Padi Open Water Sydney

Padi Open Water Sydney – The PADI Advanced Open Water Diver program gives you five value diving experiences at Sydney’s best dive sites. The course lasts one evening and two full days (usually a weekend).

After completing the Advanced Open Water program, the diver receives a certificate to dive to a depth of 30 meters.

Padi Open Water Sydney

The course starts on Friday evening at 5:30pm at Frog Dive Scuba Center. Meet up with your friends and instructors, discuss your skill reviews, and get your gear ready for the weekend.

Padi Advanced Open Water Diver Course

Dive #2 – Underwater Navigation – Let the compass work for you, it’s not hard, it just takes a little practice to find out if the compass is always accurate.

Dive #3 – Underwater Naturalist – Check out what to look for, where to look, and what the hell it is.

Dive #4 – Deep Dive – This is your chance to go to a height of 30 m. This dive is usually on the wreck of HMAS Adelaide, weather permitting.

Dive #5 – Wreck Diving – Learn basic wreck diving navigation skills and how to avoid the dangers of wreck diving. This dive is usually on the wreck of HMAS Adelaide, weather permitting.

Open Water Diver Course

Add the PADI Enriched Air DiverCourse and enjoy the benefits of Nitrox diving! Take the Advanced Open Water and Enriched Air Dive Course for $675 as a package, $725 when purchased separately: Save $50!

The PADI Enriched Air Diver program teaches you to dive 22% to 40% oxygen gas mixtures using a Nitrox programmable dive computer. Academic education is carried out online through E-learning. After completing the eLearning, you can schedule a one-on-one hands-on session and get hands-on experience with oxygen analyzers and Nitrox computers. Dates are flexible, please contact us to book a suitable time. Our team of highly experienced instructors and divemasters are passionate about diving, have local knowledge and are committed to making sure you get the most out of any diving experience.

Learn How to Dive Premium is for those who want the full attention and guidance of an instructor. Or because divers are busy and cannot fit the course dates offered in regular programs. This course lasts for more than two days and you can choose the best dates for you and we will conduct the course. Email [email protected] for more information or call 9958 5699 to check available dates.

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Before the practical training, you must complete the knowledge development section, which is done online using PADI eLearning. Do it at your convenience, anywhere, anytime. Once that’s done, it’s time to get in the water!

Kids Scuba Diving Lessons

The first day of the course begins with a bissey session in our in-store heated diving training pool. You will be able to learn and practice all the necessary skills comfortably and safely and gradually increase your confidence in Open Water diving. After all the skills in the pool are successful, it’s time for the first dive in the sea. This dive is usually done at Clifton Gardens (Mosman).

On the second day of the program, you will have the opportunity to complete three ocean dives. These open water dives usually take place at Shelly Beach – Manly, with plenty of marine life to enjoy when you’re done.

The premium rate is on request only, which means you choose your dates and we will exclude your availability. For availability contact us on  (02)9958 5699 or [email protected] It’s never too early to find your passion, take the kids to learn to dive and a whole new world to discover open it! Children 12 and older can become certified Junior Open Water Divers.

The course for children is the same as for adults. The difference with the Youth Certificate is that the child must dive with a parent/guardian or dive master and the maximum certification depth is 12 meters (as opposed to 18 meters for the Full Open Water Certificate).

Learn To Dive, Scuba Training And Padi Certification Course

Once a diver turns 15, they can apply for a Full Open Water Certification. No new course needed. They only need to provide a current photo, which can be obtained at the store when applying for a new certification, and pay the New Dive Card fee ($65).

The PADI Open Water Diver course is held regularly throughout the year. There is a wide range of date options available for you to choose from and choose the one that suits you best. For more information, go to the Learn to Dive page.

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Before the practical training, the child must complete the knowledge development part, which is done online using PADI eLearning. Don’t forget to make time for it! This is not a difficult content, on the contrary, it is new and requires some attention. Estimated study time is 8 to 10 hours.

The first day of the course starts with a heated dive session in our shop with a bissey session in our pool. This is a great opportunity to learn and practice all the necessary skills in a comfortable and safe way and gradually build confidence for Open Water diving.

Becoming A Padi Course Director

On the second and third days of the program, the child will have the opportunity to do four dives in the sea. Open water dives are usually held at Clifton Garden (Mosman) and Shelly Beach (Manly), with plenty of marine life to enjoy and enjoy when you’ve finished your dive. Through an interactive web-based program, you’ll complete your online knowledge development by viewing interactive presentations that include videos, audio, graphics, and reading. Short quizzes allow you to measure your progress and review and correct what you may have missed. This allows you to go through the program efficiently and at your own pace.

Escape to another world. Scuba takes you to another world with new colors, shapes, textures and creatures – in this world the roles you play – husband, wife, mother, father, friend – take on a new dimension. Become a diver and escape to a peaceful place to renew your energy and awaken your senses.

Explore new places. Diving frees you to explore the underwater world – from historic shipwrecks and pristine reefs to the amazing underwater aquarium that is Sydney Harbour. Become a diver and find out what you are missing.

Feeling connected with nature; a sense of freedom and change. Diving connects you with nature, it immerses you in new sensations and experiences and changes your perception of life forever.

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Dive The Apartments

A standard open water course is two action days to practice diving skills in our specially designed training center pool, followed by three ocean dives. The standard course is perfect for those with strong buoyancy and water confidence. If you are short on time to learn to dive, this course is for you!

The Serene Open Water Course is a three-day course aimed at those with minimal swimming ability to build confidence in the water. To put these new skills into practice, take some time to practice your diving skills in our specially designed training center pool before heading out into the ocean. The Serene Open Water Course is designed to be a more comfortable diving experience when you get certified. If you want to take the time to improve your aquatic skills and build your confidence, this is the course for you!

The Ultimate Open Water Course is a two day course designed for those looking to learn to dive 1:1 with one of our 5* PADI Instructors. Before entering the water for open water diving, get the attention you need and learn the skills of diving in our specially designed swimming pool with training center. If you are short on time and want full attention and full hands-on experience from our instructors, this is the course for you!

Enjoy the highest quality training with small group and pool sessions in our specially designed, private training centre. Enjoy four exhilarating ocean dives under the direct supervision of our experienced PADI instructors and specialized diving equipment (including mask, snorkel and fins) designed to facilitate your learning.

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