Lexus Ct200h F Sport 2019

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Lexus Ct200h F Sport 2019

The 2019 Lexus CT is now available from $28,900 for the CT CT200H Luxury Hybrid to $51,810 for the CT CT200H Sports Luxury Hybrid.

Used Lexus Ct Ad

The size of the 2019 Lexus CT depends on the body type you choose. Maximum width and height is 1765mm x 1440mm and may vary by model.

Check out the real-world situation with the 2019 Lexus CT here, including what the experts have to say about it.

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Fuel consumption for Lexus CT 2019 depends on the type of engine, transmission or model selected. The current Lexus CT provides fuel consumption of 4.1 to 4.1 L/100 km. Lexus CT is available with the following fuel types: Hyb/PULP.

Lexus Ct Price And Specs

Wheel sizes for the 2019 Lexus CT will vary depending on the model selected, although remember that many manufacturers offer alternative wheel sizes as an option on many models. Available wheel sizes will change the range of tires that can be fitted. Standard wheel sizes on the Lexus CT range from 16×6 inches to 17×7 inches.

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A typical example is a private contract purchase: cash price £10,000.00, deposit £1,500.00, loan £8,500.00 for 4 years at 7.9% APR (fixed). 47 monthly payments of £133.25 followed by a final payment of £4,095.51. The total cost of the loan is £1,991.51 and the amount paid is £11,991.51. If you exceed 8,000 miles per year, additional mileage charges will apply. Finance for 18+ status only

The hybrid Lexus CT has always lived in the shadow of more talented and powerful competitors, even after restyling in 2017. The upgrade (which the Japanese brand says includes 94 improvements) seeks to make the driving experience more immersive while maintaining strong power. efficiency that many motorists like.

Lexus Ct 200h

Overall, these changes result in better handling response, better styling and improved comfort. Regardless of age, the CT is designed to take on the likes of the BMW 1 Series and Audi A3, and gives Toyota customers something to look at when they’re looking to trade up.

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Low-emission Lexuses tend to attract the attention of business car buyers, but they don’t offer the sporty driving and upscale styling they want. All cars get a 1.8 liter petrol engine, a hybrid electric motor and a CVT gearbox.

At the end of 2020, Lexus announced that sales of the CT in the UK were imminent. Despite this, the Japanese manufacturer continues to allow potential buyers to order the new CT on its website, albeit in a reduced trim level, and has not yet confirmed that there will be a CT replacement.

Despite Lexus’ best efforts, the CT doesn’t drive as well as its rivals. The Japanese brand has developed new laser welding and body bonding techniques to give the car more rigidity, but it is still less responsive than its rivals.

Lexus Ct200h F Sport

In addition, there is enough body roll in tight corners, narrow tires lose grip faster, and the electric power steering is light and lacks feedback. Selecting the Sport mode dials the color red, turns the power indicator to the rev counter and improves the throttle response, but not enough to change the driving experience.

Although the latest CT ride has been softened, it still feels uncomfortable and harsh when hitting potholes and fusses over freeway compensators. On the plus side, the Hybrid Synergy system makes for a smooth low-speed ride, and surprisingly, the CT is charming.

However, the power of the CT 200h is undermined by the CVT, which causes the engine revs to soar to a blistering redline every time you accelerate hard, disturbing the serenity of the generally calm cabin. It also makes the car less responsive than its rivals when overtaking or going up steep hills. With other hybrid models, Lexus suffers from a sharp press on the brake pedal, which makes it difficult to slow down the car.

This is where the Lexus CT 200h has traditionally made sense – mainly because the CT powertrain is largely shared with the previous generation Toyota Prius hybrid. However, the introduction of the WLTP test for official fuel economy and emissions figures has undermined this.

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The 6th Man: 2013 Lexus Ct200h F Sport

For example, before the WLTP, the base S trim levels just 82 g/km CO2. That would be enough to put it in the seventh lowest company car tax band for petrol engined cars and the fourth lowest car registration tax band. However, the entry-level model (called the ‘CT’) is now claimed to produce 118g/km of CO2.

As a result CT has seven company car tax bands and three registration tax bands higher than before. The only other trim available, the F Sport, is claimed to emit 119g/km of CO2. It’s the same story with fuel economy. The CT used to be listed as capable of an impressive 78.5 mpg, but now it’s between 53.2 and 55.3 mpg depending on the spec.

Insurance costs should not be too high as the CT ranks in Group 17 for entry level and F Sport.

Lexus models have traditionally performed well as slow absorbers, although CT aging values ​​have softened a bit. After a typical three-year/36,000-mile ownership period, owners should be able to return between 40-44% of the vehicle’s original retail price.

Updated Lexus Ct Range Reaches Australia

As part of the 2017 update, Lexus tried to give the CT 200h a more refined and sporty look. A more aggressive “spindle” grille, has appeared on the GS and IS, and the bumper was changed. The F Sport model has sharper styling with a shark fin antenna, dynamic rear spoiler and darker 17-inch alloy wheels. The old entry-level versions of S are far from this level of aggression, because they come with seemingly small 15-inch wheels with aerodynamic inserts. Note that Lexus dropped the S model from the range in 2017 – meaning the SE spec was the new entry point for the range until it was dropped as well.

The interior is even better for a Japanese hatchback, befitting Lexus’ reputation for luxurious and refined build quality. However, the design is too complex and cluttered in the middle of the console. Three screens and more than

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