Pelican Ipad Air 2 Case

Pelican Ipad Air 2 Case – Often we find ourselves in situations where we wish we had something more for our iPad when taking it on the road. Whether you use your iPad for school, work or play – a suitable case Necessary things. Thanks to Pelikan, a brand that has created some of the toughest cases since 1976, you can wrap your iPad Air in a case that will give you peace of mind if it ever hits the ground. Today we’re looking at the Pelican Voyager for the iPad Air 2.

The front of the packaging for Voyager shows that Pelican isn’t hiding anything. The upper corner shows the double protection of the case, while the center of the packaging shows the iPad case in various forms.

Pelican Ipad Air 2 Case

The back of the package gives us a prequel with a built-in kickstand in Voyager. It also goes to highlight some properties of the hard case.

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When we take the case out of the packaging, you can see that there are two layers. The bottom layer is gray rubber, which has a smooth feel.

You just slide your iPad into the gray plastic, then into the black plastic outer layer, making for two layers of protection. It has been tested for military properties to avoid those accidental drops and to absorb shocks to protect the internal electronics. The way the case is designed also helps reduce energy from falling out of the device and protects the screen from touching the ground.

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When we flip the case up, we can see the built-in kickstand. With some force, you open the kickstand and move it into place.

The inner layer of plastic is open to the Lightning charging port along with the speaker, but also surrounds your volume rocker and lock button. Our real concern with this design is for cellular connectivity. A layer of rubber and plastic covers the top of the cellular, but from our testing, we didn’t notice that this affected our cellular connection.

Voyager Case For Ipad Mini 1/2/3

On top of all this protection, Voyager comes with Pelican’s limited lifetime warranty, which is not easy to explain Pelican’s slogan – ‘You break it, we replace it…forever!’. For all that, you can pick it up on Amazon for $79.95, which is less than similar protective cases.

We were very impressed with the Pelican Voyager for our iPad Air 2. Its compact design combined with a complete set of protective features make it a pair Perfect for your iPad, or iPad mini, iPhone or Samsung smartphone. We recommend that you look at their website for more details.

Our only recommendation to the Pelican is to smooth the feel down to the inner rubber layer. We found that while holding the case, there is not much to keep it from falling. out of your hands easily.

We highly recommend the Pelican Pro Gear Voyager to anyone trying to keep their iPad in tip-top shape, whether you’re a chef or just extra careful! Voyager deserves our Editors’ Choice award!

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