Marsden Park Waste Disposal

Marsden Park Waste Disposal – Doing the right thing: Year 8 Marsden State High School students Alex Hirning and Ashlyn Rivett-Stevenson. Image: Provided

Marsden State High School has made changes to recycling after a review of waste practices identified a development site.

Marsden Park Waste Disposal

The school’s cleaning team found bins often littered with non-recyclables, playgrounds littered with litter every day and management overpaying for waste disposal.

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To change this, the school launched a program to educate students and create awareness about sustainable waste management practices.

The first phase of the project involves installation of 240 liter red lidded and yellow lidded bins to separate recyclables from garbage.

The second step led to the establishment of a table waste collection center where the waste was dumped on the table and sorted into appropriate bins to prevent waste contamination.

Following this success, the Logan City Council awarded Marsden State High School a $5000 environmental grant to continue the program.

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The money will increase the value of the recycling center, improve trash signs and increase the number of recycling bins in classrooms.

According to a Marsden State High School report, the revision program will ensure school grounds are clean and students are environmentally conscious.

“The school environment is the best place to teach values ​​and change the culture in our communities for years to come,” the report said.

“Instead of putting waste in a bin, calling it trash or recycling and paying someone to collect it – we put it in special streams and sort it accordingly.”

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There will also be greater emphasis on diverting food waste to compost, separately recycling paper and cardboard, and converting metal into recycling campaigns to reduce costs. A new expanded facility to process paper, cardboard and plastic film is now operational at Weatherill Park. Planning permission, together with planning, licensing and infrastructure funding managed by Jackson Environment and Planning Pty Ltd, allows for an increase in the recycling rate provided at the site from 28,000 tonnes per annum to 75,000 tonnes per annum. The plan was approved by the Sydney Western City Planning Panel.

The property is located at 88 Redfern St, Wetherill Park and is owned and operated by the Grima family. The business, known as Grima Recycling, collects waste paper, cardboard and plastic films collected from businesses such as supermarkets, shopping centres, supermarkets and local shops. Grima Recycling then packages, bales and off-site these materials for use in the production of new cardboard and plastic products.

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Since the business started at the site in 2009, the business has grown rapidly and it was soon realized that the site needed to be expanded to meet the demand for recycling services. Planning permission has been obtained to increase the amount of material that can be received with a second baling line at the warehouse and a separate private lump storage area to help increase site efficiency. Approval was also received for upgrades to the storm water, fire control system and parking throughout the property. This license also facilitates the acceptance of plastic film for recycling.

Development of the facility is complete, and business is good to support businesses in Sydney recycling paper, cardboard and plastic film. The facility will significantly reduce landfill waste and help the NSW Government achieve its commercial and industrial waste recycling targets by 2021. The project was also supported by infrastructure funding provided by the NSW Environment Trust.

Billion Transformation Of Australia’s Waste And Recycling Industry

If you would like to recycle paper, cardboard or plastic film, please contact Carmen Grima, Grima Recycling on [email protected] or (02) 9609 4117.

To find out how we can help you obtain permits and licenses to build your industrial estate, please contact us on (02) 8056 1849 or email us at [email protected] More information at http://.

Blacktown Waste Services Pty Ltd is a local waste management business based in Marsden Park, north-west of Sydney. Since 2004 the site has been used mainly for filling materials left over from building, construction and commercial activities.

Jackson Environment and Planning Pty Ltd has appointed Development Project Manager Restifa & Partners for the waste management and recycling management project for the refurbishment of a seven-level retail office building located at 78-84 Kippax Street, Surry Hills.

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Jackson Environment and Planning Pty Ltd has engaged developer Boronia Estates Pty Ltd to prepare a Site Waste Management and Minimization Plan for Kuzgong Town Centre, whether you’re taking the waste to the skip bin on site or you’re asking your team. By dumping hazardous materials, the result is the same – a construction site that is busy and less than optimal.

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The usual solution is to phone your local skip bin provider and order a skip or two. But it has several annoying disadvantages:

Whether you’re building homes in Blacktown or the Blue Mountains, there’s a cheap, easy solution – a fixed-price building site clean-up.

As a Western Sydney developer with a busy calendar, your time is precious. The fixed cost construction site cleaner is designed to free up your time and reduce unnecessary tasks that occupy your team’s attention.

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Under a fixed price model – meaning you don’t get hit with extra fees and charges as you order jump after jump to match your waste – you know exactly what you’re paying.

And we organize step-by-step waste removal to keep your workplace clean and tidy. For example, let’s say you’ve just finished making and making bricks at your Seven Hills job site and are left with piles of broken bricks and waste.

We clean the building and find your vacant lot and prepare the next phase of your construction.

Or, if you are gyprocking in St.Marys and want to get rid of your excess gyprock and plasterboard, we will load your unwanted items onto our trucks and send them off-site for disposal.

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We separate recyclable waste to reduce our contribution to landfill – this means recycling all brick, concrete, paint, cardboard and wood where possible – so you can worry less about where the waste is going and focus on the next phase of your construction. can

Wondering what the fixed costs will be to build a cleaning facility? We have affordable packages for single story construction, double storey construction, duplexes and all construction projects, so you won’t be stuck with a ‘one size fits all’ model that costs more than you need.

Whether you’re working in Marsden Park or Schofields, we know that each stage of your construction creates different types of waste, so we offer five steps to cleaning.

Each cleaning step removes excess debris and solid waste from new home construction. You can set and forget your cleaning and we’ll visit your workplace once every six weeks, or we’ll introduce a custom cleaning schedule of your choice.

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Expanded Paper, Cardboard And Plastics Recycling Facility Now Operating In Sydney’s West

(And ain’t nobody got time to take the week’s trash to the on-site skip bin) So we’re happy.

Once you’ve completed your 5 cleaning steps we’ll go back to the elegant “garage clean-up” to dispose of the remaining waste. Be it bare paint or packing material, we’ve got you covered.

As a Western Sydney builder you already know how frustrating planning a skip bin for your site can be.

Although a convenient place to dispose of waste, the skip is a constant magnet for unwanted household waste from neighbors or other builders who dump waste on their property to save a little money. If you live in the Western Sydney area, you won’t be able to pay for someone else’s waste job after job. That’s where your cleaning service comes in.

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It’s impossible to build houses in Western Sydney and not believe in magic, because you can leave a skip bin half empty on Friday afternoon and it’s 100% full on Monday. It must be magic!

In all seriousness, you’ll no longer be a local trash magnet by keeping bins off-site. And with illegal dumping on the rise in Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains, that’s the long-lasting peace of mind you can hope for.

Unfortunately, catching illegal litterers is almost impossible, but with bins a thing of the past, fines from the NSW Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are no longer your concern.

In the competitive Western Sydney construction industry, you can’t develop a reputation for being late, and while skip bins provide a convenient place to dump your waste, manually packing waste into your skip takes time. During the full construction process, physical labor can increase significantly.

Rubbish And Recycling

With an affordable construction site you can say goodbye to the skip bin for good, increase your productivity and leave the heavy lifting to us. And a clean work site is not only more productive, it’s safer, while you take care of your team.

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