Lexus Ct200h F Sport

Lexus Ct200h F Sport – Lexus Malaysia called to tell us that the wheels on the Malaysia-spec CT200h F Sport are a 16-inch version, not the 17-inch found in most markets. It is still black-finish type away.

Lexus Malaysia has announced that a third variant of the CT200h hybrid has joined the ZWA10R range in the country – the F Sport version has finally arrived in town, priced at R206,877 on the road with insurance.

Lexus Ct200h F Sport

The car, which made its debut in Sydney two years ago, features exterior styling enhancements that include body kit and 16-inch black-finish alloy wheels. Elements include a new front air vent and rear bumpers, a composite front grille, a large rear spoiler and lighter skirts.

Lexus Ct200h F Sport Hybrid Test – Review – Car And Driver

Inside, the F-Sport steering wheel comes with a flat bottom, as well as aluminum pedals and skid plates. Also on the sports suspension (as seen on the CT200h Luxury variant, according to Lexus Malaysia) includes coilovers with revised spring rates and upgraded Kayaba shocks.

There are no engine changes in sight – the F Sport uses a 2ZR-FXE 1.8 Atkinson-cycle four-cylinder petrol block and an electric-drive motor/generator in the rear, with an electronically controlled CVT driving the front wheels.

Apart from the launch of the CT200h F Sport, Lexus Malaysia also announced that the base CT200h and CT200h Luxury versions have received some equipment upgrades. The CT200h now features power-reading mirrors as well as Bluetooth functionality in its audio system. It is priced at R168.000.

As for the Luxury CT200h, the RM202, 899 offer now comes with a four-way power adjustable driver’s seat (complete with three seat position memory system) and a DVD player with a Lexus Premium 10 speaker sound system. Also new, a GPS navigation system. including Electro Multi Vision (EMV) display.

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Anthony Lim believes nothing beats good smoke and a car with character, with good handling points at the top of the price pile. After spending more than a decade and a half with the daily English tabloid, he does not understand the meaning of short or concise, he draws his tail in anger at the idea of ​​- in more detail – about cars and to waffle everywhere their reality. features. .

Previous Post: Volkswagen Passat Sport rolled in – 18-inch rims, sunroof, 12-way electric seats, sports suspension, RM190k Next Post: TRD Performance Line accessories for Toyota 86 As the kingdom of hybrids expands . On the small, sporty end of the hybrid spectrum, there’s the Honda CR-Z, which is characterized as having plenty of flash but not much performance to back it up. Add the Lexus CT200h to this exclusive group. It’s an attractive compact hatchback with a sporty tiger-like exterior logo that’s complemented by the hybrid’s fuel-economy appeal. Emphasize the “look like.”

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To be fair, the CT200h delivers on fuel economy. EPA-rated at 43 mpg city and 40 highway, it returns 36 mpg when in the hands. That’s impressive considering how often the accelerator pedal is pressed to the floor as we try to wring a little more performance out of the “what-is-your-speed” train.

The powertrain is Toyota’s famous Hybrid Synergy Drive, which has a naturally aspirated 1.8-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine and a pair of AC permanent magnet electric motors, one to drive the alternator and starter, one to drive the front wheels through a continuously variable automatic transmission. It can work in pure electric mode at low speeds or as a boost for the engine.

Ct 200h Stock Photos, Royalty Free Ct 200h Images

It is a sophisticated and popular hybrid system. But it’s as entertaining as a slab of tofu. Total output is 134 horsepower, which translates to zero to 60 mph in 10.6 seconds. That kind of performance makes frugal hybrids like the Honda Fit and Ford Fiesta 1.0 EcoBoost look like NHRA Top fuel pumps.

The CVT doesn’t help either. Lexus praises the transmission’s ability to quickly find the best gear ratio to enhance the driving experience. But “immediately” does not mean “immediately.” Like all CVTs, this one takes a while to reach the power source when the driver hits the throttle. And in this case, there are no paddle shifters to provide an ersatz gear-action shifting experience.

For that matter, it almost doesn’t even change – just a small dashboard switch that allows the driver to select drive and reverse, the latter accompanied by a particularly annoying sound. Is the noise there to warn passers-by that the car—very silent under fire—is turning? Never. No chimes sound outside the car. The chime is for the benefit of those in the car, who may not realize they are being backed up.

There are four operating modes: EV, Normal, Eco and Sport. Sport mode monitoring causes the digital tachometer to materialize on the left side of the instrument binnacle – nice, but not essential with little power on tap. In Eco mode, the system provides significantly less power for equal pressure, and further progress becomes even more deliberate.

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Wrapped My 2016 Ct 200h F Sport. Looks Even Hothatchier (it Ain’t)

Judged strictly in terms of capabilities, the CT200h is more of a sports icon than a dynamic system. Tendons are firm, power steering is precise and quick (2.7 turns lock-to-lock), body roll is minimal, ride quality is comfortable enough, bucket seats offer plenty of lateral support, and interior noise levels are low. The optional F Sport trim ($1,180), as installed on our test car, includes interior and exterior appearance upgrades such as a sport-tuned suspension, which further improves power handling. Our test car was also equipped with a Premium Package ($900), Navigation Package (with navigation, backup camera, and upgraded infotainment system, $3490), and front and rear park assist ($ 500), bringing the total under $40K. .

Lexus calls the CT200h “excellent and exciting”. It’s hard to argue with the “good” part, and for that matter, the prices. The above units with a beautiful, well-appointed interior come from north of $30K. But injecting “excitement” into this ride will require a different kind of power trip.

ENGINE TYPE: DOHC 16-valve inline 4-cylinder, 98 hp, 105 lb-ft; permanent-magnet AC synchronous electric motor, 80 hp, 152 lb-ft; Total power rating, 134 hp; 1.3-kWh nickel-metal hydride battery pack

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Lexus Ct200h F Sport — The Chavez Report

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Even if that car proudly displays a hybrid badge on the side, like you’ll see on the sides of the 2012 Lexus CT 200h F-Sport.

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Lexus Ct200h F Sport Interior On May 20 2014 In Hong Kong. Editorial Photography

With the release of the HS 250h, the CT is now the forte at Lexus when it comes to compact hybrids, but we have already said our fondness for the CT 200h has already been tested, so maybe you don’t like it. a bad thing.

In F-Sport trim, now also available on the RX 450h SUV, it certainly looks the part. Although the photos accompanying this story come straight from Lexus, the car we drove was a fantastic shade of royal blue metallic. With dark gray 17-inch alloy wheels, a subtle body kit and lowered suspension on upgraded Kayaba shocks, it really stands on the quirky look of the standard car.

Inside there are more changes, including F-Sport black trim, aluminum pedals and kick plates, and F-Sport motifs on the steering wheel.

It all adds up to a car you’ll be proud to put in your driveway, but we’ve experienced the dilution of the word “Sport” on other vehicles to know the real proof is in the driver.

Lexus Ct200h F Sport Front Bumper Conversion, Car Accessories, Accessories On Carousell

If you’re not familiar with the CT 200h, think of it as a Lexus Prius. It uses the same 1.8-liter gasoline hybrid powertrain, developing 134 horsepower and getting about a mile or so of electric range.

Driving modes are divided between Normal, Eco and Sport. It’s pretty self-explanatory, with Eco numbing throttle response to encourage greener driving; Sport improves the steering and gives the accelerator pedal more response; Normal in the earth’s medium.

Fuel economy on the EPA cycle is rated at 43 mpg city, 40 highway and 42 combined. It’s a step down from the Prius, but still greener than most and a worthwhile deal for those drawn to the Lexus brand and luxury levels.

It will do

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