Lake St Clair To Hobart Bus

Lake St Clair To Hobart Bus – It is accessed from Cradle Mountain on the north bank and Lake St Clair on the south – both of which are Tasmania’s most famous landmarks – and passes through seven of the 10 highest mountains in the country.

Part of the Tasmanian Desert World Heritage Area, this is the place to discover Tasmania’s alpine delights. In autumn, the slopes below Cradle Mountain turn yellow and red as the fagus leaves change color. Wildlife is abundant and glacial lakes fill the spaces between the mountains.

Lake St Clair To Hobart Bus

Hiking trails radiate into the park from both visitor areas, including the multi-day Overland Track celebration, though you don’t need to hike for a week to discover this park’s alpine charm and rugged beauty.

Watersmeet Nature Trail

The famous Mount Tasmania rises steeply from the shores of Lake Dove, creating spectacular views from Marions Lookout or the lakeside.

Australia’s deepest lake is surrounded by mountains and fresh rainforests, offering short hikes or just the view of a desert lake.

Though often overshadowed in imagination by Cradle Mountain, the park’s other peaks are no less spectacular. Many of Tasmania’s tallest mountains – including Mount Ossa (the country’s tallest peak), Pelion West and Barn Bluff – traverse the Overland Track, creating spectacular mountain views while the climbs are in between.

Hidden beneath Cradle Mountain, this stunning glacial lake offers classic mountain views – from historic wooden boats on the shore or when deciduous fagus glistens on the slopes in autumn.

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Tasmania In Depth

Set in a loop around the lake, passing directly under Cradle Mountain’s nose. This hike (2-3 hours, 6km) blends mountainous landscapes with dense rainforest. One of Tasmania’s 60 Great Short Walks.

A challenging climb to the summit of Tasmania’s fifth highest peak (8 hours, 12.8 km) offers incredible mountain views. You need a head for height and the ability to climb boulders. One of Tasmania’s 60 Great Short Walks.

At a fast pace, high in the landscape, this famous hike (20 minutes, 1.1 km) passes through moss-covered rainforest along the river in the northern part of the park. One of Tasmania’s 60 Great Short Walks.

Soar from the shores of Lake St. Clair to the high alpine peaks of this grandstand mountain. This circuit (7 hours, 19 km) is a challenging day. One of Tasmania’s 60 Great Short Walks.

Buses In Southern Tasmania

Tasmania’s most famous multi-day hike is a 65km, six-day hike that passes some of Tasmania’s highest and most spectacular peaks, while crossing Cradle Mountain Park to Lake St Clair. Reservations are required to go up the slope from October to May.

Sheffield Mural Audio Tour – from the Sheffield Visitor Information Center – Kentish Visitor Information Center – Sheffield Mural Audio Tour Story

Swim, jump, slide and abseil through narrow canyons on an adventure tour of Cradle Mountain.

Witness the behavior of Tasmanian devils (and quolls) at this park’s edge sanctuary. Stroll mid-day or come later for an after-dark feeding tour.

Cradle Mountain Coaches (cradle Mountain Lake St. Clair National Park)

The Cradle Mountain Visitor Center is located north of the park and contains a cafe, gift shop and tour operator office. The Lake St. Clair Visitor Center sits on the shores of Cynthia Bay on the south side of the lake. The Lake St annex. Clair Lodge has a restaurant and makes reservations for lake ferries.

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National park buses run between Cradle Mountain Visitor Center and Dove Lake (8 am-6 pm October to March and 9 am-5 pm April-September), with private vehicles not permitted on the road during these times. Bus tickets are included as part of the park pass, which is required to enter Tasmania’s national parks.

There are campgrounds at Cradle Mountain and Lake St. Claire. The accommodation cluster is located on the edge of the park on Cradle Mountain. On the shores of Lake St Clair, there are accommodations at Lake St Clair Lodge, and at Pumphouse Point, and in the town near Derwent Bridge.

Cradle Mountain is a 4-hour drive (300 km) northwest of Hobart and a 1-hour 45-minute drive (140 km) west of Launceston. Lake St Clair is 2 hours and 30 minutes by car (180 km) northwest of Hobart and 2 hours and 15 minutes by car (170 km) southwest of Launceston.

West Coast & Hobart Tour

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