La Marzocco Strada Ep

La Marzocco Strada Ep – At the TED conference this week, coffee baristas had the chance to get their hands on the newest addition to the Strada family: the Strada EE.

Marked with the black La Marzocco Strada side panel, the Strada EE features traditional semi-automatic brew control in the barista-friendly design of the Strada bowl.

La Marzocco Strada Ep

On the Strada EE, similar to the Strada MP and Strada EP, the group is controlled by a paddle. However, the brew activation mechanism on the Strada EE is different from the Strada MP and Strada EP.

La Marzocco Strada Ep + Cw 2 Group Espresso Machine

When the Strada EE paddle moves, a micro switch above the group cover turns on. This micro switch turns on the electric solenoid and pump just like other semi-automatic espresso machines do. In simple terms, the paddle works like a switch found in other “EE” models.

The Strada EE uses a two-stage programmable pre-infusion process. First, the pump is turned on, and water flows to the coffee bed for a programmed period of time. The pump is then turned off for a programmed rest period before turning the pump back on for the drawdown time. At the end of the extraction, the barista moves the paddle to the “off” position (based on visual, time and other signals).

Two-stage pre-infusion allows multiple batches to work simultaneously, regardless of the stage of the brewing process from one batch to the next.

With the addition of the Strada EE to the Strada family, the family now has three different types of rowing technology:

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La Marzocco Strada 2 Group Mp (manual Paddle) Espresso Machine

The Strada MP (hand paddle) offers the barista the flexibility to apply variable pressure from zero bar to pump pressure before full pump pressure is applied to the coffee.

With the Strada EP (electronic paddle), the barista can record and play back a pressure curve that can rise and fall anywhere from zero to 12 bar. Once a curve is recorded, it can be replayed by activating the paddle.

The Strada EE has a number of extra features that set it apart, including a seven-segment high-contrast backlit OLED display and a proportional solenoid steam valve that requires periodic cleaning, but not realignment.

See the Strada EE in action at next month’s SCAA Expo in Seattle, Booth 3031, and at the Skybridge CafĂ©, located near the event hall entrance between the two exhibit halls. The Strada EE is also currently installed in our training lab in Seattle. To schedule a time for a demonstration, contact training@.

La Marzocco Strada Commercial Espresso Machine

The Strada MP to EE groupset conversion kit will be available in the US later this spring.

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