Luke Mcgregor Adelaide Fringe

Luke Mcgregor Adelaide Fringe – Two local filmmakers made a documentary about the comedians at the Adelaide Fringe. It airs this month on C44.

Two amazing young University of Adelaide students, Yasmin Wright Gittins and Cooper Williams, took their own initiative, and their own (very limited!) money, to make a film for the beloved Adelaide Fringe Festival.

Luke Mcgregor Adelaide Fringe

On the Fringe, is a documentary featuring five local comedians discussing all things comedy and the Adelaide Fringe.

New Documentary To Explore Adelaide Fringe Festival • Glam Adelaide

It was successfully selected for the Port Adelaide Diversity and Inclusion Film Festival and was a finalist in the Changing Face International Film Festival. It aired on C31 and is due to air on C44 this month.

Making this documentary was a journey not only for the participants, but also for the producers, who struggled with homelessness, studies and casual work.

C: We had both tried stand up comedy and knew all the funny people in Adelaide with a unique style of comedy. I wanted to make this documentary because I thought it would be fun and give voice to some local talent.

I: I think people who choose to share comedy in this way are fascinating people. The documentary grew out of our interest in film and its power to convey people’s stories to a wider audience. And also all the laughs we had watching these comedians locally!

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C: The biggest challenge we faced was experience. It was our first production and we learned so much. It was difficult to find funding, make contacts and get a team to work for free. Jas and I basically directed, produced, shot the commercial, edited and organized the entire production. Going forward, I know we understand the process a lot better, but it’s definitely a barrier for first-time filmmakers to start a project.

I: I think our biggest challenge has been finding resources and juggling our lives. We were both working two jobs, studying and trying to make this film, so sometimes editing involved staying up until midnight to cram everything in!

C: We watched all the contestants perform and knew how talented and entertaining they were. Through fun comedy nights and informal meetings, we got the idea to include it all in a documentary film. The biggest part for each performer was how much their identity and character came into their comedy.

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I: We’ve both done some stand up workshops and met people like Lori, Gordon and Carli, while others immediately came to mind like Luke after seeing him perform. When we spoke to each of them, we knew they were a crack team.

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C: I hope viewers can take some things away from the documentary. First, an appreciation for community stories and local artists. I also want people to support anyone who is willing to try something new and do it, whether it’s comedy or making a movie. But most of all I want people to know that everyone has a story worth sharing and how powerful comedy can be as a medium to share your story.

I: I hope the audience takes away a sense of hope, some of these people have stories and experiences that don’t make much sense to be comedic, but their hope for the world shines through. I hope audiences can also appreciate the low-budget scale of the doc and the struggles often faced by first-time documentary and film makers.

C: I really like “You Can’t Ask That” on ABC. He was a great inspiration for this production. I also like “Home for Four-Year-Olds” because I think it’s a beautiful community story about real people and real problems.

I: I definitely like the work of people like Louis Theroux, who, although not directly related to On the Fringe, I think the way he sees things from different angles is really influential.

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C: We learned a lot technically about filmmaking, but I think the biggest surprise is just that you can do it. I think a lot of people, myself included, look at filmmaking and think how do I get started? We just had an idea and found a way to do it. It involved late nights, borrowing equipment and lots of emails, but it was a great experience and I don’t regret it. Another amazing thing I learned was how important the Adelaide Fringe is for emerging artists and for supporting and nurturing local talent. It made me very proud of the important role the Fringe Festival plays in Adelaide, Australia and around the world.

I: I think the most surprising thing was how simple yet complex the process is, I mean all you have to do in a way is have a camera and a script, and yet it’s so much more than that. Another strange thing for me was the stories the local communities have to tell.

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On the Fringe is set to air on C44 on Sunday 18 September at 8.30pm and again on Wednesday at 11.30pm and next Saturday at 10.30pm.

Related Items: Adelaide Fringe Festival, Changing Face International Film Festival, Cooper Williams, Documentary, Featured, Port Adelaide Diversity and Inclusion Film Festival, Yasmine Wright Gittins Luke McGregor is a writer, actor and one of Australia’s favorite comedians. His comedy career began in Tasmania in 2007 when he entered the RAV Comedy competition after one of the contestants failed to perform. The following year, he was selected as a RAV Comedy national finalist.

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Played to sold-out rooms and won the prestigious award for best newcomer. It then went on to play a hugely successful season at London’s Soho Theatre.

At the 2014 Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Luke had no need for unnecessary ‘concern’ as he was moved to a larger venue during the festival. Well done Mr. McGregor! Immediately after MICF, Luke took the show to the Sydney Comedy Festival and was awarded Best Newcomer in 2014. He followed it up with his first season at the Edinburgh Festival and a return season at London’s Soho Theatre.

In 2015, Luke performed a return season of three sold-out shows at the Comedy Theater in Melbourne. Luke kicked off 2017 with a sold-out season of his brand new solo show

In Adelaide, Brisbane and Melbourne and in 2018 Luke presented a return season of sold-out shows at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

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In which he starred alongside Peter Helliar, Ryan Shelton and Dave Hughes. He had regular roles on television

(ABC1) stole the show and gained a cult following among the celebrities lucky enough to be interviewed on

With Celia Pacuola for ABC TV, for which Luke won Most Popular Actor at the 2019 TV Week Logie Awards, fifth and final season

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A TRUE STORY WITH HAMISH AND ANDY (Season 1) Role: Officer at the Australian Center for Humorous Medical Archives. Directed by Tim Bartley, ST Productions Pti Ltd 2017

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PLEASE LIKE ME (Series 3) Role: Estate agent. Directed by Matthew Saville, Please Like Me Series Three Pti Ltd 2015

NOIRHOUSE (Web Series – Series 2 & 3) Role: Courier. Directed by Sean Wilson, Latitude Films Pti Ltd 2014

TIME OF OUR LIVES (Series 2) Role: Luca. Director: Jonathan Brough, Time Productions No. 2 Pti Ltd 2014

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SKITA ME Role: Chief Paramedic, Terry Toldo. Directed by Damian Davis & Peter Lawler, Jigsaw Entertainment Pti Ltd 2012

MILK & COOKIES (coming soon) Role: Postman Terry. Directed by: Matthew McNamara, 2015. NOW ADD HONEY Starring: Charles. Directed by Wayne Hope, Gristmill Productions 2014

ALMOST FIXED Individual show. Adelaide Fringe, BCF & MICF 2017-2018 I WORRY THE WORRY TOO Much Solo show. Adelaide Fringe, MICF 2014

THE WEEKLY WITH CHARLES PICKERING (Series 6) Half Hour News Hour Pti Ltd 2020 ROSEHAVEN (Series 4) Director: Jonathan Brough & Shaun Wilson Rosehaven Series Four P/L 2020 ROSEHAVEN (Series 3) Director: Wilson Brough Shaeun Ltd 2019 After a Few tough years, the Adelaide Fringe Festival is coming back strong, bringing in over $19.7 million at the box office.

Entertainment Archives • Page 214 Of 496 • Glam Adelaide

After two years of uncertainty for artists during the pandemic, the Adelaide Fringe proved that in 2022 the arts are coming back in a big way. During the 31-day festival, the festival had 3.2 million visitors, bringing in $19.7 million at the box office.

COVID-19 has had a huge impact on artists around the world, with many established acts resorting to zoom shows, while many young and up-and-coming artists have had to leave the industry. The government effectively rejected art and artists at a time when people were consuming more art in their homes than ever before.

Importantly for the Fringe Festival, South Australia’s borders reopened, allowing 32,000 interstate tourists to fly into the state and buy more than 85,000 tickets for various shows. The Fringe Festival continued to showcase a mix of cabaret, theatre, comedy, music, visual arts and workshops,

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