Lions Hearing Clinic Joondalup

Lions Hearing Clinic Joondalup – From hearing aids to hearing implants, tinnitus and balancing services, we provide ongoing support and treatment, free of commission, while using devices from the world’s leading manufacturers.

Lions Hearing Clinic is dedicated to helping you improve your hearing and get you back to enjoying the sounds of your life and conversations with loved ones.

Lions Hearing Clinic Joondalup

As part of the Institute of Ear Science Australia, Western Australia’s independent medical research institute dedicated to ear and hearing care, we are a leading provider of hearing care services with trusted, qualified clinicians ready to take care of all your hearing needs.

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Your hearing affects your perception of the world around you. Hearing loss can isolate you from conversations and make it difficult to do the things in life you enjoy, from spending time with friends and family to watching TV. Dealing with hearing problems early can minimize the impact that hearing loss can have.

Clinics located in central Perth, north and south of the river and in the south west.

Our customers help us find a cure for hearing loss with profits that help fund our research.

Many thanks to your excellent staff at Mt Lovely. Ellen was helpful and accommodating. Very professional. The two receptionists are very friendly and try to help with appointments and more.

Lions Hearing Clinic

Andrew is very professional and very helpful. I’m really enjoying my new hearing aids and I’m enjoying being able to hear the TV better. Thanks Andrew.

I had a very positive experience. Both the receptionist and the audiologist are professional, attentive and very customer focused.

The young lady was very nice and I felt comfortable with her. Good to know too.

The service is excellent. Anna was patient and gentle which made it easy to respond to my son.

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The service is always high quality and fast. Making an appointment is easy. The progress feedback is easy to understand and there is a feeling that the audiologist really cares about his patients.

Overall the staff was great, the hearing technician took the time to explain what he was doing and why and not only was he willing to answer any questions or concerns I had about my hearing, he encouraged the questions and discussions around my hearing.

Sue’s attending staff was professional, taking the time to explain the testing process. It makes me relaxed and interested. Thank you very much.

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The clinician is easy to talk to. I try hard to solve my problems. Explained the use of aids according to my age.

Attune Hearing Joondalup

The audiologist (Flo) was amazing – professional and thorough. Flo was very helpful and patient with my 90 year old mother. Flo spoke very clearly which helped a lot and was very encouraging. Kristie at the front desk was also very helpful. Please pass my thanks on to Flo and Kristie.

They are always happy to help. The service was very professional and at no point did I feel uncomfortable.

My experience was great from my first visit to fitting my hearing aids. The audiologist (Prasanna) spoke clearly and explained every step of the procedure to me. He helps me understand my choices and supports my decisions. I think he is an absolute treasure.

Very professional, informative, explained the results, everything made sense. Also, there is no pressure to get a hearing aid.

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I didn’t know what to expect, I was a little scared. The clinic staff is kind and patient. Test and evaluate advice on products and options; smooth and comfortable. No pressure. Fitting my hearing aids is the same. I was very impressed with the schedule and management of all meetings.

I cannot fault anything Prasanna did from my first visit to get my hearing tested to the day I got my new hearing aids. He explained everything in such detail and was very patient making sure I got it and knew what everything was in my packages, how to keep everything etc. and it helped me feel more confident in my new hearing aids.

It was easy to get to the appointment and I was very happy with Tony, the person who tested my ears and discussed my test and my options clearly.

Nat is nice and helpful. He encouraged Mr. 4 who fully participates in his assessment despite arriving at the appointment saying, “I hate hearing tests” over and over again.

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Good service, attentive people, discussed all possible options, read all previous notes before the visit, Very satisfied as I trust Tania’s discretion regarding my hearing.

I have always been pleased with the care and attention I have received from all the staff at this center during the 7 years I have been attending.

Correct. Know. Understanding and helpful. My new hearing aid is a huge improvement over my old hearing aid. The staff is very efficient.

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Friendly approach to reception, as well as a professional attitude of the audiologist who is happy to answer questions.

Pdf) Teleaudiology Hearing Aid Fitting Follow Up Consultations For Adults: Single Blinded Crossover Randomised Control Trial And Cohort Studies

Tony is amazing, very friendly, good at explaining things and simplifying, and very friendly, the ladies at the front desk are also very friendly and good at what they do.

It was a smooth professional experience with ample parking nearby for my husband who walks with a cane.

I think you are good at what you do, especially Tanya, very caring, kind and knowledgeable. 10 out of 10!

Pleasant and attentive interaction with all staff. Everyone made me feel important and that my situation really mattered.

Hearing Clinic Locations

Personal relaxed professional service. I never felt rushed into a decision. The whole process is a partnership. A powerful attraction to science. No pressure. Flexibility to explore different options. Effective appointment management.

Jim and Jacinta were very attentive, thoughtful and understanding. Nothing was too difficult for them and Jim had Jobe’s patience!

Jim and Jacinta always go the extra mile, nothing is too much trouble for them. It’s always a pleasure to see them. The best part about having a hearing problem is knowing the Bunberry Lions have my back.

The clinic is convenient and easy to get to. It is located in a peaceful environment and the people there are very understanding.

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The clinic is in a quiet environment. There is little waiting time and the staff are friendly, helpful and helpful.

Daniel and the staff were professional, helpful and we felt listened to and helped. Thanks to everyone involved.

My wife and I were both visited by Andrew at the Mt Lovely clinic on Thursday 10th March. Andrew was extremely thorough, courteous and professional, clearly explaining each procedure. Finally, he clearly explained the results and the options open to us. Although all the previous visits were professional and so on, Andrew’s perfectionism clearly stood out.

My husband and I met at the Lions Hearing in Mt Lovely this afternoon. I would like to thank the audiologist, Andrew, for his thorough, professional and friendly service. Andrew explains the procedure beforehand and follows up with a short and easy to understand explanation of the results. I left feeling confident and fortunate that my hearing health was in such capable hands. Thank you very much, Andrew.

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The audiologist (Flo) was amazing – professional and thorough. Flo was very helpful and patient with my 90 year old mother. Flo spoke very clearly which helped a lot and was very encouraging. Kristie at the front desk was also very helpful.

I would like to thank you for your professionalism in providing excellent service and for showing a caring and understanding attitude regarding the problems I had fitting my new hearing aids.

I have already recommended Lions Hearing Clinic to many people. My experience was overwhelmingly positive. My life has changed in such a positive way from the excellent advice and guidance provided by the Lions Hearing Clinic.

I believe that you do not need to promote the hearing aids of a specific company. I had a very nice young lady do my testing and she went out of her way to explain my hearing loss.

Hearing Aids, Tests & Audiologists

A well-researched audiologist (Catherine May), took the time to walk me through the options and explain things when I asked more in-depth questions about hearing and sound processing.

Friendly staff, punctual, easy parking, free initial estimate, excellent and friendly technician (Liz), explained my results perfectly.

The whole team was very professional from the moment I walked in when I got my hearing aid. Everything was explained very well and there was no difficulty when I had to choose which hearing aid was best for me.

The process from my initial check to the full check was very easy. I was fully informed at every stage of the process and given useful advice on how to improve my hearing by adjusting the TV etc. because hearing aids are not needed these days.

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The staff is competent, kind, helpful, patient. That goes for the clinicians and the front desk staff – everything is great.

Your professionalism is top notch and your attitude towards the client is very friendly with explanations and opportunities for comments. It was a well organized meeting.

The audiologist was absolutely great and very positive and also very informative he also put me at ease

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