Pet Sitting Sydney Jobs

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Pet Sitting Sydney Jobs

Don’t worry about leaving your pet alone at home when you have to go or work long hours. Have you ever wondered, “Is there a home near me that can help?” Fortunately, you can easily find a local and reliable house to sit on.

Work Opportunity: A Careful Petsitter

Do you get away but have a pet that prefers to stay in its environment? Or maybe you have several different pets and it’s not practical for you to allow them to stay in different places. Then you might consider hiring a housekeeper to come and stay at your home while you’re away.

House sitting is a convenient and affordable option when you have multiple pets and want your home safely cared for while you are away. Many of our pets have very suitable homes as they enjoy staying and exploring different local neighborhoods such as .

We understand that trusting your home to a stranger can be a little scary. That’s why we’ve done all the hard work to make sure your housekeeper is reliable and trustworthy. All of our pet sitters’ profiles are personally vetted by our trust and safety team, and some pet sitters even have their own police checks to share with you.

The best thing about hiring a certified pet sitter is that you can relax knowing that in addition to being covered by our premium insurance, your pets are cared for in a familiar environment and your home is monitored.

Jobs With Cats

In addition to caring for your pets, many of our residents will be happy to help by collecting your mail, taking out the trash, and watering your plants. Just make sure you discuss all your requirements with your chosen host before booking.

Pet owners register. Most of the pet owners left an average rating of /5. All payments are made securely via PayPal, Visa, Mastercard or American Express.

If your pet sitter, walker or sitter needs to cancel at the last minute, we will work with you to find a new one.

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More than 5 pet lovers will send you their quotes and details within minutes to hours.

Here’s What You Can And Can’t Do Under Sydney’s Latest Lockdown Rules

When you make a pet service broadcast request, the big data AI streaming system analyzes your needs and distributes your request to pet service providers who can help you based on their skills, location and availability. You can also request pet services directly from the pet service providers of your choice by browsing the pet service provider directory in the app and on the web.

Pet service providers who are interested will respond to your request in the app with their profile, reviews from previous customers, as well as descriptions and details of the items included. The referral feature allows you to speak with an individual pet service provider for more details before you decide to purchase and pay for your pet’s care and payment.

You will receive applications from veterinarians who want to take care of your pet, and you are free to choose who is best for you. Dog trips allow you to build a repeat customer base and live a puppy-free lifestyle.

We will send SMS and Email Meet and Greet and Booking reminders and review requests at the end of the stay.

Best Dog Walking Inner West Sydney Your Dog Walker In The Inner West

Protection for your wallet in the event of negligence and large veterinary bills if surgery is required.

One screen of all payments where you can check the status of each payment (completed or pending), payment gateway (PayPal, Stripe).

Email reminders will inform pet owners about appointments. These emails will be sent to you automatically.

Access to view and apply to our national animal work board. Receive push notifications when jobs are available in your area.

Dog Walking Rates — Dogger

There is no limit to the number of jobs you can apply for or the number of clients you can book with.

Be in direct contact with your customers. see when they were last online or are online now. Share photo updates.

Your listing will appear in our directory where you can contact pet owners, allowing you to check who you want to be invited to meet.

When you refer a pet owner who makes a first time order, they will receive a $10 credit and you will receive 8% of the booking in cash.

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Why Hire A Professional Pet Sitter?

Quickly provide your client with a daily summary with a digital report card for peace of mind.

Encourage your clients to buy more by including several services in one appointment package. You can set the price of the entire package so that your customers get a discount while purchasing the package of services.

Be a highly sought after pet in your area. Be confident in the standards of animal care that the RSPCA develops and understands local legislation. Learn Pet Sitter Marketing Secrets to Build Your Client Base.

Pet owners can make a donation to the RSPCA when ordering. Now it is the purpose of animal shelter.

What Is House Sitting? Free Vs Paid

We’ll give you our promo code to give to new pet owners or display on business cards and flyers.

No matter how many different services you offer, you can add them all to “”, adjust the individual length, price and other parameters.

We will send pet owners an RSPCA Property Checklist so you can do Property Visits with better informed pet owners at Meets & Greets.

Stolen, expired or Maxxed credit cards are a thing of the past with our digital wallet that charges pet owners before the stay. Once logged in, you will receive a trusted payment.

What Should You Ask Before Your House Sit?

You and pet owners can communicate with an easy-to-use Android or IOS app or website.

You get a choice of return policies to display in your listing. Your time is valuable, so if you cancel, we will refund the pet to the owner according to your chosen policy.

The customer support team is available to answer questions via the website, email or live phone chat.

It saves me so much time logging new clients and their dogs and automating reminders and collecting payments so nothing gets missed. Their team are easy to talk to and friendly and I love their partnership with the RSPCA.

Best (and Worst) House Sitting Websites

It depends on whether you are doing small group walks with 2 or 3 dogs, or solo individual walks for dogs that may be aggressive, high energy, or antisocial. You should consider that at least 19% will go to insurance, advertising to get you customers, app maintenance, customer support, payment gateways and booking fees.

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You may have clients with dogs who ask you to go with them, so gas and car or bike maintenance is important to fit into the equation. Trash bags and dog bowls must be provided by the pet owner.

Our goal is to help you get as many repeat customers as possible. Factors that affect your income as a dog walker include: clients can leave, dogs can get sick and die, stormy weather, pet owners can lose their jobs and not be able to pay dog ​​walking fees during the Christmas and New Year rush. period Pet owners can go on vacation or stay at home and can walk their dog themselves.

There is a Paid Referral Program where you can use your unique referral link to earn money promoting pet owners on social media and email. If you bring in 10 new pet owners who book based on an average booking price of $300, the potential profit could be an additional $240 per month.

Cat Sitters In Sydney With Best Prices On Petbacker

With the help of RSPCA Vets, it has created the most prestigious accredited walking and animal care course in Australia. We equip you with the skills to be confident, recognize potential risks and manage situations, giving you the confidence to understand the standards of care expected by the RSPCA and be in demand with Customers in your area.

Age 18 so that you can safely take a pet to an emergency vet in an emergency and you can use the Internet safely and responsibly.

Yes! You can mark your general presence in your calendar. But once you’re committed, commitment is a promise to honor your word.

All applicants must upload a recent Australian National Police check received within the last 12 months or submit a new application. Take our mandatory pet sitting and dog walking class

Pet Sitting Jobs Woodland, California

Your domain is your business website page. You can follow customers to read reviews from past customers, see photos, see the services you offer and see your review.

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