft music and scented candles are included with every massage to clear the mind.

The massage focuses on areas of discomfort. Muscles and muscles that are tied, stiff or immobile will be soothed by the ointment and the whole body. Noninvasive stretching tests are also used. Therapeutic massage calms the nervous system, reduces pain and stiffness and improves joint mobility.

Our signature massage is our massage blend that combines both traditional Thai massage and aromatherapy massage. Or on the other hand a combination of our methods.

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** POA – Price on request. This service is designed for your specific needs. The price will be announced at your appointment.

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