Parkview Hotel Sydney Reviews

Parkview Hotel Sydney Reviews – Note: The Parkview Hotel in Alexandria was once one of Sydney’s roughest spots, a hangout for heavy drinkers frequented by clubbers known for the blade vices that plagued the inner cities. Well, Not until I delved into the colorful history of this week’s review topic.

The Parkview Hotel has undergone many changes in recent years and today it caters to the good people of Alexandria. On the day we visited, it was hard to find a seat and a table in front of this small and cozy corner bar, founded in 1898. Well-dressed middle-aged men and women are talking to each other. politics Sports and news. What do you expect from blue liquors that are sociable on a Sunday afternoon with some retired people splashed with white mixed blue liquor? on the back In the dining room, couples dine on corn-fed rump steaks and al-dente pasta, oblivious to the pub’s rough past, with a 1920s barroom floor shaped like an abattoir. After slashing a man’s throat with a knife.

Parkview Hotel Sydney Reviews

Parkview is not always on this date. A former property owner is regularly leading the charge at Redfern Courthouse accused of tainting his rum and whisky. It may drive away many sophisticated breweries, but Parkview has plenty of reasons for patrons to seek out a beer or two elsewhere. In the 1920s, gangs known as ‘pushers’ waged bloody battles on the streets of Sydney’s inner cities and regularly met in the corners of the hundreds of pubs scattered across the city.

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The ‘Alexandria Push’ can often be seen at Parkview, but as early as 1926 a promoter had his throat cut in a bar fight. Before I get ahead of myself, let me describe the beginning of this little book.

An attempt to open a site on the corner of Mitchell Road and Harley Street in Alexandria in the early 1890s saw local residents successfully block permission for years after the popular cricket and football ground known as the Erskineville Oval. . In 1898, an influential man convinced the authorities that “needs of the neighborhood” required a pub. He was James Roche, the elder who was elected to Redfern Council in 1895. Roche was licensed on 25 July 1898 for the Parkview Hotel.

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The 47-year-old driver and his wife Bridget, who married in 1880, had run the Royal Albert Hotel in Ivy Road, Darlington, since 1894 and moved into a two-storey brick house with their five children. July 1898.

Not surprisingly, In October 1898, Roche’s license was appealed as the surrounding residents, who had waged a long battle to prevent it from opening in their area, were not happy with its opening.

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Residents said four applications were made for the pipes, two of which were advanced and two were rejected. Since the last refusal there has been no change in the building, and the population of the district has increased. With Roche being an alderman on Redfern Council, it seems the right people are new, and the citizens’ request was unsuccessful.

For 12 years, Roche had been licensed at Parkview and was a regular visitor to court for liquor law violations. He first appeared before the courts in April 1899 when he was accused of selling clocks.

Tragedy struck the taxpayer in 1901 when his wife Bridget died. The following year he was fined 20 shillings and costs £1 6s 6d on each charge for selling unsound rum and whiskey to his customers. Eight years later, he appeared before a judge on similar charges, apparently not learning the lesson. Although he was severely punished after tests proved his brandy to be 32.2 percent. His whiskey is 73% water and is 30.8% strength, while his rum is 29.7% strength and 7¼% water. For each offence, Roche was fined £2 6s in February 1910 and ordered to pay half the fine to the Police Compensation Fund.

In 1910, aged 59, Roche retired as public servant of the Parkview Hotel while continuing to work as an alderman on Redfern Council. Published in Sydney Sunday Sun 14 August 1910

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Alderman James Roche has been a prominent business man in South Sydney for many years, and when he retired from business last week the people of Alexandria were ready to accept his services. As a result, a ceremony was held at City Hall, where the Mayor attended the event and was presented with a gold watch and chain by Alderman Roche. The beautiful evening ended with songs and congratulations.

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Roche died in Wilson Street Newtown on 17 August 1924 aged 73. Meanwhile, following Roche’s retirement, the Parkview license was transferred to James Egan in 1910. Egan was only 21 years old when he entered the presidential race. I stayed for a while. After leaving Parkview, Egan was accused of trying to kill his wife, Ruth, after shooting her in 1912.

Egan allegedly captured Ruth at her apartment in Alexandria along with streetcar driver Charles Waite and shot her with his pistol. In that shooting, Waite Ruth and her sister-in-law, Myra Johnson, were injured. His wife was shot in the chest and three others were wounded, but all survived to tell the tale. Egan was convicted of attempted murder and sentenced to death and later sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Many licensees had their names above Parkview’s doors over the next decade as Alexandria became more working-class and gritty. In May 1926, The Tweed Daily reported that there had been four “push” or clashes between gangs in Redfern, and that several people had been attacked in various parts of the town the previous night. The worst was outside the Parkview Hotel between the suburbs of Redfern and Alexandria, the newspaper reported.

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Percival Birmingham, 26, was attacked with a knife as he passed through the shop. His throat was broken, his condition was bad, he lost a lot of blood, and he was taken to the hospital. The wound was seven inches long. Other men were wounded in the same firefight but were replaced by their comrades. Sydney’s reality is more interesting when it comes to reporting on gang warfare.

STOIC PERCY STOUSH AND BLOOD IN ALEXANDRIA From the scene which took place at the Alexandria Hotel on Saturday afternoon, May 22nd last, he would have been a warrior if he had stuck to the path of severe punishment. Any audience in a super heavy stadium can be thrilled to deliver. Percy that afternoon in Mitchell-road; There was a bit of a fight at the Park View Hotel, which resulted in eight stitches, making the bar room a slaughterhouse-like floor. to go Suturing at the Royal South Sydney Hospital. When questioned by the police, he stated that he did not want to disturb the matter.

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Violence continued at the theater under the management of Manus Patrick Heffernan. Heffernan had previously run the Camellia Grove Hotel near Alexandria before taking over the Parkview license in July 1927. The Sydney Sun on 22 August 1927 reported:

Samuel Barker, or Fox, a former wool watcher; 19 years old Hartley-street, Alexandria Barker was one of the gang in Alexandria, Sergeant Robson said when he was charged at Redfern Crown Court today with assaulting Alexandria builder and contractor Edward William Davies. It was felt necessary to keep the police under strict control. However, the police were surprised by the victim’s silence. Constable Hanson admitted that Barker had attacked his brother Davies by calling him a “bad name”. Davies testified that he met Barker at the Park View Hotel in Alexandria. “what’s happened?” Sergeant Robson asked. Davies; I don’t want to prove Fox anymore. Sergeant Robson proposed to the judge to allow evidence of public relevance in the case. McMahon : It appears that Barker attacked Davies, but I don’t see how the case can’t go forward because Davies doesn’t want to show any evidence. Barker was released.

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Fast forward another 16 years and violence has once again arrived at Parkview, with Manus Patrick Heffernan returning as host. Heffernan was licensed from 1927 to 1928, when members of the Sydney gang visited his home.

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