Norseman Legend Wood Heater Specifications

Norseman Legend Wood Heater Specifications – 1 Bringing the heat of the wood indoors Wood heater collection model shown: Norman Nevada MKII See page 7

2 Heat for winter living For more than 30 years, we’ve been turning homes across the country into warm, cozy homes. So we understand that buying a wood heater can be a big decision. Our heating experts can help you find the best heater for your needs. We have the cleanest burning models on the market, burning three times cleaner than national emissions standards, and all wood heaters come with a 15 year warranty. In addition, our excellent after-sales service ensures that you are never left out in the cold. A clean burning heater is better for the environment and the national emission standard is 1.5g/kg. We pride ourselves on less than 0.6g/kg of our best wood heaters. We identify clean heaters using the following clean emissions guide: Less than 0.6g/kg Less than 1g/kg to less than 1.5g/kg Conventional Simplicity Classic, domestic and underground. Model Shown: Saxon Mahogany See page 4 Simple in mainstream design, suitable for any decor. Featured model: Austwood Lachlan See page 6 What’s your style? Do you like this functional modern look or the old car? Maybe you love clean minimalist lines or find something family and traditional. We have wood burning stoves in a variety of styles and sizes, take a look and find your favourite. How to find the best heater for your home Wood heaters generally come in two styles: Freezer If you don’t already have a furnace, a freestanding wood heater is best. It can create a convenient focal point for your living space and requires very little structural work to build. Built-in If you already have a fireplace, it’s easy to upgrade with our range of built-in heaters. Zero clearance If you don’t already have a furnace, zero clearance heaters can be built into the wall with minimal structural impact. Whether your choice is guided by design or function, there are some key factors to consider when choosing a wood heater: Pleasant hints of country chic for a cozy cottage. Model shown: Maxiheat Manor 1000 See page 15 for European style to complement the modern interior. Model shown: Norman Gene See page 2 How efficiently the area heater burns The amount of waste emitted by the heater The largest log size the heater can fit The thickness of the firebox The thicker the firebox, the bigger fan blades that help distribute the heat More detailed description and all logs See page 2 for heater installation information, Barbeques Galore

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Norseman Legend Wood Heater Specifications

3 Saxon contemporary style meets innovation in the Saxon range. The efficient and environmentally friendly range burns three times cleaner than the 1.5kg emissions standard. Inside, SKAMOLEX gas adds heat to the fire for a cleaner, more efficient burn. The time delay starts 20 minutes after the fan heater door is closed, ensuring that only warm air is introduced into the room. Built to last, the ceramic glass door is self-cleaning, eliminates the need for 8mm steel studs and offers a 15-year fire resistance guarantee. Net Emissions Guide Less than 0.6g/kg Less than 1g/kg Less than 1.5g/kg Blackberry $2, H x 930W Max Size 7.5 Hours 8mm Construction 62% Efficiency Fire Box Size 0.08m 3 Nuts $2, H x 606W x 506D Bay Window design suitable for small spaces 200m 2 Emissions 0.7g/kg 13.9kW Maximum log size 330mm 8mm Efficiency 69% Firebox size 0.05m 3 Traditional Mahogany $3, H x 780W x 600D Easily accommodates a large family home Heating 2 Emissions 350m 3 Recommended Furnace: MXTH12GRY/BLK2 Blackwood $2, H x 700W x 535D One of our most popular models, suitable for medium sized spaces Rosewood $3, H x 690W x 560D Bay Window The design is suitable for large spaces. 2 Emissions 0.5g/kg 15.5kW Maximum log size 410mm Burning time to 8.5 hours Construction 8mm Efficiency 67% Firebox size 0.08m 3 Recommended furnace: MXFSH12LGRY/DBLK Cover 300m 2 Recommended furnace: MXTHKsore Galesque 4

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4 Cooper $2, H x 761W Suitable for small spaces % Firebox size 0.04m 3 Coverage 200m 2 Emissions 0.7g/kg 12kW Max log size 320mm Burning time up to 7 hours Construction 6mm Efficiency 69% Firebox size 0.04 m 3 Austmad sleek design, Austwood is sure to be the center of attention. In any room. Available in small, medium and large sizes with stand-alone or plug-in options, you’ll find an Austwood heater to suit your space. It includes a wide viewing window to enjoy the fire from anywhere in the house, a 3-speed fan with push-button control and a 10-year fire protection warranty. Net Emissions Guide Less than 0.6g/kg Less than 1g/kg to less than 1.5g/kg Lachlan $2, H x 821W Suitable for medium sized spaces Up to 7.5 build hours Efficiency 6mm 62% Firebox Size 0.07m 3 Murray $2, H x 769W x 558D Large heated family room Wide glass door to view fire 320m 2 Emissions 0.7g/kg 16.6kW 370mm Burn time up to 9.5 hours Efficiency Build 6mm 64% Firebox size 0.1m 3 Murray insert $2, H x 921W Large family heat suitable for zero cleaning 300m 2 Emissions 0.7g/kg Build time up to 8 hours efficiency 6mm 63% Fire box size 0.1m 3 Lachlan $2, H x 669W x 558D Suitable for medium sized spaces 300m 2 emissions Output 0.6g/kg 12.3kW Efficiency 75% Firebox Size 0.07m 3 5 Barbecue Galore 6

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5 Norseman Offering a range of different styles, the Norseman range is designed to fit comfortably into any decor, traditional or modern. Come into the store and we can help you find the right style for your home, and all models are backed by a 10-year fire warranty. Net Emission Guide Less than 0.6g/kg Less than 1g/kg Less than 1.5g/kg Forest $1, H x 560W x 525D Suitable for small spaces 180m 2 Efficiency 69% Construction 6mm 13.3kW Burning time up to 7.5 hours , max 370mm Aura $4, 195 Heaters 465H x 981W x 496D Seat 315H x 1190W x 496D kg Firebox Size 0.06m 3 Burn Time Up to 8.5 Hours Max Recording Dimensions mm Nevada MKII $1, H X 677DW X 3 Max time up to log 320mm Recommended stove: MXFSH12LGRY/DBLK Legend MKII $1, H X 737W X 582D Suitable for medium and large spaces Large glass observation window 300m 2 Efficiency 76% Construction 6mm 17.3kW Emissions 0.7g/ kg Box Size 0.08m Burn 3.08m Up to 8. Maximum Log Size 370mm Recommended Stove: MXFSH12LGRY/DBLK Recommended Stove: MXTHSQ12BLK/GRY Aura $4, 195 Clothes 591H x 1021W Cabinet 651H x 1071W x 550D 0.06m 3 Burn W Up to 8 hours Maximum recording size mm Emissions Guide Net Less than 0.6g/kg Less than 1g/kg Less than 1.5g/kg 7 Barbeques Galore All models the: Noruzman Aura Chair Barbequesgalore. 8

6 Norseman Accessories With a simple design, the Norseman Gen II is a compact heater suitable for small to medium sized spaces. Loggers Cleaning and Tools Outdoor Loggers The sleek curved design complements any decor, and you can customize it with a base or pedestal. Model Shown: Norseman Gen II Clean Emission Guide Basic Cleaning Kit $89.95 Save $30.

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