North Star Cruises Australia

North Star Cruises Australia – Purpose-built to explore high-reaching shallow river systems, the True North allows riders to easily experience wilderness areas. With a capacity of just 36 passengers, the ship has the feel of a special hotel, while the aircraft on board offers an exhilarating journey in stunning surroundings.

The focus of every True North cruise is destination discovery and there are plenty of activities, both ashore and on the water, to really get to know the Australian outback areas you’ll be visiting. You will board small group tour cars to explore the less visited areas of greatest interest to you. Since there are so many motorhomes out there, there is a lot of flexibility when it comes to deciding what to do and when, in addition to the wind being put on board. You can go snorkeling, fishing, diving, mud diving, hiking, taking a scenic flight and listening to talks from naturalists on board.

North Star Cruises Australia

20 employees offer a very personal service to every guest. When not exploring, you can relax on the sun deck or enjoy a refreshing drink at the bar.

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The cabins are modern in their decor, with large en-suites. Explorer Class staterooms and River Class cabins offer king-size beds that can be converted into two singles, large windows and approximately 15 square meters of living space. Ocean Class cabins have double beds, bay windows and approximately 12 square meters of living space.

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The now well-respected adventure cruise operator began traveling on Western Australia’s remote Kimberley Coast in 1987 when founding director Craig Howson began charter fishing on the then unreached and unreached coast.

Howson discovered that the Kimberley was a haven for travelers who were easily addicted to over 2,500 rugged islands and numerous navigable river systems crowned with spectacular gorges and majestic waterfalls. When he mixed in – some of the best sport fishing you can imagine, unique wildlife encounters and, the chance to see pristine examples of ancient rock art – the recipe for success was almost complete.

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Things To Do

The final ingredient was to ensure everyone was entertained in ‘style’ and in 1999 North Star launched the first TRUE NORTH – a 28-guest adventure cruiser resembling a floating boutique hotel complete with a rooftop helicopter.

Rowley Shoals, 300 square kilometers of undisturbed coral just off the Kimberley coast, has been added to the already impressive ‘menu’ and the annual tour of the Western Australian coast has also developed a strong following. TRUE NORTH was proud to sell more than 2 years ago and in response, North Star introduced the current guest of 36 TRUE NORTH.

The large boat brings great performance and reliability to North Star, after sailing in new areas, the company has been able to expand its horizons.

In the year of its launch, TRUE NORTH began looking at images of the islands of Papua New Guinea and like the Kimberley, the region became an immediate target for research. The company has recently added Raja Ampats and Komodo Island to its busy sailing schedule.

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North Star Brand Director Peter Trembath cheerfully exclaims one thing that hasn’t changed “Experience has always been king! Of course, life on board is very different to a large cruise ship – but it’s also a very different approach compared to traditional cruises. Cruises tend to involve a lot of time at sea and little attention to activities outside the ship. Clearly, what makes North Star different is the company’s continued focus on giving guests the opportunity to truly experience the destination, and TRUE NORTH is designed to do just that!

With a shallow design that allows TRUE NORTH to go where larger ships cannot, a very high crew to guest ratio of 22:36, six dedicated expedition ships and a ship helicopter – these are just a few examples of the technology designed for discovery and adventure.

A North Star cruise never strays from the theme – sea days are specifically excluded to ensure that every day on board is a work day and every day of every cruise features plenty of activities. Recurring content is designed for the vacationer who wants more than a vacation!

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And don’t forget the modern cuisine complemented by the catch of the day, a fantastic Australian wine list, a stylish lounge and alfresco bar, spacious cabins full of private facilities and satellite phones – it’s no wonder guests often say “the best. Vacation I’ve ever had!”

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North Star plans to celebrate the landmark year with several TRUE NORTH year-end parties and a gala event is planned to be held in Broome in May 2017. the world’s most distinguished tourists. We don’t exclusively include beach days and have unparalleled access to stunning surrounding coastline and unparalleled opportunities to truly experience the destination. Our trips are designed to change lives, and it’s no wonder our guests often say “the best vacation I’ve ever had!”

TRUE NORTH is purpose-built to reach desert areas – big ships can’t go where we’re going! Many adventure boats take guests out in small groups to see the wilderness up close, and the luxury of many tenders also means guests have plenty of opportunity to do “what they want, when they want”! And, to add another dimension to the trip, most routes have an airplane on board.

TRUE NORTH allows discerning travelers to experience the wilderness in close proximity to one of the world’s most exclusive hotels! Guests can take advantage of the luxurious facilities, including a sun terrace, lounge, lounge and al fresco bar.

A holiday in the true north is recognized as one of Australia’s best tourism and travel experiences.

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If you are looking for experienced and knowledgeable fishing guides, look no further than the guides aboard TRUE NORTH

Diving and snorkeling is one of our favorite activities. And we’ve been doing it for a long time.

True North founder Craig Howson and managing director Chad Avenell recently met with local representatives ahead of the tour’s restart in Indonesia in 2023.

TRUE NORTH was en route to Broome when Olivia took over. It was a typical “nowhere to run” situation. If you go south, a hurricane can follow you to the coast, and if you go…

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True North founding director Craig Howson and chief executive Chad Avenell recently met with local representatives ahead of revitalizing Indonesian roads in 2023. Watch the video above to find out how True North ensures optimal performance ahead of launch.

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Hear from someone who really knows the value of pre-booking. “Cheggers” has traveled to true north more than anyone else!

True North Cruises – have entered 30 years of continuous operations. The now respected adventure cruise operator began traveling the remote Kimberley coast of Western Australia in 1987 when founding director Craig Howson began charter fishing on the previously inaccessible and unexplored coast.

To add another dimension to the adventure, many TRUE NORTH cruise options include a helicopter on board! To keep guests in the comfort of the air, the ship’s helicopter offers a unique opportunity to witness excellence; a unique opportunity to fish bilibong that have never been fished; A unique opportunity to find your wilderness!

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There is nothing better than a day out on the water, especially when the fish are biting! Fly fishing at TRUE NORTH is a very popular activity with guests who have never picked up a rod before and those who “catch ’em all!” Our guides encourage everyone on board to “go for it” and many TRUE NORTH boats never fail to bring in ‘fishing legends’! Failures are also seen regularly, then there are the ‘birthday fish’, the ‘monster fish’ and of course, the ones that get away! about myles pollard fishing game!

TRUE NORTH has once again made an impression on the global stage by placing second in the 2020 Traveler Made Brand Storytelling competition. Traveler Made is Europe’s largest travel forum and its members represent the best travel providers and suppliers. The inaugural Brand Storytelling competition was an opportunity for a leading travel brand to showcase “the story behind their brand” and the competition attracted entries from some of the world’s most respected travel brands. In honorable company,

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