Progress Transport Services Warrnambool

Progress Transport Services Warrnambool – PST leadership, left to right: CEO Mike Munday, manager Terry Stoitse, CEO Steven Stoitse and Norma Stoitse, widow of late founder Peter Stoitse.

Peter Stoitse Transport (PST) – a family transport company that collects 20 per cent of milk from Victorian farmers leaving the dairy industry.

Progress Transport Services Warrnambool

PST chief executive Mike Munday said the company is making good progress in protecting its people and business by transferring operations and equipment to McColl’s Transport.

History Comes Alive On Train Trip

“This is our first. For half a century, the family always cares about its people and customers. They want to finish as they started. Hope to have good news for everyone at Christmas time,” Munday said.

PST Public Relations Representative Michael Smith said McColl’s Transport has agreed to take over most of PST’s workforce, but is awaiting final confirmation of a supplier.

“There is one supplier that has not agreed to a contract change, but hopefully that will happen soon,” Smith said.

PST has 276 employees and 94 milk trucks based in Leongatha, Welshpool, Shepparton, Warrnambool, Drouin, Maffra, Albury and Wallace, and the General Cargo Division has 20 trucks based in Hallam and Welshpool, which is the headquarters of the company.

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Milk is 85 percent of the company’s business, and the workers who are not returned elsewhere are involved in the remaining departments.

Founded 51 years ago by Australian Road Transport Hall of Famer Peter Stoitse, Peter Stoitse Transport Pty Ltd collects 1.2 billion liters of milk each year from more than 500 Victorian farms. .

Steven Stoitse, son of the late Peter Stoitse, said it was hard to leave a business his family had loved all their lives.

“We are determined to honor Dad’s legacy by working with love for our people and business. McColl was instrumental in achieving that result,” said Stoitse.

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Munday said that the company was operating under strict customer contracts, which had made conditions very difficult in recent years and could not introduce new equipment in a highly competitive market. .

“And then COVID couldn’t have come at a better time. The pandemic has added $500,000 to annual costs, like everything else. It’s made it harder to finance things. management,” he said.

“The company has been in trouble for three years. We have not been able to invest in new production, which is slowly eroding our competitive position. It is better to open now for farmers and workers before attempting to hold or obtain an emergency landing.

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The company is owned by Norma, her two sons, Steven and Terry, and her daughter Sandra. The seven members of the family have almost two centuries of experience in the business.

Victorian Railways S Type Carriage

PST will make its final collections on January 31st and hopes to complete arrangements for McColl’s to begin collections on February 1st. Almost all milk producers agree to transfer contracts. UPDATE: Wheelie Waste employees Chris Philp, Gary Barton, Tommy Barton and Jack Barton are delighted to have the glasshouse up and running in Warrnambool. Photo: Anthony Brady

A WARRNAMBOOL waste company is moving ahead with plans for a glass melting center in Victoria’s south-west, bringing at least 15 new jobs to the region.

Wheelie Waste received $481,800 in federal and state funding on Monday for a new facility on Mason Street, near Bunnings, in East Warrnambool.

Wheelie Waste CEO Chris Philp said the project will cost about $2 million and Wheelie Waste about $1.5 million.

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“It should be built this year. We are waiting for this announcement to go through,” said Mr Philp.

Mr Philp said the agreement was being negotiated with third parties in the construction industry to be able to use the cut glass in road construction, construction and landfill.

“We are looking for other ways outside of the road industry to use this product, to ensure that this project continues in the long term,” he said.

Wheelie Waste collects recycling for municipalities in Warrnambool, Corangamite, Colac Otway, Ararat, Horsham, Hepburn and the Southern and Northern Grampians.

Horsham City Urban Renewal

“They and others can use the building, we hope to see it as a middle school,” said Mr Philp.

He said the project is progressing in phases, with the primary goal of separating glass from recycled materials.

“We need to clean up our recycling and people need to be a part of it. Not only in removing the glass from the mixed containers, but in the quality of the product itself, keep your waste from your recycling, and that’s what this. factory is all about.”

Wannon MP Dan Tehan said the plant would create jobs during construction and through the ongoing management of the plant.

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“Through the Recycling Modernization Fund, the Morrison and Andrews Governments are supporting a $2 million project with the company and local government to strengthen the local industry and help our environment,” said Mr Tehan. .

The project is one of seven $8.1 million glass and plastics projects announced by federal and state governments Monday in total funding.

Victorian Environment Minister Lily D’Ambrosio says the state’s innovation will increase

“Not only are these seven projects announced today to create jobs, they will divert 205,000 tonnes of glass and 23,000 tonnes of plastic from the landfill every year, which is a huge difference, ” said Ms D’Ambrosio.

Climate Action In Shipping Report

“This means more cups, bottles and fiberglass are made from recycled glass and plastic, which is used to build new roads and sidewalks. in central Victoria.”

Governments say the projects will double Victoria’s domestic glass melting capacity, increase plastic recycling by 40 per cent and create 350 jobs.

Have you signed up for The daily newsletter and email with the latest news? You can register below and keep up with all that is happening in the South West. With the expansion of livestock production and processing in Australia, the industry that supports the livestock transport industry is growing in importance. A constant problem for rural transporters is the condition of roads in remote areas. Some of these roads have not been significantly improved in over 50 years. From what we have gathered through our discussions with members of the industry in recent weeks, the company wants to see a proper commitment from the federal and state governments to support the rural transportation industry. , especially through road improvements.

Many freight issues were discussed at the joint Australian Livestock and Rural Transporters Association (ALRTA)/Rural Livestock Transporters Association of Victoria (LRTAV) – National Combined Conference held in Bendigo last year. Currently, the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) is consulting with the industry to better understand the needs of livestock owners to improve the ability of parties in the livestock supply line to meet their regulatory obligations. and support safe and productive road transport operations.

Peoria Fire Department Upgrades Station 15’s Emergency Services

“The size, complexity, resources, roles and working hours of animal welfare agents vary across Australia – resulting in a variety of systems and resources that complicate the task of implementation. “It’s difficult to implement in an efficient way,” said Peter Caprioli, Director of NHVR. Freight and supply chain. “Some stakeholders have identified inconsistencies in livestock programs and arrangements between States and Territories as a factor in their inability to meet HVNL obligations.” The NHVR believes that livestock breeding programs can help address the issue of compliance and product equity in the livestock industry.

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Mathew Munro – ALRTA Director (Facilitator), Dr Megan Scott – Director – Livestock Diseases, Agriculture Victoria, Dr Peter Dagg – Director – AUSVETPLAN, Animal Health Australia, Dr Chris Parker – National Preparedness Coordinator for Animal diseases, Federal Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry.

NHVR also administers programs under the Heavy Vehicle Safety Initiative (HVSI) which support funding for projects that deliver real improvements in heavy vehicle safety. “Some projects include educating those involved in the remote livestock industry on the chain of responsibility and safety management systems; and the development of a free and comprehensive online training program for the industry focused on preventing heavy vehicle trips and falls and preventing life or serious injury in livestock production ,” said Peter.

Improving the conditions of loading and unloading ramps and upgrading the storm water treatment facilities are two other important things for the company. Although the small collection bins installed in animal shelters are built in to the proper function of storage, drivers must have access to proper disposal facilities when the bins are full during transportation. The number of wells on the roads means cleaner roads, improving safety, animal welfare and reducing the risk of non-compliance with biosecurity, environmental and cargo laws. .

Warrnambool Line Upgrade

While our neighbors across the Tasman have successfully built roadside water treatment facilities, Australia is a long way off. New Zealand’s success in this area lies in the fact that local and national authorities have come together to set up stormwater management facilities. ALRTA believes that Australia could benefit from a similar approach, based on biosecurity threats in this area.

“We are particularly concerned about foot-and-mouth disease (FMD), ringworm and African swine fever.

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