Nissan Patrol Ecu Remap

Nissan Patrol Ecu Remap – An advanced way to improve power and efficiency for your modern diesel engine. By reprogramming the engine control unit (ECU) it is possible to improve engine power and efficiency as well as improve fuel economy. car up to 10%*. Car ECU reprogramming has many advantages not the least of which is that we can maintain all factory safety standards since we are not driving. drive or follow the ECU. In addition, the reconfiguration of the ECU gives us the incomparable power to change the control tables, speed maps, weight, fuel pressure and injection timing to name just a few. more torque * without compromising reliability or driveability with CRD tuning technology -Flash you can have your cake and eat it too!

This process usually takes about one day, where our auto repair technicians put the car on our All Wheel Dyno for a dyno run. The car is then connected to our state-of-the-art ECU read and write hardware. Our tuner continues to use the ECU games, constantly monitoring the progress on the dyno screen with our ECU tuning tools and EGT sensors.

Nissan Patrol Ecu Remap

After use each car is returned to the customer with a dyno graph showing the dyno run range and intake. Finally, this graph will show the gains in Power and Torque for comparison.

Work On Several Infiniti And Nissan Model With Kessv2 Via Obd!

“You never thought that diesel can respond better, more, more energy improvement while ensuring the integrity of the main thing” As experts in the maintenance and maintenance of Diesel, people car owners in Queensland offering Diesel Tuning Brisbane and ECU Remap and Chip Tuning , as well as specialist oil and mechanical diagnostics and repairs.

Thank you Jordan for the great advice and great results provided by you and the team at Diesel Tuning Brisbane on our new 2020 Land Cruiser Sahara. From my first phone call to Jordans knowledge and experience, he took the time to advice, give us options and explain the process and answer all our questions. We recommend Diesel Tuning Brisbane for any tuning job. The difference in our Land Cruiser with the new DPF and Tune is amazing.

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I recently had a new high pressure DPF installed in my 76 LandCruiser. In the lead, I received quick and detailed answers to all my questions and it was easy to organize the book. Jordan’s design is beautiful and unique. I was also satisfied with the cost of the work. The DPF upgrade provided more power, an improved fuel economy and solved the problem of overheating with the old DPF. I have no hesitation in recommending Diesel Tuning Brisbane.

Just got my Ranger Px Mk2 Fired by Jordan. What an improvement on my car. The car is very smooth with a good improvement in its pulling power. Excellent and honest advice, from start to finish. Very happy.

Zd30crd Nissan Patrol Custom Ecu Remap And Dyno Tune

I am very happy with the service, Jordan’s communication with the customer is excellent, very understanding and creative. I highly recommend it.

I took my Hilux to Jordan for Diesel use in Brisbane not sure if I did it right. I explained what I wanted and he provided everything I asked for and more. Amazing improvement I love driving my car now. Good value for money and I recommend them to anyone.

I called Diesel Tune Brisbane because I was worried about the performance of my BT50. I talked to Jordan. He was amazing from the moment we met. My Bt50 was smoky but still bad. After doing a quick check Jordan advised that 2 of my injectors were very bad and leaking. after he provided pictures and a good description of what was needed along with a quote. I agreed to proceed with the repair. Jordan also changed the timing belt and suggested a few things to look for in the next service. My BT50 is working fine. It’s responsive, clean and sounds great.

These guys did a great job on my car. Jordan was very knowledgeable and the office staff were knowledgeable and helpful. I will be coming back here for all my services in the future 👍🏽

Wd Ecu Remapping

Thank you Diesel Tuning Brisbane! They really helped me with my unique situation recently and helped me with what I needed and more at Dyno.. very friendly, great customer service and professional staff, a great experience. I will be back for anything that requires service from DTB, definitely! Good luck with your work and good luck with your new place it looks great.👍👍👍👍👍

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I recently had DPF problems, I called Jordan at Diesel Tuning Brisbane and he was more than willing to fit me in with his busy schedule. He explained the issue and gave me several options and got my car back on the road ASAP. Every car is available differently based on mileage, engine condition, wheel size and more.

As you have noticed, your nissan patrol runs slowly when your Air Conditioning is on because the AirCon system needs energy to operate and that energy is provided by the engine.

Many nissan drivers feel frustrated while driving their AirCon when it goes far it can easily become a nightmare and crying is a normal reaction when they hear that their nissan can not work like because they expected.

Crd Tuner Recommendation Act/nsw

This is because the diesel engine is designed to provide “pulling” power and pulling power in the middle ranges (2000-4000RPM) even at full speed, the car cannot complete more if it is being carried on a slippery road with heavy loads. on the ship.

Our ECU Remap gives your nissan patrol 25HP more power and 18% more torque (64NM), so it’s a more responsive and safer car.

If it’s true that more Torque provides “pull” and pulling power, it’s true that less traction is needed to move your car, so it uses less fuel overall.

A close comparison gives an average of 2337 kg of reduction of Co2 in the environment every 40.000 km for your nissan after our ECU Map.

Gu Zd30 Di Hesitation & Starting Issues

The latest Nissan is due to very difficult technology and when it comes to changing the ECU (Engine Control Unit) a small mistake can easily damage the engine. In order to do a good and safe ECU Remap it takes hundreds of small changes to the many internal ECU files.

KNOWLEDGE, TOOLS, FACILIT and TRUST are essential for any Nissan ECU Remap and general automotive service. A car worth $50k to $100k+ of technology is not in a safe place to serve a business without these 4 characteristics. You can agree with us.

Diesel Tuning Australia is part of HiTech Auto Electrical & Mechanical Service Centre, Australia’s leading automotive service centre.

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100 cars are repaired every month in our workshop, all makes and models of cars. We have a real passion for cars.

Nissan Patrol Zd30 Ecu Remap Crd Models

Our work is equipped with new machines in Electrical and Mechanical services, we deliver our machines all over the world and we are constantly training our technicians. HiTech is a great resource for many Australian Insurance companies for any make or model of vehicle.

When it comes to repairing a modern car it is very important to have experience with cars, it is very important to be able to identify and fix any problem that may arise without repair skills and tools.

As nissan experts we have an in-depth knowledge of every part of your vehicle, especially the many things that are repaired every month at our workshop.

I am writing this review after a week of testing my toyota prado, the car has a lot of power and strength and that is what I need for my work. Thank you guys

Zd30crd Patrol Ecu Remap, Cross Country Intercooler, Redarc Gauges Plus More!!

I tuned my amarok guys and it’s better than before. Improved response, more power, more bhp and better fuel economy. Definitely recommended.

Thanks Gary for the great song. Turbo lag is gone and acceleration is very fast. Remember this post if you see an SQ5 that leaves you dead at the lights… these guys can get you into a great turbo diesel tune – highly recommended!

Gary was amazing, everything he said was true the extra power from the computer rework was worth the money and it gave him as good a ride as I needed to make a clutch they will be highly recommended.

I had my colorado 7 here a few weeks ago. Best thing I ever did. There was no more noise from the engine, and when I pulled my boat it was as if it was gone.

Nissan Roo Systems Ecu Remapping

After driving my Range Rover to

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