Port Arthur Tour From Hobart

Port Arthur Tour From Hobart – Looking for things to do outside of Hobart? A day trip to Port Arthur is the perfect way to see more of Tasmania. Port Arthur is one of Tasmania’s most popular tourist destinations. The site was a former penal colony and is now a World Heritage Site. This day trip is essential to your Tasmanian bucket list!

Tasmania is one of our favorite destinations in Australia and where we spent our first babymoon, on an 8-day Tasmanian road trip traveling from Hobart to Launceston and seeing some of the main attractions.

Port Arthur Tour From Hobart

One of the places we knew we wanted to see on our first visit to Tasmania was the Port Arthur Historic Site.

Port Arthur & Tassie Devils

Port Arthur Historic Site is located approximately 90 minutes from Hobart, the capital of Tasmania, on the southern tip of the Tasman Peninsula. It just happens to be home to some of Australia’s most fascinating (and tragic) history.

The most famous site is Port Arthur Penitentiary, where many of Australia’s early convicts and criminals served their time.

It is also the sad site of one of Australia’s worst crimes, the 1996 massacre that took place in the grounds, which claimed many innocent lives.

As well as the prison, the Historic Site is home to a wharf, a convict church, a museum, a hospital, a coal mine, and extensive gardens, all formed as part of a larger prison community.

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The site is heritage listed, with opportunities to learn a lot about this part of Australian history.

For me, prison tours are always more interesting than they might be for some, as my background is in the prison system as a psychologist. This is a career I left in mid-2014 after nearly a decade of working in the field so I’d like to hear a comparison between historical prisons and their modern counterparts.

You will be surprised in some cases how many similarities there are, and Port Arthur is definitely an exception.

Don’t miss your chance to visit some of Tasmania’s amazing beaches while there, with Fortescue Bay nearby.

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Port Arthur Penitentiary was originally built in 1843 as a flour mill and barn before being converted in 1857. It was originally capable of housing about 500 convicts in total.

It has Watchmen’s Quarters, food mess, library, chapel, workshop and ablutions complex in the grounds, however, this building was destroyed by fire in 1987. Remains of the original penitentiary stands today, and the conservation project started in the 1960s to preserve what. left historic site.

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Recently, a project was created to ensure the preservation of the prison for future generations.

On a visit to Port Arthur, you can safely walk through the remains of the prison, giving you an idea of ​​how the structure used to be.

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There are many historical notes around the site, to give you an idea of ​​how each area was used, and important events that took place.

To get to Port Arthur from Hobart, you can either drive yourself or take a guided day tour, departing from Hobart.

It is an easy drive although keep an eye out for wildlife on the road, especially if you are traveling back from Port Arthur to Hobart after dark.

If you take a day trip to Port Arthur from Hobart, the journey is usually around 2 hours including hotel stops.

Historical Port Arthur Day Tour

Do you have your own car? You can also buy a site entry pass if you have your own vehicle, which will give you entry to the attraction upon arrival. Your pass includes a guided walking tour, harbor cruise and access to all historic ruins.

The best time to visit Port Arthur is from October to April. This is when the weather is the best. The temperature is mild and there is less rain. However, Port Arthur is open all year round. If you are visiting in the cooler months (May-September), you can expect cooler weather.

We joined the Port Arthur prison tour, which is a guided tour that takes place at regular intervals throughout the day.

We have fantastic and fun tour guides with great knowledge on the site. He mentioned the importance of employment or education for prisoners, how it is mandated to ensure that released prisoners have the skills to help them if they return to society. Mainly it has similar parallels with modern corrections.

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A separate prison was built in 1950, forming what we know today as a single prison site. A single cell, separated from other prisoners and given only one hour a day to exercise in the adjacent training yard.

This area of ​​the site is still in good condition as it was not affected by the fire that destroyed the main area of ​​the prison.

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Another interesting structure at the Port Arthur Historic Site is the convict church. Although it was also destroyed by fire, the church has undergone several reconstructions over time and is worth visiting itself, with impressive high walls and a large space to accommodate prisoners and staff at the same time.

There are several houses located near the prison and the churchyard that housed many important people who were involved in the management of the prison over the years. Many have now been restored and can be seen during your visit and some are said to be haunted. Eeeek!

Port Arthur Tour From Hobart

Between the house and the grounds of the prison there are several beautiful large gardens, full of colorful flowers and plants. There is also the most important Commander’s garden, planted in 1950 and maintained since then, and the Commander’s residence is guarded.

Overall, Port Arthur Historic Site is an interesting attraction, well worth a visit. This will be especially interesting if you like history… or prisons.

There is quite easy to fill a few hours during the visit, with additional seasonal activities such as cruises. There is also an on-site restaurant serving delicious and varied food to suit all tastes.

Ready to plan your visit? We’ve put together an essential guide to help you prepare for a fun day on your day trip to Port Arthur:

An Essential Guide To Port Arthur Tours From Hobart

Entrance fees to the Historic Port Arthur site vary depending on whether you take a day tour from Hobart to Port Arthur or make your own way there and only need one entrance.

Our entry included the Tasman IslandCruise which we did before entering Port Arthur. However, you can buy both attractions separately as well.

Prices at the time of writing (June 2022) are AU$45 for adults, $36 for concessions and $20 for adults.

Additional tours and experiences, including Port Arthur night tours, ghost tours and Escape From Port Arthur experiences, such as day tours with transportation from Hobart or elsewhere, are available at an additional cost.

Port Arthur Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

There are many bus and tour services that can take you to Port Arthur from Hobart and other parts of Tasmania.

You can also hire a car in Tasmania which is perfect if you are planning a Tasmanian road trip or just have the flexibility to make your own journey while visiting this beautiful Australian state.

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We had a rental car and took the self-drive option. If you choose to travel to Port Arthur by private transport, keep an eye out for windy roads and wildlife. This is one of the falls in the beautiful natural scenery along the way.

If you want to spend more time in the area, there are many great places to stay near Port Arthur. Check out these top-rated options that are great for families visiting the area:

Tasmania Road Trip Itinerary, Day 3: Port Arthur

The Port Arthur Historic Site has a lot to see and is suitable for children, however, children can be restless on a guided tour, depending on their interest level. They may also be too young for some tour options, such as ghost tours.

There’s plenty to see and do near Port Arthur, so make sure you leave some time in your itinerary to explore the area. Here are some of our favorite things to do: Australia has a dark and sad history, but no less glamorous. Few places express Australia’s brutal colonial era like Port Arthur in Tasmania. I had to go back to the Port Arthur Historic Site on my last trip to Tasmania to better understand the place and it is an important place to visit in Australia for its cultural and historical significance. This is the essential guide for touring Port Arthur from Hobart.

The distance from Hobart to Port Arthur is 97km. It is one of eleven Australian Convict Sites on the UNESCO World Heritage List, which includes Maria Island and is one of Tasmania’s busiest tourist attractions. Visiting a penal colony may not sound like fun, and I don’t think it is but you can’t take away the appeal of Port Arthur as a place of historical significance.

Australia’s modern history is based on the establishment of a penal colony by Great Britain and to help visitors understand Australia and some of its past history, most Tasmania tours include a visit to Port Arthur. Maria Island also has some significant colonial history.

Port Arthur Tour & Cruise Day Trip From Hobart


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