Mr Fox Surry Hills

Mr Fox Surry Hills – A sly father with a sense of humor, yet illegal in underground ways; the maternal power that reluctantly accepts its partner’s shortcomings because of her mystical charm; children with dry feelings, close-minded adults; Bill Murray and the original soundtrack from the 60s milkbar jukebox. Yes, a Wes Anderson movie. But this one takes Roald Dahl’s much-loved children’s novel and spins it into stop-motion delight. Tired of the high life with his family – Mrs Fox (Meryl Streep) and son Ash (Jason Schwartzman) – ex-con Mr Fox (George Clooney) risks everything when challenged by human intervention.

Roald Dahl’s famous Foxy opus was the first book Anderson’s mother ever bought her, and her true passion for the story comes through in her lovingly handcrafted production design. Keeping it in the family, Kristoffersen’s character Silverfox is played by Wes’ younger brother Eric Anderson, an illustrator who does much of the design work for his films. Lest you think this film is too child-friendly, we would like to remind you that it was written by

Mr Fox Surry Hills

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