Night Welding Courses Perth

Night Welding Courses Perth – Have you ever considered learning metalworking as a hobby? Have you ever thought how fun it would be to learn how to join two pieces of metal together? Perhaps you are looking to create a project such as a piece of furniture or a sculpture?

If so, Skilled Welding’s two-hour welding workshops may be just what you’re looking for. Our welding workshops in Perth and surrounding areas are available today to help build the welding skill sets of beginning hobbyists and hobby metalworkers.

Night Welding Courses Perth

We offer a wide range of beginner welding workshops for beginners in Perth. Our uncredited sessions will teach you the very basic techniques, processes and rules of welding and metalworking.

Fun Workshops And Classes In Perth

Skilled welding workshops are taught in a fun and engaging classroom environment for up to 8 people per session. Through our welding workshop in Perth, we can help you bring your art project or construction ideas to life.

If you live in the Perth area and would like to register for Skilled Welding’s two hour beginner welding workshops, you can do so simply by filling out the form below.

The process you’ll learn through our workshops is known as welding, which involves heating and joining metal parts together. It’s as simple as that!

Through Skilled Welding’s fun welding workshops for beginners and hobbyists, you’ll learn the basic skills that will position you to create a beginner’s welding project from scratch at home.

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Why book a welding workshop? Well, welding can be a unique skill set for men and women of all ages to learn. It can also be an incredibly rewarding and creative hobby. With your new skills, you can find your place and weld materials in your garage. Alternatively, you can take up welding for more practical purposes, such as fixing all the elements around the house.

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When you take one of our welding classes in Perth, you will learn how to use a piece of machinery known as a MIG welder.

MIG stands for metal inert gas, and is a simple-to-use tool that creates an electric current between the base metal and the wire welding electrode, before melting the wire and joining it to the base.

MIG welding is a clean and simple starting point for any beginner welder, as it easily produces a high-strength weld that looks great.

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Another option in our welding class is a second, more sophisticated machine known as a TIG (tungsten inert gas) welder, which involves the use of long rods that are slowly fed through the weld pool.

In Skilled Welding’s two-hour welding workshops, we use an easy-to-use steel alloy known as mild steel. These materials create finished parts that are clean and precise.

When you book one of our non-accredited introductory courses, you’ll learn how to weld from our master welder, Russ Sharp, who has years of experience and local knowledge.

Skilled Welding is an Australian owned company based in Perth, and we work extensively with residential, commercial and industrial clients on projects of all sizes. Our highly experienced expertise allows us to create the best possible welding project for homes and businesses in Perth and surrounding areas.

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At Skilled Welding, we place great emphasis on your personal safety throughout our two-hour workshops. Therefore, we recommend that you bring the following:

Skilled Welding also offers a range of special workshops to help you get the most out of your welding experience, including:

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Our welding workshops are located at Skilled Welding’s offices, which are located at: Unit 1/13 James Street, Bayswater, WA 6062. Weld Australia is a leading welder training organisation. We understand the value of continuous professional development and are committed to developing the skills of the next generation of welders.

Our wide range of training, qualification and certification services are designed to help the Australian military, manufacturing and manufacturing companies and the wider industrial sector gain and maintain a competitive advantage.

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Our experienced team offers a wide range of face-to-face, online and blended learning courses designed to equip you with industry-leading skills and knowledge. All our courses are designed to maximize your job security and expand your career opportunities.

As an Accredited National Body (ANB) of the International Institute of Welding (IIW) and Authorized Training Body (ATB), we can provide internationally recognized qualifications. Weld Australia also offers a range of specialist industry-based courses which can be delivered in a public forum or tailored specifically to individual companies.

The welding inspector plays an important role in checking that all welding conforms to the appropriate standard. Our courses include IIW International Welding Inspector – Basic (IWI-B) and Standard (IWI-S) as well as AS1796 Certificate 10.

Our welding supervision and coordination courses provide a comprehensive understanding of welding processes, equipment, materials and their behavior during welding, construction, design and engineering.

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Our comprehensive welder certification courses are designed to help Australian soldiers achieve and maintain competitive advantage. Our courses include AS 1796 1-9 (theory part) and AS/NZS ISO 9606 working certificates.

These courses provide an overview and appreciation of how to apply and interpret appropriate Australian or international standards for the management and control of welding for construction and maintenance projects – essential skills for your career development.

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Weld Australia’s mission is simple: to facilitate the growth of the world-class welding industry in Australia. Our training does exactly that.

As an Authorized Nominating Body (ANB) of the International Institute of Welding (IIW) and Authorized Training Body (ATB), we are uniquely placed to provide internationally recognized qualifications.

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Our commitment to the Australian welding industry will ensure it is ready to race locally, but will also ensure it remains competitive internationally. Our courses are exciting and taught by experts with years of experience.

All our trainers are highly experienced and qualified professionals, often internationally qualified welding engineers with experience in the manual, manual industry.

Our trainers deliver all course content in an interactive and accessible way that ensures a positive and engaging learning environment. This will ensure that it meets the needs of the local industry and competes globally in the welding and manufacturing sector.

By completing our courses, you don’t just walk away with a diploma or certificate of completion, you gain the skills and knowledge to advance your career opportunities globally and prepare for a successful future in the welding industry. .

Welding For Beginners

Joining Weld Australia is an investment in your success. We are committed to giving members a competitive edge.

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