Pregnancy Massage Newcastle Nsw

Pregnancy Massage Newcastle Nsw – Enter the quiet zone where you feel a thousand miles away from the pressures and distractions of everyday life. These two treatments include a body scrub, wrap and relaxing massage. A wrap is more than a wrap – a layering of oils, gels and creams, each with a specific purpose – e.g. relaxes, nourishes, hydrates and detoxifies. These luxurious gels, oils and creams work much deeper than the skin level – absorbed into the bloodstream and inhaled through the nose, allowing them to work on a deeper physical and emotional level.

Dead Sea salts have been prescribed for centuries for health, beauty and relaxation. This unique concentration of minerals is believed to relieve skin, arthritis and other health problems. Enjoy the same benefits and luxury of a Dead Sea pilgrimage in the comfort of a Day Spa. After the wrap, you will receive a gentle massage.

Pregnancy Massage Newcastle Nsw

South Pacific islanders have been using coconut oil and flower extracts for centuries to nourish and beautify their skin. This two-in-one cosmetic treatment removes dull skin cells and unclogs pores, while coconut and fragrances hydrate and protect the skin.

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Testimonial You feel absolutely brilliant, so relaxed. Thanks for everything. He returns several times. – Carol Towers, Long JettyMassage Pregnancy Therapy is a wonderful complementary choice for pregnancy care. It’s a healthy way to reduce stress and improve overall well-being. At Chiropractic Plus, most of our prenatal clients enjoy the benefits of massage and chiropractic treatment.

Massage therapy relieves many discomforts experienced during pregnancy, such as back pain, neck stiffness, leg cramps, headaches, and edema (or swelling). In addition, massage reduces stress on heavy joints, stimulates blood and lymph circulation, helps relax nervous tension – which promotes better sleep – and can help relieve depression or anxiety caused by hormonal changes.

At Chiropractic Plus, our prenatal massage therapists in Newcastle focus on pregnant women who are too far along in their pregnancy to lie face down.

These professionally designed pillows ensure that our prenatal clients’ new bellies are well supported, but still “very comfortable” during treatment.

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In fact, most women feel so comfortable on these pillows that they don’t want to get up after the treatment.

The Chiropractic Plus team consists of ten therapeutic massage therapists and three highly trained chiropractors – all focused on prenatal care. Our Newcastle prenatal massage therapists often work with our chiropractors to provide optimal care for expectant mothers.

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If you have any specific questions about prenatal massage or chiropractic care, please call our clinic to speak with our friendly doctors – or email us at [email protected]

Each therapist level is differentiated based on each therapist’s education, experience, professional development, and number of years in the industry.

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Why not give a little “me time” to someone who is interested in a massage gift certificate? Starting at $65.

Neck pain always reflects the structural balance of the cervical spine and how the nerve roots affect muscle tension and circulation.

Neck problems often result from motor vehicle accidents, minor and major, including whiplash. Similarly, sports injuries are responsible for damage to the cervical spine, which affects joints, nerves, muscles, tendons and ligaments. It is important to consider how our lifestyle choices can affect our neck and how susceptible it is to injury.

Shoulders Repetitive posture causes displacements in the vertebrae of the cervical spine and as such causes postural and structural problems.

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Bad or improper posture often occurs as a result of daily activities or work. Bad posture is always associated with misalignment of the spine. The most common cause is improper sitting, especially for office workers. Poor posture can also be linked to other factors such as work stress and tension.

While hip problems can be caused by injury, overuse, and trauma, pain in this area is always related to alignment issues. This may include: joint dysfunction, nerve interference in the spine, or nerve interference in the pelvis and lower extremities.

Almost 80% of the population has experienced or will experience some form of back pain during their lifetime. Back pain is always associated with a misalignment of the spine. The intensity of back pain can range from mild to severe. Causes of back pain include poor spinal alignment and muscle or skeletal injuries. Other causes of back pain include disc injuries, kidney infections, and kidney stones. Most back pain problems are caused by lifestyle, and your chiropractor can help with a natural approach.

While foot problems can be caused by injury, overuse, and trauma, pain in this area is always associated with alignment issues. This may include: joint dysfunction, nerve interference in the spine, or nerve interference in the pelvis and lower extremities.

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While foot problems can be caused by injury, overuse, and trauma, pain in this area is always related to alignment issues. This may include: joint dysfunction, nerve interference in the spine, or nerve interference in the pelvis and lower extremities.

Simon’s background includes an Honors Degree in Economics and a Diploma in Therapeutic and Sports Massage, as well as years of experience in high level athletics and basketball. Simon has worked closely with the Australian Netball team, the Australian Rugby League team, the Wallabies and was the injury and rehabilitation co-ordinator for the Newcastle Knights when they won the NRL title in 2001.

During this time he worked as a practice manager and has now become our operational manager. Outside of Chiropractic Plus, Maddy is a wife and mother of two who values ​​spending time with her family and staying as fit and active as she can. Maddy is always available to talk to if you have any questions or concerns.

Eliza joined the Chiropractic Plus Team in 2017, having studied Business Management and Human Resources at TAFE before completing a Nursing Diploma at Newcastle University.

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Eliza is passionate about holistic health care and aims to help our patients wherever she can. Outside of work, Eliza values ​​spending time with family, friends, and traveling with her fiancé whenever she can.

Now, as one of the Practice Managers at Chiropractic Plus, Eliza is always available to speak with any questions or concerns you may have.

Wife and mother of two young children with a strong administrative background. During her time at Chiropractic Plus, Kirbie worked to become a practice manager and now strives to provide holistic patient care and interaction.

He is currently studying Physiotherapy at Charles Sturt University and has a great passion for sport, particularly long jump, in which he competes at national level.

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Britt is always ready to help with booking an appointment, payment and any questions you may have at the clinic or over the phone.

Outside of Chiropractic Plus, Olivia is pursuing a BA in Naturopathy and has a strong passion for women’s health and hormonal balance. Olivia loves to read and stays active in all areas of her life.

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Olivia is always ready to help you with appointments, payments and any questions you may have at the clinic or over the phone.

She comes with a strong administrative background and strives to ensure that our patients have a pleasant experience from entering the clinic to leaving.

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Outside of Chiropractic Plus, Bec is currently studying for a Bachelor of Business (Event Management). Bec is always available to help you with appointments, payments and any questions you may have at the clinic or over the phone.

Dalton is an amazing remedial massage therapist who brings his incredible clinical knowledge and caring nature to Chiropractic Plus.

Dalton has worked with clients with a variety of musculoskeletal injuries and has an interest in rehabilitation. He uses this experience with all of his clients to achieve the best possible results in injury prevention and rehabilitation. While Dalton is happy to treat any area you may be having issues with, his areas of focus are upper body, neck and shoulder injuries.

Lian is an incredibly skilled remedial massage therapist with many years of experience. He is very passionate about his customers.

Treat Yourself: The Best Places For An Indulgent Massage In Canberra

Lian brings an impressive range of skills and techniques to massage from her Oriental/Chinese heritage. She uses dry needling, electrotherapy, cupping and hot stones to enhance and complement her other traditional massage techniques. Although Lian studied therapeutic massage in Australia, the integration of multiple techniques tailored to the client’s needs is what makes her such a unique and sought after massage therapist at Chiropractic Plus.

In her free time, Lian also studies and researches alternative massage techniques to expand her knowledge and skills and to integrate new techniques and methods into her therapies.

When Lian is not at the clinic, she enjoys gardening and cooking. He enjoys watching rugby league and supporting his team, the Sydney Roosters.

Originally from Newcastle, Peter has always loved being active. This in combination with the previous one

Pregnancy Massage Newcastle

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