Port Campbell National Park Accommodation

Port Campbell National Park Accommodation – Port Campbell National Park from Princeton to Peterborough. Photos of these historic sites have long represented the Great Ocean Road. These include Loch Ard Valley, London Bridge, Arches and Grottoes.

A unique attraction is the Port Campbell Jetty. You can’t take the time to visit Port Campbell without stopping at this bar – it’s a must-do.

Port Campbell National Park Accommodation

A map is available from the nearby Visitor Information Center in Port Campbell showing the entire area from the main car park.

Unique Places To Stay On The Great Ocean Road

The jewel in the crown of the Great Ocean Road and the main tourist attraction in the area are the 12 Apostles. The beauty of these limestone monuments is unforgettable and not to be missed. Sunrises and sunsets offer even more impressive views.

Location: Twelve Apostles is located at 3269 Princeton on the corner of Boringa Rd and Great Ocean Road.

Be prepared to be overwhelmed by the sheer size of the cliffs and coastline. The sheer number of natural sculptures found on this site is astonishing.

In the local language, Gog and Magog are the names given to the two beaches, which can be seen from the viewing platform and (with marine and marine permits) from the beach. These are not considered part of the 12 apostles. The steps were carved into the rock by local resident Hugh Gibson, who worked on the traditional site used by the original inhabitants of Kirrae Whurrong.

The Ultimate Great Ocean Road Itinerary

Many visitors have special memories of their visit to the Cave. The spray of the wave casts a fine mist in the poorly visible area. Sunshine fills the air with rainbow joy. The still clear water in the open cave reflects against the moving water of the ocean beyond.

This wall is there to protect visitors, as the low table that feeds the rock pool is often covered by undetected waves from the depths of the water.

The site is always spectacular in the afternoon, when the eastern formations are bathed in warm golden light. A walkway leading to the platform offers an unusual view of the 12 Apostles. More famous groups can be seen standing boldly against the cliffs they are carved on.

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The arch is built on a harder rock platform that provides water in small to medium swells. In big swells, the formation becomes more pronounced as the wave hits the platform, with thick heavy toms sliding smoothly through the gap to block the other side.

Great Ocean Road Itinerary 3 Days

London Bridge has a viewing platform to the west and east. Visitors were once able to travel through the Eastern Range (and on a single-stage road) connected to the mainland.

London Bridge is one of two points in the national park where visitors can see little penguins returning to shore (the other is from the 12 Apostles viewing platform. The population of 80-100 birds at London Bridge is significantly smaller than at the 12 Apostles But the viewing platform is closer to the birds.

London Bridge was a double span bridge that connected the mainland before 1990. The piles were built over hundreds of years and the weaker layers towards the base were eroded away by wind and water to form the two bridges.

On January 15, 1990, a short distance near the coast unexpectedly collapsed, leaving two visitors unharmed and trapped in space before being rescued by helicopter.

Great Ocean Road In 3 Days

For many, the hype surrounding the London Bridge collapse was a turning point. Many visitors tell about a loved one who was present the day before or after the event.

Erosion is a phenomenon that for the first time emphasizes the transience of the features that dominate this sculpted coastline. Perhaps a prelude to the stricter visitor management and protection infrastructure required for a safe and environmentally responsible experience.

It is impossible to walk these trails and not be impressed by the power of nature and the history of shipwrecks that define the area. The indescribable beauty of formations such as Coastline, Snake and Razorback and Island Arches put this reserve on a par with Lottery. A map of all grounds is visible from the main car park and can be found at the nearby Visitor Information Center in Port Campbell.

From September to May, a colony of Black-tailed Godwits (sheepbirds) lives on the shores of Muttonbird Island, and their nocturnal return makes a visit at dusk all the more worthwhile.

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Holiday Home Port Campbell Retreat, Australia

From Princeton to Petersburg, learn more about Port Campbell National Park with the latest visiting information from the Port Campbell Visitor Information Center.

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Great Ocean Road Regional Tourism recognizes the traditional customers of Wadawurrung, East Maar and Gunditjmara in the Great Ocean Road region. We pay tribute to their ancestors, past, present and future. We recognize and respect their unique cultural heritage and connection to their traditional land. We are committed to building genuine and lasting partnerships that recognize, embrace and support a spirit of reconciliation, self-determination, equality of results and an equal voice for Australia’s first people. Port Campbell is a beautiful and lively coastal town in Victoria. In addition to the world-famous Great Ocean Road, this part of Australia is packed with accommodations, restaurants and exciting activities in Port Campbell that are sure to make your trip unique. So, before planning your trip, let’s look at the best places to stay during your trip.

Port Campbell may not look like your typical big city with skyscrapers dominating the skyline, but the city offers a range of unique accommodations when you visit the surrounding area and Port Campbell National Park. From luxury resorts to country houses and cozy lodges – you name it.

Revisiting Port Campbell National Park

Port Campbell is known for its beautiful Mother Nature, so why not go all out and book a hotel or modern villa with stunning ocean views? Sit back, enjoy the view and make yourself at home by booking one of the accommodations below.

The Ocall Motel is a white residence in Port Campbell, located on the main street of the city. Steps from beautiful gardens and the city’s best cafes and wineries, each room is beautifully decorated with eye-catching decor. In this room you can expect a kitchenette complete with a microwave and a self-service laundry.

As for the price per night, it ranges from $128 to $149. Most rooms can accommodate up to 5 people and family rooms are also available.

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Located opposite the coast of Port Campbell Bay, the Sea Bubble is one of the best places to stay in Port Campbell. In addition to being close to Lord Street, these villas are fully equipped with wired WiFi connection and full kitchen facilities to make your stay easy. Some units even have a bathtub and a balcony or terrace overlooking the beautiful bay.

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This sleek and modern space is perfect for two, but can also accommodate up to six adults. The price per night depends on the location you choose. A standard cottage costs $112, and a three-bedroom nursery can cost $324.

Located 11 km from the Twelve Apostles, this modern villa with large bay windows is the perfect place for those seeking tranquility. This villa has a private terrace overlooking the garden and a great BBQ area with an outdoor seating area.

Inside you will find an open kitchen that is fully equipped with the necessary crockery and equipment. If you’re in the mood for some activities, the tour desk can arrange fun tours for you, including helicopter rides, fishing trips, and golfing outings. For those traveling in groups, South Ocean Village is a great option. The price per night varies according to the number of people – it starts at $144 and goes up to $207.

As the name suggests, this place offers you a peaceful rural atmosphere. Overlooking Newfield Valley, Daisy Hill Country Cottage sits on 55 acres, just a minute’s drive from the ocean.

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Given its location, surrounded by native trees, it is the perfect place for those wanting a taste of Mother Nature. Guests can use the barbecue area or cook in the rustic kitchen. Some room options even have fireplaces and spa tubs. For $230 you can stay in a two-bedroom house for six people

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